Patch 7.2.5 - Lightforged Draenei VO

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Uploaded: 4 Dec 2017 Likes: 19
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Marco Petrochkov on 5. Dec. 2017.
Why they are sexy? Lul, her voice are so perfect :O And like her cousins, they are addicted to sex.
TheScarletInfector on 4. Dec. 2017.
Not enough pain? Lightforged DH confirmed.
Nerd Summary on 4. Dec. 2017.
AntiMage II on 4. Dec. 2017.
Rob Najjar on 4. Dec. 2017.
I don't get the dog joke from the females, but it makes me laugh anyway lol
Fang on 4. Dec. 2017.
N o t e n o u g h f u r y