Patch 7.3.5 - Alleria and Turalyon Return to Stormwind

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Grimsol on 6. Dec. 2017.
Actually, the Windrunner legacy is dating human males.
JoJo is not an anime on 6. Dec. 2017.
I can't believe that these legends of the alliance are back where they belong I only hope we keep them it is a hard life
leech20lock on 6. Dec. 2017.
why would she feel like shes dead from being presumed lost? that sounds like shit writing
MinneGames on 6. Dec. 2017.
"There's no need to force the hand of fate..." *Illidan turns and smiles with a cocked brow.*
Nerd Summary on 6. Dec. 2017.
“On the hour of her third death....” “Sometimes I feel like I have already died twice...” Oh shit boys, uhoh
Psykoxsis on 6. Dec. 2017.
hipotesis: dreadlord
Alexander Aramaki on 6. Dec. 2017.
Warcraft 4: Elves vs Elves.
LandandSea on 6. Dec. 2017.
so much for keeping the whole void thing a secret ah Alleria? (I'm talking about the echo effect with her voice)
inika1000 on 6. Dec. 2017.
So I haven't played since the start of draenor, is there a website that can give me the story of what's happened from then until now lol
Lewis Scott on 6. Dec. 2017.
Yeah not sure they have ever been in Stormwind so saying return to Stormwind isn't accurate. Alliance through and through though unlike the traitor Khadgar.
Vondoo on 6. Dec. 2017.
nice subtle jab at illadin, turalyon.
Emile Vinesh on 5. Dec. 2017.
Alleria meeting Sylvanas is something I'm looking forward to!
Robot Sin on 5. Dec. 2017.
"Hey, Turalyon. You're from Lordaeron & I'm from Silvermoon, so why does Stormwind or this Alliance have any significance to us at all?" "..."
DaysofAmanda on 5. Dec. 2017.