Patch 7.3.5 - Alleria Windrunner VO

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Amigo Farreo on 14. Dec. 2017.
Silvermoon to the Alliance ? Stupid girl, I haven’t seen all these betrayals that the Alliance has done! You have know idea what was happening in Azeroth all these years.
Γκρηνιάρης # on 7. Dec. 2017.
A pragmatist who is willing to get her hands dirty to do what must be done but don't whine all the time about it...hmmm. A nice change over Illidan.
Shiirow on 7. Dec. 2017.
why does she sound like she sometimes has some form of psuedo british accent half the time and sometimes she doesnt. it comes and goes.
Devin Cook on 7. Dec. 2017.
Alleria says she feels like she died twice? On the hour of her third death? :O
IllidanS4 on 7. Dec. 2017.