Patch 7.3.5 - Baine Bloodhoof VO

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Ghost Princess Perona-sama on 8. Dec. 2017.
Possible Baine/Mayla romance?
AquadragonLarsen on 8. Dec. 2017.
Iam glad Baine was not aggressive towards Spiritwalker Ebonhorn when he found out his true identity as a black dragon, I wonder how Wrathion would react if he discovered Ebons egsistance
Γκρηνιάρης # on 7. Dec. 2017.
Apparently Baine is the only one who has the appeal of Thrall's horde.
takatoekoe on 7. Dec. 2017.
who's the dragon joining feast?
bombkirby on 7. Dec. 2017.
Huh Baine shares Admiral Taylor’s voice (and Garen from LoL)