Patch 7.3.5 - Sylvanas Windrunner VO

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Uploaded: 7 Dec 2017 Likes: 40
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Ornstein on 8. Dec. 2017.
When a Monarchy become a Dictatorial Estate = Sylvannas
Bman296 on 8. Dec. 2017.
anyone else find it cute she double checks to make sure shes your favorite XD
Adrian Fält on 8. Dec. 2017.
You are indeed my favorite Windrunner Sister.
Daddy's Little on 8. Dec. 2017.
I'll gladly conquer, destroy and give my life for my Banshee Queen! Command me, My dark lady!
Worldweaver on 8. Dec. 2017.
"All will serve the Horde.. In time" "I will grow the ranks of the forsaken one way or another" "A most useful arrow added to my quiver" And people need more excuses to see that this abomination is just like the Lich King?
HordeBrony furness on 8. Dec. 2017.
Sztiw JakiśTam on 7. Dec. 2017.
When your warchief sees her people as arrows LUL Btw She's triggering me soo hard.
Γκρηνιάρης # on 7. Dec. 2017.
So instead of Saurfang or Baine the spirits chose that thing for Warchief? Or Boswuandi-whatever he is called needs a rich supply of dead for both sides and the maggot museum is dumm enough to aid him???
Emile Vinesh on 7. Dec. 2017.
Allied races in the next patch already?