Players DDoS To Win Games (Overwatch)

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Chris Epps on 10. Apr. 2017.
a lot in console
staticbb on 10. Apr. 2017.
This whole DDoSing thing is like a blast from the console past. Back in the CoD:MW days you could get the IP of anybody in the lobby. I thought devs were more competent about that stuff these days. I guess not :/
lightfire2012 on 10. Apr. 2017.
ddos attacks by enemy playrs that are salty that they're losing? that's it games dead time to pack up and leave. it's been fun but thanks to kids they ruined yet another good game.
Placeb0 on 10. Apr. 2017.
Happened to me during a control the point match - first match ended up being so laggy to play but the enemy team were able to capture and play fine. Kind of what got me to stray away from OV and continue my legion adventure tbh..
HypnoTox on 10. Apr. 2017.
Either Blizzard fucked up and everybody can see every IP address, or this is staged bullshit. And even if Blizzard fucked up and people can see the others IP addresses, you still couldn't say "Oh this IP is Reinhardt, this one is Tracer, ...". So i call bullshit on this one.
Panda Assassin on 10. Apr. 2017.
Story mode Overwatch title was a bit click baity but was still a good vid so who cares
McCripple on 10. Apr. 2017.
the people who do that shit are legitimately horribly human beings. If you go as far as attacking someone for points in a videogame, disappear off this planet please.
StΔtιc O on 10. Apr. 2017.
This happened to me. We still won, we had a master soldier player and he was good. I joined afterwards then i got the sr for the win. Who's hyped for the "event" tomorow
Void on 10. Apr. 2017. - Join our discord.
Cristian Rodrigo dos Santos on 10. Apr. 2017.
ALL cases I das where on Xbox and Ps4. In both cases the enemy asked to add got their ID after sendind a msg
Dark Void on 10. Apr. 2017.
"PC master race" huh?
simple on 10. Apr. 2017.
OurMine wanned to check the servers.
inktale papyrus guy on 10. Apr. 2017.
its the wifi one cause there was a aimbot i said i was gonna report them then i lost all wifi connection and this was in GRANDMASTER
Run down on 10. Apr. 2017.
This has been in every competitive game since halo 2. How is this news?
Eduard Portillo on 10. Apr. 2017.
Played against a smurf ranked 45 top 500 that sucked and then I lost a teammate on defense
Cj Raymond on 10. Apr. 2017.
Does this happen on console because i play on console
ThatRandomDude on 10. Apr. 2017.
This happened to me today. Disgusting
John Feher on 10. Apr. 2017.
I just got DDoS attacked in a quickplay game on ps4
Queen Bee on 10. Apr. 2017.
I got DDoS in a match before, it wasn't even competitive we were just winning in quickplay and then we got disconnected all of us at once
christopher shipley on 10. Apr. 2017.
it's not just comp, it's in quickplay and arcade also.
Prodigy775 on 10. Apr. 2017.
This is fucking sad what a bunch of no life's........
Brandon Marshall on 10. Apr. 2017.
isn't DDOS'ing highly illegal?
Joel Garcia on 10. Apr. 2017.
Welcome to the PC "Master Race": Where cheating and breaking games is always a routine.
Obvious Troll, But You Got Baited Anyway on 10. Apr. 2017.
this was a common occurrence in wwe games..
tubedude58 on 10. Apr. 2017.
This is Sombra getting her revenge for not buffering her enough
Michael Herd on 10. Apr. 2017.
I'm kind of surprised it took this long for these kinds of cheats. Back in the Halo 2 days of mid to late 2005, because it was very simple matchmaking, 'Bridgers' became gods. High level games were just teams of Modders and Bridgers facing off with hack vs hack. A Bridger could just disconnect a normal team, but that took the fun out of it for us Modders, and was harder to do against an enemy Bridger, so it almost never happened in cheat vs cheat matches. Ironically, because cheating was so rampant after level 40, it actually went full circle and became about who was most skillful and strategic with their hacks.
Sokkz The Clown on 10. Apr. 2017.
DDoS attacks will never go away. There will always be losers who have to cheat their way to the top.
iKillian on 10. Apr. 2017.
worst thing is they ddos you for the whole match and you get penalty
iKillian on 10. Apr. 2017.
I would be winning a game convincingly then 2500ms out of nowhere.. anyone else?
Taino Trial Captain on 10. Apr. 2017.
well, people were upset because. the community REALLY wants a story mode for overwatch, but we know it wont be a thing till wayy later. so calling something that is most possibly a pve event "story mode" would be clickbait-ish.
Taino Trial Captain on 10. Apr. 2017.
well, people were upset because. the community REALLY wants a story mode for overwatch, but we know it wont be a thing till wayy later. so calling something that is most possibly a pve event "story mode" would be clickbait-ish.
oorahh101 on 10. Apr. 2017.
its called a VPN
Supreme_VII on 10. Apr. 2017.
I think it's annoying how when I'm doing really well I always have issues
The Legend27 on 10. Apr. 2017.
1:00 whoa! you're friends with seagull
Agont 156 on 10. Apr. 2017.
Getting an IP address is quite simple and bring about to dos isn't that hard if they get a hold of a botnet pretty much everyone could do this if they wanted to
The Overwatch Interns on 10. Apr. 2017.
Hey! Thats my Reddit Post :)
MultiVideowatcher99 on 10. Apr. 2017.
I had something similar happen to me on xbox. i think i made a clip of it, but me and a buddy were playing on Ilios and when we started to capture a point, the chat that says when a person changes started to say " . Changed to" but wouldn't say who or what characters. needless to say, it was pretty odd and frustrating. the only silver lining to that is we captured 2 points still out of the matches we played, even with whatever happened to us.
MEGAFRANKENSTIEN on 10. Apr. 2017.
Still no report features in console
HMP Irongoat on 10. Apr. 2017.
It's not a ddos its a hack called Nucking it came from Corea
Captain DeadPool on 10. Apr. 2017.
they should as mrboss he "always" has a ddos attack he says
Jaspers Pearl on 10. Apr. 2017.
I was mid-match and all of a sudden, I was back to the main screen. I thought it was a hiccup but now I know.
1r5Drooodle on 10. Apr. 2017.
>DDOS >sombra FFS, DDOSing is not hacking.
1r5Drooodle on 10. Apr. 2017.
>DDOS >sombra FFS, DDOSing is not hacking.
Hawaoo on 10. Apr. 2017.
3:30 what the hell is this Reinhardt doing?
gasai yuno on 10. Apr. 2017.
Okay, just shut up and stop throwing around your generic and OVERLY stated "Hackers are scum, blah blah blah ". Try to be different and actually give some INSIGHT or a GOOD comment, not regurgitate what's already been said. You people are the REAL pathetic ones, just a bunch of mindless sheep.
DreamCatcher Prints on 10. Apr. 2017.
this has been happening a long time ago... well at least there's awareness about it now. Edit: anyway this started happening to me during the start of last season where i get DC out of nowhere, sometimes even 3 of my teammates get DC and this only happens during competitive matches. I also have matches where an enemy team get DDoS'd by one of my teammates, mostly happens during the last point of the map. What i suggest you to do is report everyone on the opposing team or teammates even when the other team gets DDoS'd... with enough people doing this, blizzard can hopefully narrow it down to who is DDoS'ing other players.
Derek Abbott on 10. Apr. 2017.
Yesterday I booted up a game of competitive, I loaded into temple of Anubis, locked in my hero, said hi to some teammates who joined chat, and noticed that my screen froze. Nothing on my screen would move. I could still hear my teammates though. I heard one of them say, "well gg" or something along those lines, making me think someone had left and the game was ending. I noticed that my Xbox wasn't actually frozen, I could still go to the home menu. It was just overwatch that was frozen. My teammates had gone completely silent by that point. Seeing no other solution, I restarted my Xbox and it worked normally again. This has never happened before. I lost exactly 50 sr and got a short suspension. Pretty sure I was ddos-ed
Bruce Custodio on 10. Apr. 2017.
If Bastion has a Sym shield, can his repair refill it?
BombSplash 2 on 10. Apr. 2017.
Force Gaming so this can happen on console right?