Preach UI - Download and Tutorial 7.3.5

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Uploaded: 11 Dec 2017 Likes: 276
Patch: 7.0.3 Disikes: 3

Nicolas Matthysen on 17. Dec. 2017.
Mine is saying I need to update BigWigs 3, Looked in the twitch client and couldn't see it anywhere. Also raid frames aren't displaying at all, is there a grid profile or anything I have to use when playing a warrior or can I just set it to default? Cheers for everything have a good Christmas!
Nyht on 17. Dec. 2017.
So Downloading your UI is cool and all but can we get like a link to just a ElvUI string? That is all I rly want is the ElvUI Profile but not enough to go and download some shit for it.
Zahmos on 17. Dec. 2017.
Uh, does anyone else get the message "Rune you autist" in the left as the ui loads in?
Woria Pah on 17. Dec. 2017.
Is it possible to download single addon alone with ur setup instead of the whole package? I only want ur bigwigs/deadlyboss mode setup for ex
bögborg on 17. Dec. 2017.
any way you could post only the tellmewhen string for raid boss debuffs?
Nic on 17. Dec. 2017.
does this set up big wigs to where it's ready to use for the raids and mythics? been using dbm but it has an issue with enrage timers in antorus right now but I've had issues with setting up bigwigs to work right
Silvers on 17. Dec. 2017.
Preach! Thank you for this update. I've been using this since the start of legion and enjoyed it very much.
Ricky Splinter on 17. Dec. 2017.
I will post a mirror of the ui in a few days
GrandVex on 17. Dec. 2017.
What a legend.
Lost Marimo on 17. Dec. 2017.
So i followed everything to the letter, but the buffs are still in the top right. is it supposed to be that way? i can recall you saying that you should have everything in the middle ish so you can react to it quicker. am i missing something here?
Aleksis Grasis on 17. Dec. 2017.
Hey guys.The ui is great but it's really memory heavy.Anything i could change up/disable that would help me decrease memory use?
moonstoff on 17. Dec. 2017.
on the healer profiles how do you get your actionbars to show up!?
Lukas Gustafsson on 17. Dec. 2017.
i do not see the profiles anyone got a fix?
GnBuddysystem on 16. Dec. 2017.
So after I downloaded your drop box link the preachui folder only contained the WTF folder.. did I miss something? I literally just downloaded the link Dx
Cody Jensen on 16. Dec. 2017.
Okay, I can't be the only one. When Opening the link in the description all I get is ".rar files can’t be previewed"
JollyElektabuzz on 16. Dec. 2017.
I have these 3 yellow rectangles besides my char what are these?
Mike Alcott on 16. Dec. 2017.
Thanks so much for this.
Dan McCarthy on 16. Dec. 2017.
Anyway to just get literally his ElvUI profile import and not the other addons
Mees van Aarsen on 16. Dec. 2017.
Wait Preach, you also play on Sylvanas o.O niceeee
bunnyboxx on 16. Dec. 2017.
What happened to the Healing profile actionbars, I cant see them when changing to healer profile?
Sott96 on 15. Dec. 2017.
Sooo for your healing UI preach, I have it set to resto shaman and healer respectively so everything is right and dandy. BUT, i main elemental and have no experience on resto, and i see that all the buttons are hidden. So i have absolutely no idea what my skills are! Is there a way to show them so i can actually see what im doing?
AlexRendl on 15. Dec. 2017.
Hello Preach! There will be a new videos about class legacy?
WalfThe Wolf on 15. Dec. 2017.
Hey Mike. Love your videos and content keep it up! Do you know the solution to why I can't seem to see any of the profiles to import from?
dbrtomusa on 14. Dec. 2017.
You the man! :)
Scottrick on 14. Dec. 2017.
Why does the Player unit frame change blue when a magic effect is on me? and how would you turn it off?
Stor stark on 14. Dec. 2017.
How do I import just the grid profiles?
R3ar3ntry on 14. Dec. 2017.
hey preach so i been trying to do Guardian Mage tower, i have done it on mage, havoc, and vegnance, mage frost only, but now i did the kitty one, and thats compleated, and now i wanted to do the guardian one, i am 925 ilvl, and i cant seem to get it down, luckily i just got luffas so i will give it a few pulls, i cant seem to get pass the first few eyes, i get nuked to hard by everything, so i am not sure what i am doing wrong? with havoc, i was able to out heal everything, and they both have same ilvl, my mage i did on 895ish ilvl, but it was a few months ago
Patrick Marchand on 14. Dec. 2017.
I love your UI but I always have problems when trying to install it. The last time I was never able to get to work and this time around there are several missing from the rar files. Tell Me When is not there. I had to manually had it. And it is still not working... There are several icons that clutter my screen and I just can't find how to get rid of them.
Kuivia on 14. Dec. 2017.
can someone tell me where to find patch notes for 7.3.5?
adila501 on 14. Dec. 2017.
I can't get his profile on elvui or tellmewhen. Everything is updated. Any ideas on what to do?
Alex on 14. Dec. 2017.
is there a way to make all the text a bit bigger?
Demic on 13. Dec. 2017.
Thank you so much waited for something like this for years :)
Haitch jeethe on 13. Dec. 2017.
my elvui isnt working says dependencis needed: elvui
Weston Parnell on 13. Dec. 2017.
This might be a dumb question but does anyone else have the issue of three yellow bricks that show up in the middle of the screen when playing a warlock? This does not show up on any of my other characters except warlocks.
Philip J. Hill on 13. Dec. 2017.
I do not have the "Healer" option in the drop down for ElvUI or Grid. I have nothing in the dropdown in grid besides "Preach" and a few other default options
keegan o'connor on 13. Dec. 2017.
Uhh why is none of preach's stuff showing up when i dl i get all the addons but get none of the saves
TAGyourit on 13. Dec. 2017.
Went to setup the ingame stuff only to find the saved profiles not working on bigwigs and grid. After trying a few things i realized that i renamed the wrong folder during the servername rename step, i clicked the savedvariables folder by mistake. When i redid the whole thing and renamed the correct folder the problem was solved. Just incase others have the same problem.
DKDABU on 13. Dec. 2017.
You can however go into the twitch application and click the little box next to "Auto install updates" Makes life easier with twitch opening as you turn on your computer and then updates your addons
Kit Reynolds on 13. Dec. 2017.
I try to download the link and I just a single file, which then by default tries to open in notepad. Any thoughts?
John Gunn Davis on 13. Dec. 2017.
Thank you for doing this, Preach! A couple questions. Is there a way to change the default for quest NPC chat? It pops up on the far left right now -- can move but not permanently. Does Preach not use clique with Grid? Just using mouseover when healing?
brett griffith on 13. Dec. 2017.
How can I get the spec profiles?
Lejtan on 12. Dec. 2017.
Very nice UI, I only have 1 problem with it. The icons on TMW are all different, some have the standard blizzard apperance while some are skinned with masque with sharp edges etc. How can i make them all the same aperance?(wether its standard or skinned doesnt matter)
The Sickest on 12. Dec. 2017.
Hey Preach, i was wondering if you could do a SimulationCraft guide how you do it and what we need to consider i think many of us will agree that we are still confused how to maintain our gear optimized properly. As you mentioned in an video that you will do it but i didn't run in that kind of video on your channel.
Olive Oil on 12. Dec. 2017.
Yo Preach, does this ui support any resolution under 1920 x 1080p ? Like for instance my Laptops screen resolution is at 1366 x 768p and after following your'e steps the healthbar is like covering half my screen... is it possible to like srink it??
Robnjen Sypes on 12. Dec. 2017.
what addon was it that told you the artifact power in your bags beside the artifact bar?
Sturmabteilung on 12. Dec. 2017.
i was planing to say make UI tut. in your next video and next thing i see is UI tut. you are like mindreader
Alabastus on 12. Dec. 2017.
Does anyone know how to adjust the font size in the character pane and the quest log?
LuckyLucLaser on 12. Dec. 2017.
i only want to use your tell me when profiles, it does work but all the Icons are missing, is it linked to any other addon?
Universe cookie on 12. Dec. 2017.
Thank you for the crispy fresh UI + Guide preach :)
Josh D on 12. Dec. 2017.
Works like a charm tah preach!