Rank Win | 5-Man Team League | MFPallytime & Mewnfarez | Heroes of the Storm

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TGN Squadron on 20. Oct. 2017.
hey guys! We are leaving for Blizzcon in less than two weeks! So we need to make a couple extra episodes of Top 5 Plays in advance before we leave for the trip and WE NEED MORE PLAYS! So send us as many good plays as you can this week! Hoping to see some good Junkrat clips! https://goo.gl/forms/aULhwdYt77moBtwF3
Matt Pearl on 20. Oct. 2017.
"Why can't you hear the pterodactyl use the bathroom?" "Because it's Dead."
Eli Smith on 20. Oct. 2017.
Trikslyr being excited for anime then sand bagged by everyone is my spirit animal.
Pat Ch on 20. Oct. 2017.
Shahor I on 20. Oct. 2017.
Last game was awesome! That's what I tune into Rank Win for, excellent stuff!
Pewpew Boom on 20. Oct. 2017.
Trik's Gazlow impression sounds more like Bernie Sanders lol
GMBeaulac on 20. Oct. 2017.
If it's 3 episodes of top 5 plays, isn't it essentially top 15 plays?
Gamer Zen - Michael on 20. Oct. 2017.
I swear to god i though kye and starbee were on this video , it was so weird
Bexar on 20. Oct. 2017.
SUCH bad audio! :O Echo'ing, scratching and all kinds of crap :'(
JuanJo Calva on 20. Oct. 2017.
Dad jokes start @ 39:30
Brandon's Revenge on 20. Oct. 2017.
Mewn's suffering from Trik's dad jokes nourishes me.
David Specter on 20. Oct. 2017.
Watching the VoD, nothing made me happier than seeing Gazlowe played.
Lethal Harmony on 20. Oct. 2017.
Starbee's face when the D.VA saved her by pushing her into base in that first match was pretty great. xD Nice work getting your revenge on that game two team in the third game! Pally's Gust was pretty dang sick!
Jesse Whitson on 20. Oct. 2017.
Hey I keep getting weird audio Dsync btw
Richie R on 20. Oct. 2017.
Pally finishing his turret quest 5 minutes into the game was fun to watch.
Putato Cheeeze on 20. Oct. 2017.
what are they talking about Reynad laptop? is it tempostorm Reynad?
Jonked2 on 20. Oct. 2017.
5 minute Clockwerk Fist O_O
Derek Roy-mondou on 20. Oct. 2017.
That diablo was so goddamn terrible
Bill Chen on 20. Oct. 2017.
That Conveyor belt delivery strat is pretty good :)
Beto Gonzalez on 20. Oct. 2017.
I love Mewn's peak at Starbee's rank right at the beginning of the video.