Rank Win | Heroes of the Storm Team League

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Neo0055 on 1. Jun. 2017.
Pally (or someone else who might know) : Can you give the info on those neck balls, I wanna get them
nahucombi on 30. May. 2017.
2 masters and a diamond get grouped with 2 silvers????
Steven Walsh on 30. May. 2017.
LordMorpheus on 28. May. 2017.
do we know who is replacing mewn yet? really hoping it is someone of similar skill or with good shotcalls. maybe dread, dunk or khaldor?
GreatBandit on 28. May. 2017.
I'll miss you Mewn!
Corvo Attano on 27. May. 2017.
You know, I'm done being sad about Mewn leavng. I literally love that man and hope he has massive amounts of success in whatever he chooses to do. I recently changed jobs just because I needed to try something new so I think I can understand. Best of luck Mewn!
Mahdi Nadali on 26. May. 2017.
last game you should have picked 5 specialist against their 5 support
Adam Filiatreault on 26. May. 2017.
Mewn, you will definitely be missed here on Squadron. You may have been salty, but it was just the right amount of salt. Thank you for all you've contributed to this channel and good luck in what you do next!
Angus Sharington on 26. May. 2017.
Bye Mewn, hope to see you back soon :(
Wolfbreath on 26. May. 2017.
Pally the hero! has the ability to throw burritos for his Q ability dealing some ranged damage. his W is "stay positive" and inspires nearby heroes and is an aoe heal over time.  his E is "taco Tuesday" he throws tacos in a cone that slow enemy heroes they hit. H1 would be "Salt Mine" place on a hero and they take a damage over time and become take 20% more damage. H2 "heroes  unite" pally unites with a hero increasing auto attack speed and ability power while providing a potent heal.
Dennis Lükermann on 26. May. 2017.
nice that marche's POV is now on youtube :)
CalciumChief on 26. May. 2017.
The team in the last game knew what was going on so they picked a meme team of supports.
StretchyPlays on 26. May. 2017.
I understand Mewn wanting to take some time off, I just really hope he comes back eventually. I don't get why he is going to League if he needs a break from the salt.
Ondřej Hála on 26. May. 2017.
It is kinda sad, HotS is getting more attention finally and one of the main streamers rage-salty quit the game instead of building base and showing the game to new ppl. Not a good example
jamesryan099 on 26. May. 2017.
I wonder how many nightknights are on hots since that's my friends name on bnet and he plays hots. I'm sure it was not him because he don't play ranked or supports.
DiegZK on 26. May. 2017.
NOoooOOO mewn y.y
907gunter on 26. May. 2017.
Mewnfare was one of the only reasons I came to these vids. Sad to see him go. Pally is only Squadron member left keeping me around.
Andrew Des Combes on 26. May. 2017.
Mewn killed his sub count when he quit HoTS. FeelsBadMan
Axis The Jawa on 26. May. 2017.
#RipMewn We love you and will miss you on the channel, even if we can come see you from time to time. Now together ! Goodbyyyyyye Meeewnman ! We say goodbyyyyyye Meeewnman ! Goodbyyyyyye Meeewnman ! <3 <3 <3 <3
kracman99 on 26. May. 2017.
Mewn was my favorite, now he is dead to me :(
Joseph R on 26. May. 2017.
This episode is actually more sad then funny because Mewn is leaving. Mewn used to be one of my favorite streamers but I just can't stand LoL so I won't be watching him anymore :(. RIP Mewn, we will miss you.
Josh Moore on 26. May. 2017.
I am noticing a correlation between neck balls and losses...
Jared Ringland on 26. May. 2017.
I learned to like Mewns salty attitude when it arose in the midst of battle and then in the end its the thing I liked most about him because I found it funny. Plus with Pally always messing around with him while Mewns going try hard its funny. I'll miss him
AJ Mezzell II on 26. May. 2017.
well farewell mewnfare I will miss your sarcastic attitude towards the others. :<
Jonathan Omar Emiliano Altamirano on 26. May. 2017.
Is it true that former members of Squadron, like Hengest, have died under mysterious circumstances shortly after leaving? If so, #RipMewn
Kotori-nyan on 26. May. 2017.
Goodbye Mewn, we will miss you :( #MewnIsInTheDarkSideNow