Rating More Kobolds and Catacombs Cards Based on Fun/Gimmick Potential

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feoleb on 21. Nov. 2017.
I'm getting no sound on this video
Jason Miller on 21. Nov. 2017.
Based on other weapons that exist a weapon doesn't count as a spell
Mikeztarp on 21. Nov. 2017.
I don't know why rogues didn't have secrets before. It seems to fit the class fantasy better than any other.
Persuasian on 21. Nov. 2017.
Trump vs Crendor rap battle.
nano_V on 21. Nov. 2017.
Cheat death for mill rogue
Viktor Gabriel on 21. Nov. 2017.
Rogue did not need Secrets they already have all the other classes secrets
Satchmo Omega on 21. Nov. 2017.
I could watch anyone's card review videos, and I choose to watch Crendor's first.
Pieter Meeusen on 21. Nov. 2017.
Recruit king crush with carnivores cube!
truetype80 on 21. Nov. 2017.
I feel like they come out with new expansions to fast, I barely got into un goro before icecrown came out
DracopyreOfNight on 21. Nov. 2017.
5:55 8 mana 3/3 weapon, pyroblast yourself
CatCloud on 21. Nov. 2017.
How many Secrets do Rouges have? 1 ? not much of a secret if everyone knows what Secret it is.
Óhamingju on 21. Nov. 2017.
Did you just call silver hand recruits good? hahahahaahhahahahahahaaahhahaha
Alius on 21. Nov. 2017.
The only channel I look at for card ratings.
andromidius on 21. Nov. 2017.
Mithril Spellstone + Dead Man's Hand = Golem spam.
RonaldinhoPopper on 21. Nov. 2017.
Windfury rockbiter feral gibberer
GlitchMasta on 21. Nov. 2017.
Making a hunter deck with huge beast like ultrasaur and high manes with deathrattles and use the recruit card
joDy aguilar on 21. Nov. 2017.
If the 1/1 is buffed on-board will it add a buffed copy to your hand?
JohnXAnimations on 21. Nov. 2017.
You should play a Kobold based deck in wild.
papabeanguy on 21. Nov. 2017.
I fucking hate rogues and these secrets only strengthen that.
SOHere StillHere on 21. Nov. 2017.
Really ? Do some research for fuck sake lmfao you job is so pathetically easy yet you can't bother to do a few minutes research Jesus
Jonatan Z. on 21. Nov. 2017.
Rogues getting secrets... Time to uninstall?
YepX on 21. Nov. 2017.
The feral card looks like the creatures from the movie(s) : Critters
Cyril Figgis on 21. Nov. 2017.
According to Trump Feral GIbberer doesn't keep buffs when it makes a copy. :( Bad design!
squizill on 21. Nov. 2017.
Make a hearthstone pointless video series
lance on 21. Nov. 2017.
Feral griberer scares me
linkwolf 4 on 21. Nov. 2017.
Yo crendor you should make a Druid deck based entirely around mechs. Sounds like a stupid fun idea
Thomas Roth III on 21. Nov. 2017.
You should do a Mayor deck for a fun gimmick
Ally Jackson on 21. Nov. 2017.
feral gibberer + charge + costs 1 less.= dumb fun
Joatas Barbosa on 21. Nov. 2017.
The recruit mechanic is basically y'shaarj's effect it pulls a random minion from your deck so a battlecry deck wound´t work
Okat on 21. Nov. 2017.
Does Kathrena Winterwisp work with legendary beasts? Could be fun to put a bunch and see what comes out. Play Princess Huhuran (triggers deathrattle) and Tyrantus (high stats, high cost). Add in a Dreadscale and a Gahz'rilla. A King Krush sounds pretty great too. Super gimmicky, but sounds fun.
jojjeez on 21. Nov. 2017.
recruit pulls anything unless it says so, like 4 mana or less
Maple Chan on 21. Nov. 2017.
How would Crendor rate this made-up card? Legendary Minion 10 Mana 10/10 *Extreme Bomber* *Battlecry:* Throw 30 bombs randomly across all characters. *Deathrattle:* Throw a BIG BOMB at the opponents face, that'll detonate and deal 30 damage after 3 turns.
Blazer Ashbringer on 21. Nov. 2017.
where the fucks are the comments
Qwerty the Almighty on 21. Nov. 2017.
Crendor, you're wrong. This is what it is.
maximus garcia on 21. Nov. 2017.
Ugh. Mosy of the cards seem so boring
NixAvernal on 21. Nov. 2017.
A blizzard dev said that the copy mentioned is the original, unbuffed card, so no you won’t be be getting 5/5s for 1 mana in your hand
CazaClaw on 21. Nov. 2017.
I’m pretty sure the Gibberer is based on The Critters movie
thelonelysnowelf on 21. Nov. 2017.
Recruit literally just summons a minion from your deck. It's like Poisonous in that it's not really a new mechanic, just a new keyword for an existing mechanic so they can do more with it.
Slent the Explorer - Immersive Fantasy Travel, Venture and Journey on 21. Nov. 2017.
Feral Gibbereer would be pretty hilarious trying to dinosize or something lol. Crendor you create the best content 10/8 as usual! You made my day man ;D
Marcwulf Gaming on 21. Nov. 2017.
Recruit pulls a minion from your deck to the board, any restrictions are printed on the cards.
McC1oudv2 on 21. Nov. 2017.
Cheat Death is bullshit, there is already too many cheap bounce on rogue
greatjerb on 21. Nov. 2017.
Unfortunately your Buff Paladin Gibberer dream can't quite work. Mike Donais says that the copy that goes in your hand will always be a 1/1. https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/7eb886/new_card_feral_gibberer/dq3qjr6/
mayfly4000 on 21. Nov. 2017.
Anal Avenger on 21. Nov. 2017.
Runespears suck
ian truelove on 21. Nov. 2017.
Crendor, you are wrong, Recruit isn't based on mana cost, it can be any card in the deck.
Joshua van Breukelen on 21. Nov. 2017.
Content you go Crendor
Ewan Happy on 21. Nov. 2017.
Woah kobolds and cataclysms
Carlos Rangel on 21. Nov. 2017.
I love your ratings crendor, keep playing this game for fun please
Tancread of Galilee on 21. Nov. 2017.
wow almost as good as jade idol.