Re-Reading Classic/Vanilla WoW Patch Notes

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SH4D0W0733 on 26. Dec. 2017.
I was in the badlands when the LFG patch was introduced. Didn't know I joined that early.
Terra Sanctus on 25. Dec. 2017.
do it
MegaChickenfish on 25. Dec. 2017.
14:50 I never noticed until now that the whole thing with the Netherlight Crucible is referencing this. I think the quest where you first imbue it is literally called "the balance of light and shadow."
MegaChickenfish on 25. Dec. 2017.
Spider sausage being added was the day WoW died. never4get.
Jessica Lundholm on 25. Dec. 2017.
do it crendor!
Toshley on 24. Dec. 2017.
Didn't Blizzard already talk about how they are going to recreate vanilla WoW using their current tech? I think there are a bunch of technical problems when it comes to just releasing an old patch version of the game, at least on their end when it comes to updating and maintaining it. I imagine they are using a whole new suite of software since the Vanilla days. Not to mention the graphics quality has come a long way since the early days, not just model quality, but things like texture resolution and lighting effects. Plus they are really worried that players don't really understand what they are asking for. There is a lot of nostalgia for the days when everything was new and exciting, you didn't mind spending a week or two in Stranglethorn, because it's so massive it took that long to explore, and getting to level 30 took so long that it would be a long time before you had to do it again. These days, we've all run through it so many times, imagine having to spend 2 hours on a singl
Kujamon on 24. Dec. 2017.
do it crendor!
Killval on 24. Dec. 2017.
Blumpkins sometimes make me happy, especially during X-mas break. =]
mhx47 on 24. Dec. 2017.
Jar of dirt? You made it sound like something famous, but I never heard about it nor can I find it now.
Snabkol on 24. Dec. 2017.
Do it Crendor
Norbi77 on 24. Dec. 2017.
Ah vanilla... the best times of my life.
Genesis on 24. Dec. 2017.
In my honest opinion, i do believe that they will put Classic WoW in the last patch of Vanilla. It would only make sense if they did that.
Josh on 24. Dec. 2017.
didn't dishonorable kills make your own faction dislike you or something? Or am I remembering that wrong
Holyflygon on 24. Dec. 2017.
patch 1.12 should be the patch blizzard should set classic wow. That is vanillia
Yeney izations on 24. Dec. 2017.
Do it crendor
splycer172 on 24. Dec. 2017.
Alt title: Man strokes his nostalgia boner for half an hour (RAW UNCUT)
Unanimous Sauce on 24. Dec. 2017.
I enjoyed this
Brandon Castellano on 24. Dec. 2017.
When will you go back to doing machinimas?...
furydeath on 24. Dec. 2017.
i use to reread the patches all the time xD
William Brown on 23. Dec. 2017.
"players will be able to gain pvp ranks based on their performance" Man that's the biggest crock of shit they ever tried to sell us. It was literally determined by grinding.
gaz8600 on 23. Dec. 2017.
Next week crendor re-reads Christmas 2004 TV guide
Satchmo Omega on 23. Dec. 2017.
I joined on the Dire Maul patch. I quit at the Naxxramas patch because I thought raiding wasn't fun, and they weren't making any decent non-raid new content.
Keiki Duncan on 23. Dec. 2017.
Do it Crendor in the comments below
Michael Gaulden on 23. Dec. 2017.
Yes!!! Do BC Patch Notes plz!!
WowTholyn on 23. Dec. 2017.
The red riding wolf is apparently the most rare mount of all mounts in the game, after the multi-coloured gnome mount was taken away after the person sold his account.
Sheldon Foley on 23. Dec. 2017.
Do it crendor
Michael Coffey on 23. Dec. 2017.
I liked this far far more then I thought I would and honestly can say I think id like you to review all of them.
Smokeweed D Bear on 23. Dec. 2017.
Call to War is when I started playing :D
nifethrubutter on 23. Dec. 2017.
These are good but we need more nuggets of nostalgia. Go over a point and then say how it affected the gameplay. Us wow veterans enjoy looking back on this game but sometimes you need a memory to be triggered.
deenman23 on 23. Dec. 2017.
''either your good enough to get in or not''' know,account share
Teodor Ionita on 23. Dec. 2017.
You know you want non-content, if you spent the entire video looking at the click-bait to the side
Fedarik on 23. Dec. 2017.
Ok so for the longest time I thought I started playing wow only about two month after launch. Just looked it up and i stared in August 05!! 9 months after launch! I feel like a fucking wrath baby...
Melissa G on 23. Dec. 2017.
So this is why so many of us are like "people want a classic server because...????"
Jonah on 23. Dec. 2017.
I don't know any other youtuber that can do practically nothing and still be enjoyable to watch
Benjehman man on 23. Dec. 2017.
Do it crendor
Shiirow on 23. Dec. 2017.
I assume patch 1.12 is going to be the WoW Classic patch. I also came into WoW a couple months before patch 1.11 dropped.
Gaming Troll on 23. Dec. 2017.
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vooran on 23. Dec. 2017.
Do warlords of Draenor and try to make it over 10 minutes
Ghxvl Thx Prxphxt on 23. Dec. 2017.
Do it Crendor.
Aventine on 23. Dec. 2017.
I accidentally figured out drag n drop money on people for trading, when i was trying to figure out how to trade.
Vernoor on 23. Dec. 2017.
when you're out of content ideas...
MasterM on 23. Dec. 2017.
This is some real high quality non-content
Adaman on 23. Dec. 2017. Fuck me, now I want play Vanilla.
Azure Triedge on 23. Dec. 2017.
They will probably put it at the last patch if vanilla, so they get all the vanilla content at once
Brave Sir Robin on 23. Dec. 2017.
Do it Crendor.
Snak Atak on 23. Dec. 2017.
Crendor is such a likable guy I could listen to him read nutrition facts
DrDaMoZ on 23. Dec. 2017.
I wanted to be a High Sergeant too, instead i ended up being a Sergeant who got too high.
Bowziee on 23. Dec. 2017.
*Do it crendor*
ninjalacoon on 23. Dec. 2017.
I want to play blizzard's vanilla servers so bad
Hoosiergemstar on 23. Dec. 2017.
Mamma mia