Reaper: A New God or Still No Good? (Overwatch)

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Kade Bilden on 29. Jun. 2017.
Okay guys think about this what if they nerfed Roadhog because he is going to be Doomfist's counter?
NateSVan on 27. Jun. 2017.
I feel like anyone reaper kills shouldn't be able to be resurrected by mercy, bc he would steal souls. This could be a good counter to res. What do you think
Robert Demka on 26. Jun. 2017.
0:09 did he just get his ult before the point has even been captured? wtf that was quick
Pedro Avelar on 26. Jun. 2017.
u don't get lifesteal from shield or turrets tho
8GUS on 26. Jun. 2017.
You guys forgot a situation where Reaper get more health back. When he's fighting healers that heal overtime or hero's that get healed overtime (even the 200hp ones), Reapers gets more HP back. I like him way more now. :)
JackBauered770 on 26. Jun. 2017.
Reaper is completely brain dead now tbh. He was already really easy to use but bad players were punished for trying to go for that huge solo Death Blossom. Now they get rewarded by doing it and get infinite healing unless D va is on the other team or mccree/nerfhog can stun him.
Ekill on 26. Jun. 2017.
He's absolutely perfect now, he's not OP and not shit
DirtyBird760 on 25. Jun. 2017.
reapers not just a tank buster.. can kill most the other heros in two shots bang bang dead..
Shawn Bloom on 25. Jun. 2017.
I think 20% of all damage done coming to Reaper as health is a bit underwhelming. I think its a nerf, not a buff. I'd rather get consistent 50 hp a kill instead of anything from 0-200. Since most characters have around 200 hp you'll be getting around 40 hp. "but not all reaper fights are 1v1s" but if you get such little health so slowly, it wont matter. The other character(s) will do more damage then you are healing
II Jackal II on 25. Jun. 2017.
Am I the only reaper main here?
LIPEperson on 25. Jun. 2017.
ye when heard about the life steal wat scared me was the return of the beyblade this time unkillable.
Dan Phillips on 25. Jun. 2017.
The problem now is, every fucker is playing him and Mcree, even when they are shit picks.
Spike Spiegel on 25. Jun. 2017.
I think I have a better idea for how reaper should work. Just make him heal to full health when he kills someone. Of course to make this work they would need to make it more possible for him to kill things. I think there really should be a reduction to spread and fall-off damage to his shotgun. I don't think his shots should do so little damage at medium distance. His shots should be 'dangerous' at least at Mei freezing gun range. This change would make reaper very good in capable hands. Skillful players would feel unstoppable, but if you don't get kills, you don't heal and have to run away and hope you don't get followed.
That one guy with crippling depression on 24. Jun. 2017.
So basically Blizzard made Reaper into an edgy Dracula...
jsdfg jfgfi on 24. Jun. 2017.
lol i got 75 elims with reaper in a gold comp match, hes op
CrimsonGRIMskull on 24. Jun. 2017.
who gives a fuck he kinda sucks now! get tgat bliz dick out your mouth
Adam Martin on 24. Jun. 2017.
The only thing he can't do now that souls don't get dropped from fallen enemies, is heal while in wraith form, which used to be very useful.
Mout M. on 24. Jun. 2017.
WHy can't Reaper have both but at lesser healing from both life drain and orb. Like 20% lifesteal and 30 HP from orbs.
Saif Mohammed on 24. Jun. 2017.
Genji is probably jelous of Reaper cause he's getting alot of healing
Scarlet Dawn on 24. Jun. 2017.
ok im tired of hearing the "still wont be a soldier all rounder" you know what .... soldier against a team comp with 1 shield can be made useless.... and every dps now including reaper can shit on him..... so please stop talking as if he was a benchmark... his damage is the lowest of any of the dps heroes ... including sombra... she can do more than soldier.....
Patrick Harris on 24. Jun. 2017.
I legit solo q climbed to diamond during season 3 with reaper when soldier was in his hayday, the guy was fine back then and if fine now. if your a good reaper, you tear the match up, if not you don't.
RippDrive on 24. Jun. 2017.
Reaper only gets healed via his own damage now. He used to get healed by damage his teammates did before ._.
Doggsoup - Voice of console gamers on 24. Jun. 2017.
in console reaper is dominating!!!
jb0258 on 24. Jun. 2017.
if a genji needs healing and no ones around, does he make a sound? P.S. The reaper buff is awesome and 100% a buff.
Laven Yew on 24. Jun. 2017.
at least now we have an answer to dive com :D
Laparva: Filming & Random Videos on 24. Jun. 2017.
The thing is with 200 hp heroes they probably won't be like that forever, they will probably be healed up which will still allow you for more healing than before anyways.
Mr Toast on 24. Jun. 2017.
-.- rather be able to toggle wraith form
INTYkun on 24. Jun. 2017.
Reaper was designed to sneak up on people and butcher them, but unlike the Spy from TF2, he doesn't REALLY have the equipment to monopolize on a sneak attack as quickly as is needed. Reaper can sneak up on a team, and then often times not manage to kill even 1 player and is forced to try and escape -- most times failing to escape. Reaper's infiltration design was a total bust because his own equipment doesn't compliment it well enough. Now he's capable of just running right into your face thanks to this vampyrism effect.
tome7 on 24. Jun. 2017.
This was obviously a huge buff for reaper to make him more relevant. I don't remember which youtuber said that it wasn't necessarily a buff. Imagine if Roadhog couldn't heal until he got a kill. He would be MUCH weaker. A tank buster needs a way to stay in the fight without needing to confirm kills. In long skirmishes where the no kills are secured this passive is infinitely more effective. In addition to the reload on wraith form which makes him a lot easier to play, he is much better. Definitely not a god though. He has many weaknesses that are still easily exploitable, it's just that he is much more effective in close skirmishes now.
Aaron Szabo on 24. Jun. 2017.
Considering I got POTG in every match I played as Reaper the first couple nights following the patch, I'd say he's in a much stronger place
Daniel on 24. Jun. 2017.
i just hope New reaper wont impact Winston pick rate to much. i loves me monkey
Triforce Jedi on 24. Jun. 2017.
Great gameplay!
I3asher on 24. Jun. 2017.
"Some people are calling it a buff and some are calling it a nerf" Yes, that's what a rework is.
Two Peace on 24. Jun. 2017.
Just reduce his bullets spread and he is good.
warwolfman on 24. Jun. 2017.
Main Buff he no longer gets one shotted by road the guy he was meant to counter Main Nerf he cant rely on his allies getting kills to heal himself he has to earn his own health
IBakeOnions on 24. Jun. 2017.
idk who's more overpowered bullshit now.... Bastion or Reaper?
Kev Cheng on 24. Jun. 2017.
reaper name change to vampire
Game Over on 24. Jun. 2017.
Reaper should be good against tanks, not impossible to kill against tanks, which is the case now.
Kezza ㅤㅤ on 24. Jun. 2017.
Reaper is way to overpowered
Leo J on 24. Jun. 2017.
I really dont like it. I want BOTH. :-I
Jacob Bessette on 24. Jun. 2017.
The synergy between heroes has changed too. During Deathblossom, more focus fire comes in on Reaper, so a Zarya bubble on him becomes free energy. On the flip side (which I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned), Defense Matrix becomes even more powerful as you can cut off Reaper's source of healing entirely.
Malachi C on 24. Jun. 2017.
I liked the orbs a lot better. It urged you to get kills, and when you went wraith form, you could get health returned as long as there were orbs around ( or a health pack, but that's not the focus ). Since you can't attack in wraith form and regain health, it decreases survivability coming out of wraith form, which was a concern for blizzard seeing as they made it so his gun reloads when using it.
Arokhantos on 24. Jun. 2017.
Just wait until Winston pick rate go's up.
DeepInGaming on 24. Jun. 2017.
Shinobu Koyomin on 24. Jun. 2017.
That was something nobody (that I saw anyway) cover. Yes it is ten less healing but you have a higher ehp which in turn the long run favors. And just like what Force said what good is 50 health when your dead. So odds in a 1v1 are a little more akin to your favor. Off course there is the thing called skill but that doesn't matter in this pretext. It also gives you a better sustain in team fights where there are multiple people to drain health and keep yourself alive without the aid of a healer.
Nina rød Eidsvik on 24. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog take lesser damage but shoot faster and have 1 more ammo. i think hes not better then he was.
LiK on 24. Jun. 2017.
Reaper still sucks. Just takes a bit longer to kill.