REVEALED: StarCraft Remaster; Diablo 2 Remaster Next? D2 Lead Dev David Brevik

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BlitzCraig on 28. Mar. 2017.
As long as they don't put an Auction House anywhere for monitization, I'll be happy with whatever they make/re-make. I don't know a single thing about the technical side of this, but I would be extremely happy to play D2 again, and even happier for a D4, to see if Blizz can re-capture the might of D1 and D2.
pghdave420 on 28. Mar. 2017.
what a waste of time with the necromancer on diablo 3.just make diablo 4 why waste more time on a 5 year old game thats done with.just like nintendo rehashing mario kart 8 why not just make a 9 for the new system
Dika Games on 28. Mar. 2017.
D2 actually have more viewers on twitch then D3 lol
Bill Jensen on 28. Mar. 2017.
D2 is way overrated.
David Murauski on 28. Mar. 2017.
Whatever to that one mod for Starcraft that is like a Diablo 2 remaster? I forgot what it was called?
Michael Marquez on 28. Mar. 2017.
Can Blizzard please move forward and not back please? Thanks
bennynutts16 on 28. Mar. 2017.
d2 with a few tweaks would have more ppl playing it than d3 by far , oh wait more ppl are playing d2 and watching d2 than d3 LUL
sermerlin1 on 28. Mar. 2017.
There will be D2 remaster and WC3 remaster as well. Stop debating. It's already set in stone. They started with starcraft remaster and that's what we all knew. Next is most diablo 2 as it's as old as sc. WC3 will be the last to be remastered.
Courtney Robertson on 28. Mar. 2017.
We do not need a Diablo 2 remaster, all we need is a Diablo 2 total remake. Having a Diablo remake with a proper team who had a anti-botting system would bring back so many players. Like something similar to oldschool Runescape, also maybe increase HR drops. Graphics is nothing
Leshyster on 28. Mar. 2017.
Having modded Diablo 2, I can tell you Diablo 2 will not be remastered any time soon. The amount of work involving the sprites alone is staggering.
Tino on 28. Mar. 2017.
Warcraft III or Diablo 2 Remaster. What would you want?
Willo on 28. Mar. 2017.
They'll make a remaster the same way the WoW team did a Vanilla server
Luke Belanger on 28. Mar. 2017.
Aww, you got my hopes up, I would love a D2 remake or remaster
The Line of Epic Heroes on 28. Mar. 2017.
Some guys created the HD mod for Diablo 1, the graphics of this mod are amazing, higher resolutions and less pixelated, if some modders can create such a good update for a game why can't Blizzard do the same for D1-D2? They should be able to do it. I think they can do remastered editions of both D1-D2 games IF they want to. They question should not be "can they do it" but instead it should be "do they want to do it"?
Tino on 28. Mar. 2017.
Will they have SC2 unit AI tho? That would be really useful.
Charlé Ouel on 27. Mar. 2017.
Well if you want to play D2 play path of exile it more or less the same thing (whitout the nostalgia)
Tino on 27. Mar. 2017.
Please remaster D2 for the love of God
IRHanley on 27. Mar. 2017.
They can spend months turning D3 into D1 so I am not sure that logic applies.
peddi könig on 27. Mar. 2017.
i would buy it
Jack Jenkins on 27. Mar. 2017.
I hope they just remaster Diablo 2. They got it right the first time, all it needs is a graphical and UI face lift.
James Hunter on 27. Mar. 2017.
sick of blizz's continued starcraft love... where is a wc3 remaster? fuck you starcraft
Bryan Gillis on 27. Mar. 2017.
Had it right the first time (Jiff)
Christopher Gimbert on 27. Mar. 2017.
I would love to see Starcraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft Regions of Chaos, and Frozen Throne completely remade.
Misanthropic Magnate on 27. Mar. 2017.
Diablo has honestly failed. All the people who loved Diablo went to PoE
maax n on 27. Mar. 2017.
1 April ?
noneedforid on 27. Mar. 2017.
David seemed really lost there for like 20 seconds like he was thinking of excuses. And the ones he found were really bad.
ArshikaTowers on 27. Mar. 2017.
In a world where there is D3, what is the point of remastering D2?
plasmathunderdx on 27. Mar. 2017.
It's still to me
TheSemiLife on 27. Mar. 2017.
Just play Diablo2... wtf man.. If it's remade/remastered it will never feel like Diablo2. You will get used to the shitty resolution in a couple of hours ;) Trust me I just installed it .... again.
Michael B on 27. Mar. 2017.
So it's true... Trump is making America great again.
Aiviymatoc Urotsukidoji on 27. Mar. 2017.
you could just draw and trace over the old sprite keyframes and make them really pretty
schippes24 on 27. Mar. 2017.
i jiffed all over my screen
Rodrigo Salles on 27. Mar. 2017.
I want a Diablo 1 remaster and a modern battle net system for it to play online :)
XaKeR on 27. Mar. 2017.
*JIF* is actually right ;)
Tom T on 27. Mar. 2017.
Dude they do this every year around April 1st I bet it's a big joke!
LoneRenegade on 27. Mar. 2017.
I sure hope that *if* at all, they should just remaster D2 like they did Starcraft. Not remake it. Keep all the mechanics of D2 as they were, just upgrade the graphics. I would gladly pay for that game again. But please include the original expansions from the get go, not as DLCs.
MarvelExtra on 27. Mar. 2017.
awsome video :)
Shadownoob Noobslayer on 27. Mar. 2017.
dont u think its smarter insted waste time and money in new projects then remaking old ones (dat will btw never exceed expetations of hardoce funs any way) make new project wc4 d4 etc i am sure costs are equaly high to re master or remake game but interms of inovation/economy new games worths more- my homble opinion !
WTN on 27. Mar. 2017.
D3 3D HD Remaster = D3 lol
h4b3e1n9b0Rn on 27. Mar. 2017.
one thing i finally want back in D3 or hopefully in D4, paragon cap. Pls would be so great again
Martyr of Grenth on 27. Mar. 2017.
If Blizzard will remaster D2, it just might totally kill D3. I'm not sure if they want to do that. The problem is that there's not much of a reason to make D4, and in terms of new content for D3 you're anyways going to get the crappy Necromancer DLC thing. Meaning that once D2 remaster is out(if they will even do that), you just might see the death of the series as a whole. Another problem we're facing is that dungeon crawlers basically just don't have too much potential in them. How much more can you just grind again and again and again the same content, the same rifts, the same dungeons, with no end? Of course some will way "so that's where you put more content!", but WHAT will the new content be? Just a new type of dungeon, new monsters/bosses, basically just a new endless grind that you will get bored from after a short while. Dungeon crawlers are just can't offer diversity. You don't have ESports for it(I mean, why would you), the core of the content cannot be stretched too far
Ryusei Tatsumasa on 27. Mar. 2017.
SKYRIM remastered? Come on, Nintendo - what do you think you're pullin', here?
Rob on 27. Mar. 2017.
man starting april fools early this year
Mihailo Vasic on 27. Mar. 2017.
Who gives a fuck about D2 just give us D4
Schizo Java on 27. Mar. 2017.
I'm hoping Diablo I remake
lavafoxx on 27. Mar. 2017.
You had it right the first time. gif is pronounced JIFF
DaLi on 27. Mar. 2017.
All I want from 4K support, is for the the camera to zoom way out. keep everything the same original pixel size, but tile the world out further. (I don't care if details get smal) Unofficial Highres patches for old games like the "Arcanum high res patch" works like a dream.
Lightning Lance on 27. Mar. 2017.
I don't really see the point in a D2 remake. Then again, I still play old games. I know many people care about graphics, so maybe there's a point to it for them.
Landon Dastrup on 27. Mar. 2017.
I enjoy your videos, mostly Overwatch because I don't play Diablo, trying to get into it with the D3 free version, was never able to get into D1 or D2. I am just wondering why you don't do videos on all Blizzard games? I bet that would be a lot of work but I like the work you do with the Overwatch and Diablo videos and would love to see some of your videos but about Starcraft (my main Blizzard game)