RIGGED?! 100 Overwatch Loot Box Opening - EVERY Halloween Terror Skin!

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MasterofSarcasm on 14. Oct. 2017.
I got two for two? Bad luck perhaps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMyu6ZK5wNY
Captain Cartman on 13. Oct. 2017.
Dude that's funny... I got the Ana and McCree skins back to back as well
Heronaconite on 13. Oct. 2017.
Normal loot boxes have 10% chance on legendaries, the event rate is probably about 15%.
Heronaconite on 13. Oct. 2017.
Well, you know this is one of the changes they mate to loot boxes
Dobromir Hristov on 13. Oct. 2017.
The new youtube content - "Hey guys, watch me 25 min how i open loot boxes" ....
Sarah2Cold on 13. Oct. 2017.
Cthulhu zen says "pass into nothingness" when he ults, and his ethereal arms or whatever the hell his extra arms actually are when he ults and emotes turn into tentacles.
Jihoon Yoon on 13. Oct. 2017.
That's Mei's Jiangshi Movement xD Haha xD
Terrence Silver on 13. Oct. 2017.
I opened 30 and got the junkrat mad scientist skin and symmetra's dragon skin and im so pumped. (i just started playing like a month ago)
TheMwshooter on 13. Oct. 2017.
18boxes 0 new or old halloween skin :(
MatthiasAI on 12. Oct. 2017.
the loot crate algorithem is so much better then it use2 be now... I remember having 20 crates to open and more then half of them being duplicates~
Lanie Oneal on 12. Oct. 2017.
I'm so glad you make these videos! It is decidly easier to see what's new watching this than scrolling through every hero! I didn't even know torbjorn had a Halloween skin! Thanks for the content! :D
Michael Kausalik on 12. Oct. 2017.
To many good skins, we need an option to put skins on random.
Wow Lizzy on 12. Oct. 2017.
Maybe you should buy 101 next time
Johnny Medina on 12. Oct. 2017.
People seriously attacking the gacha system in Overwatch? Seriously, if you have any experience with them you would know this is the nicest in the entire game industry. Never paid for a box and never missed a skin I wanted.
Omar on 12. Oct. 2017.
"can't be upset with a legendary" I try and lie to myself by saying that too but after opening 10 loot boxes this event and getting 3 non event legendary skins i'm beginning to get pissed lol although 3 legendaries in 10 boxes is very good on the other hand
Brian Burnett on 12. Oct. 2017.
I was expecting a good reaction to that Zarya skin. Was not disappointed. I also like the detail on the back of the Zenyatta skin. Totally a Warcraft crossover because that is absolutely the symbol for C'thun. He's a Twilight Cultist. It's tight. (I mean, transitively speaking, it's totally just a Lovecraft reference, but still...)
Sangrex2 on 12. Oct. 2017.
They probably flagged your account to be rigged and get it all haha...
Peter Maynard on 12. Oct. 2017.
These lootboxes seem like decent value when compared to the ripoff that is Hearthstone packs.
Super Serg on 11. Oct. 2017.
Good choice in women Rhykeer. I also like womans abouve theee waisrgt
Laszlok on 11. Oct. 2017.
The skins from this event are so sexy.
barduk4 on 11. Oct. 2017.
i dont even like lootbox videos but i figured it would be nice to give support, good to see at least the overwatch lootboxes are fair (unlike heroes of the storm)
InquisitorSinCross on 11. Oct. 2017.
Mei hopping is how Jiangshi - the Chineese vampires move around, and considering that her Halloween skin IS Jiangshi its absolutely fitting
adlez47 on 11. Oct. 2017.
I've watched like 5 other youtubers do unboxings and Rhykker is the first to notice that Tracer is lighting up her pumpkin with her chronal-accelerator. I thought it was a neat touch.
Victor Yarn on 11. Oct. 2017.
I feel like there's gonna be much porn with that new Symmetra skin...
Robbie Bulens on 11. Oct. 2017.
Keep up the good work & video's! Really like your channel ;-) Only playing Diablo 3 and Overwatch so until season 12 it is Overwatch time yeaaah :-)
Andre Vyent on 11. Oct. 2017.
unsubscribed untill D3 becomes a good game good bye everyone it was fun special when D3 was actualy still a good game :0 <3
borzak101 on 11. Oct. 2017.
I assume we were supposed to hear the voices, never heard anyone but Rhykker.
Flint Luke on 11. Oct. 2017.
I really want that Zarya skin because she's my main. I also want that new sym skin and that new zen skin
Delsus 75 on 11. Oct. 2017.
Mei is a hopping Zombie.
Enkeria on 11. Oct. 2017.
20 loot boxes. 0 skins.
Sigi Lork on 11. Oct. 2017.
You are getting more and more annoying with your "cheap" approach - who cares what is in your loot boxes - come on you are behaving like a childish apologist loving everything Blizzard does no matter how cheap and un creative it is - yes baiting people to spend real money just for a chance of getting a skin no one needs is a great concept... I have to agree with the Honerable President here - maybe Blizzard pays ypu for this...
David Rose on 11. Oct. 2017.
I got the Ana skin out of my free box. I'm liking loot 2.0
Rick Hernandez on 11. Oct. 2017.
zenyatta main here lol I want that skin but wish for the voice line it said "glory for c'thun." or something like that lol. great video time to buy loot boxes!
SirEvilestDeath on 11. Oct. 2017.
All the work went into content locked inside of loot boxes. A year later and the event gets less effort than a handful of the characters. Come on Blizzard, Ana a character released after the game launched has more skins than Hanzo who launched with the game and we complained about this event getting stale fast last year. I thought Uprising was showing that they listened to us about wanting a PvE with map progression. But no they couldn't bother to even have multiple maps for this one or update any maps besides what hey already had for the Halloween event. This game is going downhill. The creativity put in seems to all be going into loot boxes which wouldn't piss me off of this game wasn't making so much money. I wish they'd use more of that cash to vastly improve events we get year to year to incentivize people to play more or longer. I know I won't be playing this event next week because I was bored of it the first week it came out last year and it's not like much has changed.
IIIvpIII on 11. Oct. 2017.
well it s not like I need money anyway. and that french accent is so funny.
Vladyslav Shyika on 11. Oct. 2017.
What do we have here? Quality content :D
C45ho on 11. Oct. 2017.
24:01 who counts like that? is that canadian counting? XD
bighamer Reis on 11. Oct. 2017.
WOW legendary -> DeathWing-> Black aspec ( if it is of any use for you)
Nikkila6 on 11. Oct. 2017.
Meh, got 1 legendary in 24 boxes. QQ
Niji Tamashii on 11. Oct. 2017.
I think Symmetra's skin is meant to be inspired by Deathwing since its called Dragon :3 also the hopping emote for Mei is because Jiangshi's are also known as the hopping vampire's :3
Kyle Mills on 11. Oct. 2017.
I've gotten 4 legendaries so far, none paid for. None of them are even Halloween skins FeelsBadMan :gun:
juan carlos on 11. Oct. 2017.
No encourage gambling in video games!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy Faust on 11. Oct. 2017.
Aloha Rhykky ! About that Mei emot : Jiangshi are like reanimated corpses that a dude will usually animate so that it goes all alone on the place it wants to be burried at ( for the soul to not feel home-sick yaknow ~~ ) but because of the cadaveric rigidity it has to be hopping and not walking. And if as a living you see a Jiangshi, it brings missfortune so Snowball serves as the lantern bearer in front of her to alert dudes not to watch. ( Ow and there's the whole " if the talisman gets detached, the zombie/hopping-vampire/thingy lose it's goal of going home but ... anyway )
MemphisHelstron on 11. Oct. 2017.
The Mei jump thing is the Chinese Zombie thing. It is what Chinese Zombies do, they hop around.
SomeNinja on 11. Oct. 2017.
Very surprising to see you make a loot box video at a time like this where there is so much lootbox/gambling video game drama. Never the less, I don't mind this kind because it's only cosmetics and doesn't affect gameplay in any real way.
Jeff O on 11. Oct. 2017.
Damn ur one of the idiots that supports developers milking loot boxes
JaceJavelin on 11. Oct. 2017.
@Rhykker The new skin for Sym is based on Shyvana....I mean dragon. Definitely not any ideas taken from League of Legends.
sniperduells on 11. Oct. 2017.
Taking out content that should normally be in the game, and being sold partially as microtransaction is not acceptable.
GrillerGT on 11. Oct. 2017.
Hell, I waited almost a year to get the Witch Mercy and Ana's stuff (skin, voice lines, victory pose...) As for the new ones I hope to get Zen's of course... the rest would be nice to have but not my priority
Pika Boo on 11. Oct. 2017.
I never understood these videos. People have 100 crates and go crazy, as if they didn't expect to get every skin with THAT many crates. And the fact that they usually have enough to afford every legendary anyway LOL