Season 12 State of Barbarians + First impressions

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Skrittles Mcwiggles on 22. Oct. 2017.
chainer is back ? o.O wat about Quinn ? lol we cant give up on diablo yet guyz/girls :)
Keeliani on 20. Oct. 2017.
Seismic Slam Build viable? R6?
Glenn Wouda on 20. Oct. 2017.
Nice to see you back again Chainer. I hope you had a nice time. Good luck with the Barbs!
Juan D' Angelo on 20. Oct. 2017.
The Barbarian GOD is back!
Chris. Lehmann on 19. Oct. 2017.
I'm glad, you are back to D3 Barb on Youtube! Like you vids a lot.
john anderson on 19. Oct. 2017.
john anderson on 19. Oct. 2017.
hell the heck did you get over 4 miil sheety damage thats nuts
rackkarungen on 17. Oct. 2017.
Chainer just have to dye his hair grey and he will be a barb IRL lawl!
Andrew Nguyen on 17. Oct. 2017.
He Lives....!!!
OneKnight1234 on 16. Oct. 2017.
I heard of a build called the volcano barbarian and it sounds interesting to play. I'm currently a spin to win and leapquake barbarian. I managed to do a grift 64 with ww and unoptimized, non augmented gear using the Bul-Kathos weapon set. It seems the Istvans blade set is a tad more difficult to find lol. Love your videos btw
prof. oogie on 16. Oct. 2017.
Hey Chainer! Nice to see you back on D3! Long time fan here. Can you explore more on Hota barb that uses other single handed non set weapons? Since that set weapons for hota is really hard to get especially ancient version. Thanks!
jeddauy on 15. Oct. 2017.
thanks mate for the info , but you didnt tell us about party or 4 man party as you said at start of the video
Semirotta on 15. Oct. 2017.
*3796 para... Smells like bot. :D*
120starter on 15. Oct. 2017.
Itsjerrry1 on 15. Oct. 2017.
Just play path of exile
KAN TANG on 15. Oct. 2017.
OMG it's a furnace! it's ancient!
Vingsworld on 14. Oct. 2017.
No love for non-thorns Frenzy?
Robin Elfving on 14. Oct. 2017.
Great vid bro! would like to hear you talk about HC Builds, i myself always play Leapquake Since Charge gets oneshotted alot!
pwrOverwhelming on 14. Oct. 2017.
nice chainer back to D3 yey!!!
Dubetube123 on 14. Oct. 2017.
diablo queer
Martin Parmas on 14. Oct. 2017.
Wtf is that skull in your stash???
Derek Jones on 14. Oct. 2017.
Seeing as how high the group damage can get with this build (edit: IK6/R4), it makes me wonder why this wouldn't be an alt to the Firebats WD or LoN WD that is used in 4man. I don't play the WD, so its really just my curiosity at work.
tomaszcomasz13 on 14. Oct. 2017.
Hi great stuff u talking :D can u test for me R6 saismic slam barb :D full build what u think
Vegard on 14. Oct. 2017.
Raekor 6 SS! With and without IK
Alex Graf on 14. Oct. 2017.
Awesome to see you back on Barb !:-)
Tysen on 14. Oct. 2017.
Chainuh! Spiduh! Blightuh!
Tysen on 14. Oct. 2017.
only DH is faster farming than Charge Barb. Charge Barb is on one this season. Pretty XD
UnknownRand on 14. Oct. 2017.
Wasn't there a thorns build for barb? Or it's a no go now since LoN has been left in the dust with all the set buffs
Stephan Bohley on 14. Oct. 2017.
Is the charge barb gonna be complex/difficult to play or more or less relatively easy?
stian on 13. Oct. 2017.
Rhykker sent me here, hello barb god! :)
Scott S on 13. Oct. 2017.
Welcome back. Fully expect you to bot and exploit your way into top 10 again and get banned. Hope u do. Kind of sad when it's just a game and you can't play it legitimately. Your NoBanMePlease barb name says everything that's needed to know about your gameplay.
obZen327 on 13. Oct. 2017.
Why do you bother playing this crappy game when path of diablo exists?
Shetah on 13. Oct. 2017.
Yes! Bul Kathos' proidgal son has returned! Can't wait for all those barbarian guides. BTW - You got a favorable shout-out from Rhykker: He did a video about the Furious Charge IK6 + Raekor4 build. Check it out at 12:00
Petrinator on 13. Oct. 2017.
So i've always wondered, what skills are you skipping on the enchantress and why?
Hagi Ogrodowczyk on 13. Oct. 2017.
Tbh to efficiently farm t13 use R6 dual welding with in-geom, doombringer and 300th spear. Use ground stomp to group packs and just toss! Poof! Vaporize ;) and then just use this sweet in-geom passive ;)
Tyler on 13. Oct. 2017.
I honestly hate that charge barb is still on top. I hate the build and have been waiting for the solo barb meta to change for so long now. I've played WW and while it is fun for a bit, gets really old really fast to push with. I love HotA but I wish there could just be another top tier build that's actually different than what's been done with barb before. Instead of buffing the shit out of everything to the moon, why not put mortick's brace back in the game so it would open up a bunch of options? #stillsalty #neverforget
MusiCover on 13. Oct. 2017.
So afterall IK6R4 is all around best build for Barb this Season ?
Boyce on 13. Oct. 2017.
Hey Chainer,let me ask this again, do you still need to have a mouse with a spinning wheel that keeps spinning for quicker charges with the charge build?
John on 13. Oct. 2017.
Cool to see you back @chainer1988 , we have missed you in the Diablo community :)
jbenkidu on 13. Oct. 2017.
Nice vid lots info ty chainer
Drachnid on 12. Oct. 2017.
I always miss your streams :(
henrik brandt on 12. Oct. 2017.
good to see u again :D :D
Epix Pc on 12. Oct. 2017.
Ayy le phukn mao! Welcome back.
m3ta1he4d on 12. Oct. 2017.
Yeah boi
TheTehMaster on 12. Oct. 2017.
*TMW you play so much barbarian that you become one* Glad you're back chainer. Can't wait for incoming videos. Please talk next time about the leapquake build and the slam that got buffed too!
c Milner on 12. Oct. 2017.
Haven't done a charge build for a long time so looking forward to give it a go
Steve Hash on 12. Oct. 2017.
Yess they did 118 with WW but got nerfed after that but should do 116-117 still.. Why do you use the strong arm bracers with WW slander and rough?, does it have knock back?
David Bong on 12. Oct. 2017.
The barb king is back! Subscribed and looking foward for the build details and also Mote build since I just love seismic slam.
Laurent Chabrier on 12. Oct. 2017.
Good to see you back :)
Attila Hajós on 12. Oct. 2017.
good to see you Chainer!!