Squadron Live! The Squadron Variety Hour | Heroes of the Storm

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Uploaded: 10 Jun 2017 Likes: 215
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TrulyEpicnessofLife on 12. Jun. 2017.
moonfire sounds like mewn farez :(
John Amber on 12. Jun. 2017.
If they are spider butts, why do they turn into blue gems when you kill a red spider? these are the things that keep me up at night.
matt troxler on 11. Jun. 2017.
watching this video was confusing....not because of the PoV issues, but because you guys were saying matthew/matt a lot XD i was "huh? wassup?"
FrontierStar on 11. Jun. 2017.
need more Nubkeks plz <3 ^_^
MacMeaties on 10. Jun. 2017.
The most important thing I will take away from this stream is the mental image of Malf giving Tyrande a big, messy facial.
Cryoshark on 10. Jun. 2017.
Honestly though: How a hero is categorized should matter for matchmaking only. If a person thinks just because it looks like a warrior it has to be a real tank, than that is his/her fault. I honestly don't think those lables do anything good for the game, as they will not give anything to the player (right now) or limit the way you can design heroes.
Kevin Wu on 10. Jun. 2017.
is actually really sad that new squadron member dont do spine of friendships
Random Dude on 10. Jun. 2017.
Nubkeks is bae kappa.
CalciumChief on 10. Jun. 2017.
Hammer might have generic talents, but Tyrael is just bad. His talents are so underwhelming, or need you to die to use your trait. Also Xul needs some touches. We have Malfurion and Mathael with reduced healing at level 7 and Varian at level 13 (all of which are either AoE, or AA), but Xul has that at level 20.
Shihon Kaerie on 10. Jun. 2017.
I was so happy to see nubkeks with them :D He and the squadron are my fav heroes content creators
SirVival 1410 on 10. Jun. 2017.
kiye, the moonfire build isnt a Bad build at all ... i called it the FUCKING MALFURION Build , it represents how AWESOME and handsome Malfurion is . He killed Archimonde with a trillion of sperms, isnt this Great?! :D tbh , its the only build i play and i destroy enemies with spamming W
Blake thesteak on 10. Jun. 2017.
that dragonball theme at 9:56
Sean Smith on 10. Jun. 2017.
Boltz on 10. Jun. 2017.
hell scream for next hero
Angie León on 10. Jun. 2017.
horspants is in scuadron now?, cool
Bjorn Reyes on 10. Jun. 2017.
2nd comment
TGN Squadron on 10. Jun. 2017.
Before switching to Pally's POV be warned, he had some bad internet issues halfway in, Horsepants is using his POV for the last two games of the stream.