StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void Full Movie - All Cutscenes and Cinematics HD Ultra Gameplay 1080p

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Jānis Prūgers on 27. Nov. 2015.
Blizard games newer sez to amez with wwery nice cinematics :)
CJ Range (Cjrtwin) on 26. Nov. 2015.
My Life For Aiur!!!
apenz09 on 26. Nov. 2015.
thank you for uploading this.
dukky fuzz on 26. Nov. 2015.
Great job and thanx for the upload
Wilson Godoy on 26. Nov. 2015.
Starcraft, a game for someone who like to shatter crystals too damm much
Pongsapak Vanichrundorn on 26. Nov. 2015.
52:46 (SPOILER) HE ALIVE! WOOO! Edit : Kind of...
lorresml on 26. Nov. 2015.
...Alarak = Darth Vader... Kerrigan = Jean Grey .... Artanis = Luke ... Rayonr = Solo ...
Pongsapak Vanichrundorn on 26. Nov. 2015.
45:30 That's an... alternative way of anger management.
nisx2012 on 26. Nov. 2015.
"I made a deal with the devil, Jimmy" them feelings when i heard that
Austin Argosino on 26. Nov. 2015.
Kaldalis should have been in the game. ;^;
Corvo Attano on 26. Nov. 2015.
blizzard just really make the best cinematics
Pent Shepard on 26. Nov. 2015.
Lol new era for terran dominion between an emperor and a military general.... In real life it's called dictatorship... Oh well other than that good video XD XD Love Protoss and their ideals!!
Ahmaurnamu on 26. Nov. 2015.
Hmm so whatever happened to that zerg brood that Kerrigan lost contact with on HotS? You know the one where she planted a chestbuster on the female protoss getting recalled by one of the ships of the golden armada was it? Also I was hopping for an infested Tychus but then again Jim shot his head off. And damn I wasn't expecting Zeratul to become one with the force that day. Now how the hell are they gonna find pieces of him to fit in a dragoon (sarcasm)? Seriously though it was a blast! Will miss this....
thesnowmn2 on 26. Nov. 2015.
ty for this man its epic and epic and a bit epic and id like to state for the RAcord its epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!Thank you for taking the time to do this
FractionOfThUniverse on 26. Nov. 2015.
Every time i hear a protoss speak, it's as if they sniff their own fart while speaking and being overwhelmed with pathos.
Reirainsong on 26. Nov. 2015.
The very last slide that implies that a benevolent cosmic force manifests itself throughout the universe means that most likely, Sarah is still a transcendent being who personally came to take Raynor to whatever Space Valhalla she now rules over, as opposed to the possibility of her losing her power and retaining human form, or this entire encounter being an alcohol-induced hallucination.
manitou3331 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Rohana is hawt
Fluttershy Bro on 26. Nov. 2015.
That ended so well, Zeratul will be missed.
Tobias Warneflo on 26. Nov. 2015.
That ending made no sense what so ever, and now my brain hurts just thinking about it.
Nimrod Zaguri on 25. Nov. 2015.
wow, this is an amazing story!
Johnathan Murphy on 25. Nov. 2015.
Zeratul walked "Alone" into the Xel Naga Caverns which was infested with high level zerg and foundout what he needed to know, killed a ton of zerg,... went 1v1 vs The Queen of Blades.....and lived to tell about it. I have no doubt he could have made a serious battle out of this fight but chose to save the up and coming hero Artanis instead. He knew Artanis and his brave leadership was the future along with the Keystone. What a brave sacrifice.
GB9J on 25. Nov. 2015.
Jim and Sarah end up together ? Thank youuuuu ^_^ I can die happy now :)
juan camilo maccone on 25. Nov. 2015.
gana dinero aqui
Kassyni Savior on 25. Nov. 2015.
I'm 80% through but the repetitive gameplay where you destroy a certain number of this and that to active this and that got to me. That and the script got cheesier and cheesier with every mission. I ended up skipping every freaking discussion and cinematic to avoid the childish script.
commander14 Ofguardandthieves on 25. Nov. 2015.
give A BIG salute !!!!!
YLeng23 on 25. Nov. 2015.
GREAT STORY!!!! frome SC1 - 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of all GREAT ENDING!!!! kudos to Blizzards.
Eisen fell on 25. Nov. 2015.
Great Cut-together , just shows all i want and nothing i don't, thumbs up
shingofan on 25. Nov. 2015.
So...Kerrigan is Jean Gray now?
Danny Kim on 25. Nov. 2015.
Thanks you so much. my computer couldn't handle ultra and i didn't want to experience it in anything less of that quality. You have made me very happy. My life for Auir.
Fuuton on 25. Nov. 2015.
im salty as fuck that zeratul died :(
Andrei Dante on 25. Nov. 2015.
They will continue the series of starcraft 2?
Khouri AS on 24. Nov. 2015.
@ 3:18:30 Jim is thinking, "wait, i can still use your mouth"
Rig Explosion on 24. Nov. 2015.
jim fucked kerry. had a child that is a xel naga breed and destroyed the world. sc3 here I come :)
guy manitoba on 24. Nov. 2015.
although Protoss is playable race in this part, but i still think Karrigan and Raynor are main characters of this story. look at the ending!
inkilass on 24. Nov. 2015.
Dialog in this game was so bad. It feels like game is schooling you on every cutscene it gets.
David Jung on 24. Nov. 2015.
Damn I get goosebumps everytime Zeratul says My Life for Aiur. The whole battle between Artanis and Zeratul is so epic.
Karl Mark on 24. Nov. 2015.
I totalLy expect that in the end, Kerrigan turning into a tinker belL. Lmao
SIMM0 on 24. Nov. 2015.
Worst ending to the best game
Rolomir Fenrir on 24. Nov. 2015.
To the people who say Starcraft ripped off Warhammer, actually Warhammer ripped off Starship Troopers, no not the movie.
Kyle Baker on 24. Nov. 2015.
Alarak's voices and words remind me of Q from Star trek, example 2:07:42
Jake O'Hare on 24. Nov. 2015.
And my best choice as faction goes to the UED... wait.... not even a note about them in the whole of SC2 i know the UED are the terrans buts stilll the United Earth Directorate anyways, Protoss aree my Brotoss good story blizz
Nick U on 24. Nov. 2015.
How much of a bad ass can Jim be...? - Mentor/Friend to the Terran Dominion Admiral (Matt). - (Probably) the behind the scene advisor to the Emperor (Valerian). - To be called "Friend (more like brothers in arms)", and offered handshake by the Hierarch of the United Protoss (Artanis). - Should be able to call the Hierarch of Protoss for help if he needs, and ask Hierarch to bring the Spear of Adun with him. - Pretty much the only human worthy to the mentor of the Hierarch(Zeratul) 's full trust. - Fought alongside with some of the legendary warriors in the history of Protoss (Tassadar, Fenix). - Flirts with the Queen of the Blades (Leader of an entire race, and capable to wipe out the universe.), and does well at it. - One out of only three person(beings) in the universe to witness the ascendance of Xel'Naga. The other two were pretty much gods. - Boyfriend of the Xel'Naga. - Former sherif of Mar Sara. The only one that can sort of come close is Master Chief.
RealityBoy101 on 24. Nov. 2015.
When Zeratul stood up to Artanis in that scene, for a good ol' shake of the hands, I immediately thought, *"Man, this guy needs a chiropractor!"*
poeciloteria on 24. Nov. 2015.
Alarak reminds me of Vincent Price
Techno_Jellyfish on 24. Nov. 2015.
That whole thing reminded a mass effect. Awesome though (even that I ve never played SC2)
Ralph Suñer on 24. Nov. 2015.
Now this is what ive been lookin for a cjnematic + in-game deserve a hundreds of likes niggah :D
jpogi gtxcr1 on 24. Nov. 2015.
I was hoping to see a scene of the new fenix (or at least his memories) meet with jim again.
MarKreations Studios on 24. Nov. 2015.
How did you do the protoss voice?
bonteaux on 24. Nov. 2015.
This is so awesome that you did this :D