StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 12] - Celestial Array

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PersuAsian on 25. Nov. 2015.
Auto-cast Graviton Beam ? ? ? OPIEOP or at least EASYEZ
PersuAsian on 25. Nov. 2015.
"It's like the Diet Coke of Fenix..." #metaphorlosiphy2015
Jesse Allen on 25. Nov. 2015.
Damn, I swear, this one is an episode straight out of 'ghost in the machine" and the protoss are now asking "do we have... a soul?"
Arche Knight on 23. Nov. 2015.
Deadpwner99 , The undead master on 22. Nov. 2015.
oh if he goes crazy throw him in a tube with rohana i aint got time fo dat -jesse cox 2015
Deadpwner99 , The undead master on 22. Nov. 2015.
wait so mecha fenix (my name for new fenix) only knows wat happened during his zeaot life oh no oh dear god fuck i loved that fenix the one before
K0sm1cKid, SWIMlovesyou on 22. Nov. 2015.
Fenix was always the greatest Protoss out there so I could care less if this is the real Fenix or not. I am just glad to see him back. :P
diablogate on 21. Nov. 2015.
The power of shift clicking!
Eric Sebena on 21. Nov. 2015.
"Warriors! Pull back from the enemy base!" : Jesse charges in and is surprised that the enemy has a base there...
Eric Sebena on 21. Nov. 2015.
*sigh* Jesse, Jesse, Jesse... All in a tither about whether or not Fenix is real, and yet in a game designed solely around what it means to be alive, you don't give a fuck. That's sad.
Cannibox on 21. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, i'll summarize it as such: Fenix 2: Rise of the Fenix
Yassir Awldebenali on 21. Nov. 2015.
i am hapy that blizard brought back some of my favorite caracters and that is stukov and now fenix
Gilberto Tabares on 20. Nov. 2015.
think of it this way Jesse, giant alien badass in a giant alien war machine, awesome. whiney little dickhead from canada in the mechanized corpse of some random woman, lame. at least Fenix is aware he's in a robot and doesn't care
Yenastuundepaspris55 on 20. Nov. 2015.
( 27:54 ) Why does he **always** fail to make his units RETREAT ? He 'does' know it's a thing that he can do, right ?'s frustrating and stupid, honestly.
Bryan Lew on 20. Nov. 2015.
do phnix have autocast in the Multiplayer now too?
kootiepatra on 20. Nov. 2015.
zoltansaged on 20. Nov. 2015.
fenix wasn't felled by Kerrigan, he was killed by spawn broodling :D
MelonCans on 20. Nov. 2015.
SMALL LOAN OF A MILLION DOLLARS ARMY REPESENT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'$' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'$' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'$' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'$'
danbaryosef dby on 20. Nov. 2015.
"fenix 2 : electric boogalo" this might have been the best thing jesse said in years
blastmadness on 20. Nov. 2015.
...hold on. This giant space station has been lost for countless thousands of years in a place incredibly hostile to basic matter. Artanis uses a one-of-a-kind ship and what appears to be a one-of-a-kind artifact to get there, and it's an amazing accomplishment...except that immediately afterwards not one but two enemy armies show up?! HOW? Is it ever explained how this Ulnar place went from "impossible to find" to "actually quite easy to find and get to" in the blink of an eye?
Hereticus on 20. Nov. 2015.
Jessie took Fenix' return way better then I did. Blizz has a nasty habit of never letting characters die (staying dead) and this absence of a loss takes away from the story experience. SPOILER: Next Starcraft story Zeratul is a Jedi-Ghost guiding Nova and just because we never saw the body.... Tychus FIndlay will return! Blizz has got to stop bringing back characters and get in the habit of giving us brand new characters, I know they can do it!
LeonSylon on 20. Nov. 2015.
*reads the first two comments* *notes again that it's a stupid idea to read the comments before watching the video* :|
Maldreyn on 20. Nov. 2015.
So is Fenix now Robocop?
Zemas on 20. Nov. 2015.
am i the only one who noticed that when we first got to the solar core on the spear of adun and was told it ran on solarite Artanis said that the protoss haven't used solarite in millenia, but in this mission he said they use it in their warp prisms o_o
Knutwig on 19. Nov. 2015.
he learned about rally points AND the hotkey for warpgates? .... my little Jesse is becoming an adult :')
Bar0n970 on 19. Nov. 2015.
Do the Pheonixes automatically trigger the lift ability now?
derek miller on 19. Nov. 2015.
I came for the reaction, I am not disappointed.
ImrazorZodd on 19. Nov. 2015.
Bercea Catalin on 19. Nov. 2015.
Fenix's return reminds me of Davian Thule from Dawn of War after he became a Juggernaut.
Tzilandi on 19. Nov. 2015.
It's a fake Fenix. It's... Faunix!
Bolu2392 on 19. Nov. 2015.
Yay command queues!
Kevin Lefebvre on 19. Nov. 2015.
Doesn't anyone stay dead any more?
villumouse on 19. Nov. 2015.
i loved it when Jesse made some Z-men at 30:17 .
Josh Phillips (Phipps) on 19. Nov. 2015.
i dont know if you read these, but with zealots i found i would change them constantly depending on what i thought the mission would need, with all the other units i just found one choice and stuck with it. and i will tell you that the energizer for the sentry increases your damage output by a very large amount, the attack speed increase is amazing.
Morten Pedersen on 19. Nov. 2015.
The diet coke :D
korrul on 19. Nov. 2015.
I love Fenix, I want Fenix in Hots, but this... Yeah, I get Jesse. Though, I love like conversations exactly matched your feelings. It's well written (and Blizz tends to be a little sloppy in that regard... *cough* Kerrigan *cough* )
Marc Nielsen on 19. Nov. 2015.
I hate Jesse's stance on "mind replication". FYI Jesse if you read this, you get a cool conversation with Fenix about Raynor if you retrieve him on Glacius before going to Korhal.
Slaschur on 19. Nov. 2015.
I love how they hit the nail on the head of how we all react to Fenix's return.
verycasualgamer on 19. Nov. 2015.
Damn computer conundrums.
justin canu on 19. Nov. 2015.
Fenix 2: electric boogaloo, that or he just nobly sacrifices himself like every other bloody Protoss.
invaderzam on 19. Nov. 2015.
Well, if Fenix ever makes it to the Heroes of the Storm, he can be 3 separate champions. Zealot Fenix, Dragoon Fenix, Purifier Fenix. There should be another one where Fenix is riding a... Phoenix. Heck maybe we can even have an all Fenix team.
berkebus on 19. Nov. 2015.
OH THERE'S SO MANY THINGS HERE *army is getting wrecked* OH THIS WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA TEAM *army is nearly destroyed* Well, now they're all dead. *army cries in protoss heaven*
mrspidey80 on 19. Nov. 2015.
First Stukov, now Fenix... Doesn't anyone stay dead anymore??
Eragon Trible on 19. Nov. 2015.
ahhhhh Jesse descends down to us casuals by starting to use hotkeys we're not worthy Jesse we're not worthy......
arnoldovicus on 19. Nov. 2015.
11:42 Boba Fett, anyone?
jbz3 on 19. Nov. 2015.
[spoiler alert] This is actually why I felt more sad when Baemax was rebuilt.[/spoiler]
jbz3 on 19. Nov. 2015.
You have reason to be kinda happy, because we got fenix back, kinda.
MikePhantom on 19. Nov. 2015.
i lvoe how recently jesse is bombarded with the clone ai connundrum. hope jesse finaly comes to the conclusion there is not black and white view on this like his. seriously if i ever transfer my concious to a robot i will never get near jesse, im afraid he would even attempt to shut me down.
Nick Baynes on 19. Nov. 2015.
See, instead of trying to play both sides, this is how Soma should have did its "brain in a vat" story. It should have picked a side and tried to deal with the emotional and moral problems with that side instead of saying that those robots were human and shouldn't be killed while at the same time saying that they were just robots so its OK if they were killed.
Markis2bi4 on 19. Nov. 2015.
Shizzle just got SOMA up in this hizzle, yo!