StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 13] - The Infinite Cycle

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Craig Gomes on 27. Nov. 2015.
Who is the great betrayer????
Spoon Fairy on 26. Nov. 2015.
I don't know much about the lore, but why is Kerrigan shooting handlazers as if she was emperor Palpatine?
Wickerrman on 26. Nov. 2015.
...and so Kerrigan's Q goes unused :(
Darksilk01 on 25. Nov. 2015.
For some reason this reminds me of Stargate
DangerousDetlef on 25. Nov. 2015.
I don't know about you guys but I'm getting massive Mass Effect (pun intented!) vibes here. Xel'naga - Leviathan. Endless Cycle - The Harvest. Not that this is a bad thing, I like this end of the universe stuff. I'm just noticing many similarities here.
Kreamcroque on 24. Nov. 2015.
So noone was wondering why Kerry was there? Or how
D3Soil on 24. Nov. 2015.
So.. why can't Artanis warp around like that in Heroes of the Storm.. :P
Romie Rom on 24. Nov. 2015.
i ship vorazun and artanis =3
AzuriteT3 on 23. Nov. 2015.
the imagery in this game is suspiciously Diablo-esque.
halsti99 on 22. Nov. 2015.
how can they shoot a laser down into the chambers?! and how can there be people allready on floor 3 if they were still locked out of it before?! :D
diablogate on 21. Nov. 2015.
Kinetic blast does a ton of damage and I didn't see you use it once.
Daniel Rydberg on 21. Nov. 2015.
Man, totally disappointed that you didn't speak more to Fenix during this episode! :)
Eric Sebena on 21. Nov. 2015.
Zerg+Protoss=Very ugly babies.
Orissan on 21. Nov. 2015.
24:06 I see a little Legion symbol in the bottom right, spinning around the orb.
Aurondarklord on 21. Nov. 2015.
Well technically, Kerrigan is both Zerg AND Terran, so perhaps the humans weren't entirely left out.
Tasty Cinnamon on 20. Nov. 2015.
I love watching Jesse playing starcraft again :)
Yenastuundepaspris55 on 20. Nov. 2015.
( 21:34 ) I'm starting to see some ''let's poop on Terrans A LOOOOOOOT!'' vibes, from the whole Xel'naga nonsense-thing... Getting a 'little' bit annoyed, I must confess... -_- They *better* come up with something ''great and interesting'' FOR the Terrans soon, otherwise the game with fail mightily in many respects.
teoteous on 20. Nov. 2015.
I personally wouldn't have minded waiting longer if LotV was a full length game. And as a human I want increased human roles in this game.
TeyX4ever on 20. Nov. 2015.
En taro Zeratul! Und lara khar!
Richard Gaze on 20. Nov. 2015.
Kerrigan does have a q ability right, i mean its right there, right?
Chris Cruz on 20. Nov. 2015.
How come all void monsters have tentacles? Are they based off of Cthulhu or something? Lore Nerds Assist Me!!
OnnaKonna on 20. Nov. 2015.
Behold the ultimate evil Amon has wrought: A CLIFFHANGER ENDING! Muahahahaa!
Blackguy610 on 20. Nov. 2015.
Still watching this waiting for the next part. Any day now would be nice. No pressure but any day now.
coregoon on 20. Nov. 2015.
The *"Two Destined Races"* schtick seems a bit ... Eh, I don't like it. Smells heavily of retcon. Heck, if the Xel'Naga hadn't pushed too far too fast, when uplifting the Protoss, they wouldn't have had a reason to uplift/create the Zerg in the first place! The whole reason the Zerg are around is because the Xel'Naga failed with the Protoss.
Steven Benzik on 20. Nov. 2015.
your fan steven
Steven Benzik on 20. Nov. 2015.
hi Jessie I have a big big favore I need u to find out what is going on with husky starcraft he hasn't uploaded anything in almost a year I know u r friend with him so subs u could put this in it next q and a or just let me know thanks it fan steven
Eric Mclaughlin on 20. Nov. 2015.
I am surprised Jesse hasn't noticed that that Tassadar in SC and Ancient Xel'naga are both voiced by Micheal Dorn aka Worf from star trek.
GarredHATES on 20. Nov. 2015.
Should have known the Xel'Naga would be H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu beings. seems alot of stories today are associating ancient beings with it in some way.
Tallen Smith on 20. Nov. 2015.
NO SPOILERS, or I swear... but if they pull out "The only thing that can beat Amon is purity of heart... Humans... and raynors love for kerrgan" ima kill someone. Also, as someone who loves sc2 to death... cliche. The maguffin device is maguffy, and Mass Effect has the creators upbringing civilizations with its followers creating a new host for the new creators that plan on ending existence... Sorry Blizz, but Mass Effect man...
jbz3 on 20. Nov. 2015.
The protoss communicate via power ranger nod.
RummerChan on 20. Nov. 2015.
Jesse gets pissed at mission ending where it did, then ends episode so we all rage too >:( FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
A Space Butterfly on 20. Nov. 2015.
Tfw you come back after a day and no new Starcraft ;_;
RonnocFroop on 20. Nov. 2015.
"One character is the optimal amount of characters for me in this game." I know how you feel buddy. There's a reason I refuse to play anything but heroes in siege maps.
mikepro100 on 20. Nov. 2015.
So between like 24:00 and 24:06, on the right side of the screen there are some spheres going around a bigger sphere and the first two that you see have Zerg and Protoss symbols in them, and then the spheres close. BUT THEN there is another sphere with a Legion Symbol from WoW!!! Join Universes Confirmed?!?!?
protoss prelate on 20. Nov. 2015.
Gustavo Kaplon (GK) on 20. Nov. 2015.
Banelings, banelings, banelings oh. Do you guys remember when Husky made videos?
Michelle Peterson on 20. Nov. 2015.
JESSE! You need to do a follow up on Fran Bow. Maybe even with sgs?
Gamasix on 20. Nov. 2015.
hehe, if you check the acheivement he receive at the end, there is a fourth one "Legacy of the void: normal" Jesse completed the campaign. Its over, wait for fourth and last expention.
Black6Blue Studios on 20. Nov. 2015.
God Damn It Jesse post more
Zemas on 20. Nov. 2015.
Anyone else wondering how Kerrigan found this place ?
Professor Bright on 19. Nov. 2015.
Hoping for a Xel'naga pyramid scheme. "Now if you each get two other ascended races to join us in the temple..."
William Watson on 19. Nov. 2015.
Brutalyte616 on 19. Nov. 2015.
C'mon Jesse, you're killing me here. It's already been 17 hours and you left us on a massive cliffhanger.
XfStef on 19. Nov. 2015.
is it just me or are terrans the purity of form part ?!?! I think that is going to be a plot twist, the fact that the zerg are actually a lot more ancient than both humans and protoss ... just sayin'
Michael Kaganovich on 19. Nov. 2015.
So Kerrigan has been fighting those monstrosities for days and as it looks like it, multiple at once. Dang she is strong.
CalzDK on 19. Nov. 2015.
Holy Shit at the ending!!!!
Archaon on 19. Nov. 2015.
Im so annoyed that Vorazun keeps whining about Zeratul
C Johnston on 19. Nov. 2015.
Damm! -Jessy Cox 2015
SARGIEAN on 19. Nov. 2015.
6:02 - could not stop laughing out loud for a good 20 seconds. Just imagining Jesses face like 8-0
charlie otero on 19. Nov. 2015.