StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 14] - Harbinger of Oblivion

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Uploaded: 20 Nov 2015 Likes: 1939
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Matthew Nitsch on 27. Nov. 2015.
I love how difficult he thinks this gets to be and is amazed at how fast the darkness is spreading. He should try playing it on hard just to see how easy this level is on normal cuz this is nothing.
Agostino Vecere on 25. Nov. 2015.
without offence but your voice is too loud
Alexandru Ionescu on 23. Nov. 2015.
"You are unworthy of my conversation" Best metaphorical cock-blocker ever.
skybadass951 on 22. Nov. 2015.
The motivation of Alarak is explained in the short story 'Ascension' on the Starcraft website. It is scummy of Blizzard I find that they hide these story details in short stories and don't market these stories. Or perhaps I missed them. I only discovered these short stories through the Starcraft launcher.
117Fatality on 22. Nov. 2015.
You spend aeons on building up a goodworking base, then proceed to do nothing with the bazillions of minerals you have. With a bigger and more upgraded army you could have done sooooooooo much....
LowPub on 22. Nov. 2015.
I wonder if protoss can drink water somehow. 'Cuz, Alarak is sounding kinda parched.
rancorpoodoo on 21. Nov. 2015.
you do realize that you have new assignments for ranged and dark templars,
Argedon on 21. Nov. 2015.
It worries me that both you and Totalbiscuit played Starcraft for YEARS and still don't know how to quickly warp units in without clicking every single step..... Then again, you even do the same for pylons.. dear lord. Listen here Jesse: first click on the unit you want to warp in, then PRESS AND HOLD SHIFT and click as many times as you want to warp your unit in. DONE.
Slaschur on 21. Nov. 2015.
3:53 Exactly what I thought when I got to that bit: "Well, that happened..."
Hercule Pyro on 21. Nov. 2015.
Dammit Jesse you missed some upgrades! Ranged and cloaked units could get a third form!
Pienimusta on 21. Nov. 2015.
Use nexus' C at start to get more probes and build more warpgates if you have over 2k crystals laying around
Eric Sebena on 21. Nov. 2015.
I was on board until the Cthulu monsters that created all universes were killed... and from there, things have just gotten more bizarre...
Jaden Nguyen on 21. Nov. 2015.
Here are some things with purifiers I would like you to consider Jesse: 1. You forgot to check the purifier version of some of your units 2. Sentinels can't just keep reviving 3. You should try Artanis in Heroes of the Storm and his purifier skin, It looks badass :D
Richard Gaze on 21. Nov. 2015.
You can get the vessels and do the achievements by being better is what i would imagine.
Gadget Freehan on 21. Nov. 2015.
I shrieked when Jesse said "We did it, reddit!"
Android 19 on 21. Nov. 2015.
so, assuming this has 25 missions like the last one, we are now over half way done and Rohana, this skilled and greatly wise war adviser from a long-gone age, has offered nothing but racism and possessed ramblings this entire time. Just... why?
MylittlePWNie12 on 21. Nov. 2015.
I love Alarak already. He literally was like: Vorazun: You think we're irrelevant! Alarak: Yes I do. But that is not important right now.
Bruno M (ThePervertedOne) on 21. Nov. 2015.
i seem to only get a black screen...hhhmm
warriorfire8103 on 21. Nov. 2015.
............when Jessie was "defending" his base. Did anyone think "...Jessie....what the fuck are you doing?" "whoops being attacked, better build structures directly in front of hybrids and a group of infantry"
Anthony Cupero on 21. Nov. 2015.
iam hoping there going to be an epic tzp v a
Draeckon on 21. Nov. 2015.
This is one of missions where not having Artanis on the field as a hero unit kind of irks me. Artanis: VOID ENERGIES ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL, FIGHT HARD TEMPLAR! KERRIGAN! Now don't mind me, I'll just sit in the Nexus and twiddle my thumbs. I'm with you in spirit! His abilities would have made him very useful in pushing for the crystals. And since it's a base mission, just do what HotS did: if he 'dies', his suit has an emergency warp-in feature that takes him back to base, so he can heal up and be back on the field in a few minutes.
Kyle Engelhart (ZznoonzZ) on 21. Nov. 2015.
I like Alarak, then again, I like Amon's nihilistic outlook.
J.A.Ratt85 on 21. Nov. 2015.
JESSE!! There were new units available for more than just the pheonix, the DT and Dragoon had new ones. By the way.. DON'T STAND IN YOUR STORMS!! It kills your own guys too.
emptank on 21. Nov. 2015.
Matriarch: Do you think us fools? Alarak: Yes, but that's irrelevant I love Alarak and what Blizzard did to the Tal-darim, in Wings of Liberty they were total wimps always complaining about big bad Raynor stealing all their precious stuff, now they're Protoss Sith Lords
xanroth on 21. Nov. 2015.
so, does Jesse ever notice that the zerg are the same ones he chose in heart of the swarm?
Alva Mao on 21. Nov. 2015.
you are horrible at this game
Braden Wilson on 21. Nov. 2015.
I have NO idea how anyone could get those side objectives -Has 2000 minerals -Is facepalming
ManBearPig Piggu on 21. Nov. 2015.
Jesse is such a fleppin legend! Love these playthroughs! It is clear to me that if the Coxinator was a Protoss he would at least be an executor!
Andrew Forrest on 20. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, that isn't John DeLancy, lol. He isn't listed in the IMDb for this game and it isn't listed on his page either.
Char's Zaku Mk.II on 20. Nov. 2015.
omegered its John de Lancie ! As Alarak ! Wooooooooooooh!
nateyj11 on 20. Nov. 2015.
"I just need to compliment Kerrigan's forces. Your wings look very pretty, zerglings."
J. Stewart on 20. Nov. 2015.
why is lil'probey not a shirt??
jordan king on 20. Nov. 2015.
I don't care what anyone thinks! That protoss character is actually Q messing around with everyone!
Jus10Ed on 20. Nov. 2015.
So what is Jesse doing in the thumbnail? He's Artanis denting the head of some squishy alien thing?
My Bäckaberg on 20. Nov. 2015.
I'm so sad that you gave up on witcher 3 (and you are the only youtuber I can stand) and even if you continue it now it feels like the moment is gone :(
MrSHADOWANGEL999 on 20. Nov. 2015.
poor terrans, while the zerg and protoss buddy up together they are still dead on korhal
Blackguy610 on 20. Nov. 2015.
Yes finally it's here.
Muck006 on 20. Nov. 2015.
Jesse you idiot ... stop philosophising and BUILD YOUR BASE (at the time of this rant - first crystal - he has 800 minerals and 1200 gas).
Zemas on 20. Nov. 2015.
Dunno how many missions Jesse already recorded but i really hope he notices that he has a new kind of ranged and cloaked warrior. i didn't notice immediately myself when i played but you can see them glowing when he was in the army customization thingy
Prickster on 20. Nov. 2015.
As much as I love you, Jesse...the amount of face palms I did for this video surmounts to your Psi Storm spammage. Still love ya, no homo.
Shaikan on 20. Nov. 2015.
Dayum, I was never a complete fan of Starcraft's story, was following it mainly becouse of my love for Kerrigan, but now things are starting to get interesting
Cthulhu on 20. Nov. 2015.
"Vorazun: You think us fools? Alarak: Yes...But that is irrelevant." Nice way to make Alarak cooler XD
Drathlan on 20. Nov. 2015.
Jergablurga MOAR! Man I really wish I wasn't broke, I would've already bought this, but you are my only hope Jessie! I'm definitely going to buy this sometime, but I'm so engrossed in the story, I just want to see more! Oh and thanks for multiple uploads per day and stuff, I need my Blizzard fix! :)
lala land on 20. Nov. 2015.
Pretty sure the Hive Five acheivement is a reference to the teen titans, but im not completely sure
MultiGK8 on 20. Nov. 2015.
to everyone asking he switched sides cause he feels Amon has betrayed the Tel'darim or whatever he still hates them, but he wants to use them to defeat amon, hes not a good guy its an "enemy of my enemy" type thing
Ghostly One on 20. Nov. 2015.
Crystal seller, I require your strongest pylons, I am going into battle.
verycasualgamer on 20. Nov. 2015.
<<You think us fools?>> <<Yes>> Oh Alarak.
Alexandrius Comnenus on 20. Nov. 2015.
Jesse don't forget to look at the new types of units from your earlier classes. There are new versions that even I don't know.