StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 19] - Templar's Charge

Creator: Jesse Cox Views: 35912
Uploaded: 25 Nov 2015 Likes: 1433
Patch: 1.0 Disikes: 12

Alex Martinovitch on 27. Nov. 2015.
star craft 3: wings of shield dude
Vodhr on 27. Nov. 2015.
I'd love to see some multiplayer maps like this! :D
Daniel Oberg on 26. Nov. 2015.
you need to do a music video on the prob song xD
Josef Persson on 26. Nov. 2015.
how is fenix/taladnar keeping an eye on alarak when alarak is on the bridge and fenix is in the solar core?
Aulis Vaara on 26. Nov. 2015.
How many missions are "destroy these 3 things" in this game? The other two had more variation, didn't they?
Cracklemere on 26. Nov. 2015.
0:56 - Alarak is Bane.
Caden McErlean on 26. Nov. 2015.
I'm with Jesse on this one. I was really looking forward to a ship defense mission where you had to defend the Spear of Adun and take different systems back so I could vaporize the Battlecruisers
Harmjan Berends on 26. Nov. 2015.
could the protoss whit the hat be a minister or any other position in the coferment ? can someone tell me ?
scout on 26. Nov. 2015.
Every time Jesse says proby all I can think of is a little baby McGee
disinformatique on 26. Nov. 2015.
Protoss are just Draenei in the past ;)
Joshua Keightley on 26. Nov. 2015.
Starcraft Heart of the Drone-a starcraft romance
verycasualgamer on 26. Nov. 2015.
Banshees can't attack air, thats why they didnt attack your carriers.
janick lilliedal on 26. Nov. 2015.
''PERISH IN FLAMES!'' famous last words as he perished in flames
lucas106mm on 26. Nov. 2015.
StarCraft III: Heart of the Winged Void Probe
jelly jams on 26. Nov. 2015.
great song jesse
MrPicklesAndTea on 26. Nov. 2015.
21:00 but... You were going to vaporize them from space Jesse... It was avoidable... And you could have used Fenix... And vaporized them again...
MrPicklesAndTea on 26. Nov. 2015.
I can just imagine how confused poor Karax is.
Olli Casey on 26. Nov. 2015.
My butt is so clenched at all the wasted solarite as it sits at 200.
V. Burn on 26. Nov. 2015.
30:55 the end of the song was so good and random, I had to spit out my drink because I had to laugh hard
Alpha0727 on 26. Nov. 2015.
I laughed so hard when the Battlecruisers went from fighting the Spear of Adun to warping right on top of 13 Carriers. The first Battlecruiser died right as it finished warping. I would have stayed with the Spear of Adun. At least there they could have stood a chance.
eBlaise on 26. Nov. 2015.
I'm surprised we had no elevator songs on that giant space-elevator he had his nexus on...
Jaden Nguyen on 26. Nov. 2015.
GEEZ, I forgot how powerful carriers are. Carriers = win
MadDany on 26. Nov. 2015.
OH GOD. Alarak's voice is golden. Even though the voice actor is almost 70, he (And a bit of computer stuff) can make his voice perfect for really awesome roles! Hope they make an Alarak skin for Artanis!
Nameless One on 26. Nov. 2015.
Well it is actually the third Moebius corp mission if you count the ones with Raynor.
Grey eques on 26. Nov. 2015.
Now they need to make a bonus mission where you play as all the main characters defending the solarite core.
RonnocFroop on 26. Nov. 2015.
At the beginning of the game Karax was all like "The Spear of Adun runs of Solarite?! It's so outdated that that stuff is hard to find!" Yet everything built by anyone, and even some creatures contain Solarite.
Markis2bi4 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Phase-smith: TFW your boss is giving you a job that you have NEVER done before, but make or break your plans...
Sasq Uatch on 26. Nov. 2015.
fucking use control groups
Thenas88 on 26. Nov. 2015.
just space beam them -> doesn't space beam them 200 energy :D love you Jesse
99bulldog on 26. Nov. 2015.
Karax is the hero we deserve but not the hero we need.
Markis2bi4 on 26. Nov. 2015.
*sitting here watching Artanis and Vorazun speak* ... Would you two just link "nerve endings" already!? The whole crew of the Spear of Adun are making bets, but everybody's getting tired of waiting already!!!
PurpleKangaroo4 on 26. Nov. 2015.
See, if I were the Terrans in this scenario, I would just do what I used to do back in the old Starcraft 1 days and just nuke myslef and all the carriers.
Sperium3000 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Jesse likes Artanis and Alarak's back and forth to Vulkans and Romulans, but to me, they give me a very strong Optimus Prime vs Megatron type deal. It helps that they have those buttery smooth deep voices. I want Alarak to go "YEEEEEES..."
Moe7133 on 26. Nov. 2015.
he still forgot the warp harmonization
David Martin on 26. Nov. 2015.
Juan Delacruz on 26. Nov. 2015.
um jesse I'm not sure if you know this but banshee's can't attack air units
Android 19 on 26. Nov. 2015.
is Jesse... unaware that Banshees can't shoot air?
Gustavo Kaplon (GK) on 26. Nov. 2015.
Hoot-Hoot Hire-arch
andromidius on 26. Nov. 2015.
I love how Alarak gives him the stink-eye as he walks away.
Nathan Austin on 26. Nov. 2015.
Jesse please try the vanguard version of the immortals. i promise you won't regret it.
Crayshack on 26. Nov. 2015.
30:35 Do I detect a new stupidly remixed Jesse song?
Blanca Ortiz on 26. Nov. 2015.
You know instead of sending your entire force every time. How's about splitting them up. Now see there's a logical idea. But it looks like you might not understand logic.
MrSHADOWANGEL999 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Alarak: Renegade for Life Artanis: Paragon till Death
The Inkster on 26. Nov. 2015.
"FEENIIIIIIX!!" Oh my god... Jesse is Sylvester Stallone.
Arturo Ramírez on 26. Nov. 2015.
Jesse cox and his lazy Mirage. Do I am the only one that noticed that Mirage didn't want to move fast?
Xados - on 26. Nov. 2015.
Also those little ships the carrier spawns are soooo cute!! ^0^
Xados - on 26. Nov. 2015.
Jonathon collects-men "I am the heart of looting shit"
Jonathan Yuill on 26. Nov. 2015.
Yay, now I'm part of Jessie's might protoss army
Mark Pontillas on 26. Nov. 2015.
what i like about jesse is he knows who important shield is for the protoss. not only it make your ground and air unit more resilient to attack, they also make your structure and probe survive more hits from enemy attack. yet most pro protoss player ignore this upgrade. imo shield easily is the most important upgrade for protoss, specially for those who love to do blink micro with their stalker.
BigDaddyInfinite on 26. Nov. 2015.
I said it once I'll say it again. Use your chrono boost on your production, just build units and don't wait till you have enough to put your buildings all to work, and use your abilities to defend!