StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 20] - Templar's Return

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l0rf on 27. Nov. 2015.
Starcraft has just been getting wackier and wackier and wierder and it's really annoying me.
Olav Lomeland on 27. Nov. 2015.
Wont new generations of Protoss be born with the nerve cords? I dont know much of biology and procreation but if two humans lose a set of fingers wont the baby they get still have all its fingers?
Daniel Oberg on 27. Nov. 2015.
you need to do a music video on the probe song from the previous episode
Jon_jon13 on 26. Nov. 2015.
I almost choked myself to death laughing at the moment Jesse said "Yaaay, nerd-warriors!!! It's like a battle-mage" No kidding, I'm still wiping my tears (from both coughing and laughing)
BlizzSheep on 26. Nov. 2015.
Artanis - We must save our people! Alarak - Nuke them from orbit! PULL THE LEVER!
Joshua Cooley on 26. Nov. 2015.
So when are we going to get them in hots?
enoughofyourkoicarp on 26. Nov. 2015.
I love the way that Alarak's most powerful ability is on the Q key.
J. Stewart on 26. Nov. 2015.
so.... artanis is thrall?? also ... glad to see q can still be just as much of a dick as he was in TNG
Scarx2gt on 26. Nov. 2015.
Whatever Alarak said... it sounded like "So fack Allah" lol...
Mr. D on 26. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, thank you for having the same opinion about FO4 like me. Thanks. Aaaaaaaaand subscribed :)
LightKnight14 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Happy Thanksgiving Jesse!
RomanGods1 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Vorazun and Alarak tottaly flirting... Protos OTP
Blissey1 on 26. Nov. 2015.
wait... Karax's phase field counts for the Spear's pylon speed boost ability? is that what I'm seeing here?
Kalmeath on 26. Nov. 2015.
Alarak is so the Imperium. Just burn the entire planet, yeah, that should do it.
Ben Neilson on 26. Nov. 2015.
'It's like a battle mage'. That quote made me laugh and think the amount of nerd that has gone into this series and I have loved it.
Ovenchicken on 26. Nov. 2015.
evan robertson on 26. Nov. 2015.
I want Alarak as a warrior in HOTS, with his big push ability as one ultimate and the laser beam of death as his second ult.
Giz Gaz on 26. Nov. 2015.
I love how Karax runs.
okdanhe on 26. Nov. 2015.
every mission seems the same, destroy these 3 or so things...
Avenged7X on 26. Nov. 2015.
Cox And Crendor??????? Its been like a month :D
Menny moto on 26. Nov. 2015.
So Aiur year is 1 cycle, as expected, nice detail.
John Quilaton on 26. Nov. 2015.
Who else ships alarak and artanis?
Mrlaged on 26. Nov. 2015.
I wonder how long its going to be before alarak shows up in heroes of the storm
Harvey Chesterfield on 26. Nov. 2015.
"You are now Templar" "Okay, but I'm basically still a phase-smith" "So you are, Templar Karax" "..." "With your unique skills and experience you will lead our armies to victory!" "Well I have robot arms and I suppose the production will be more efficient with me around..." "Would you like four psi-blades or just two, Templar Karax?" "If you think Templar are better, just say it already" And I love how transparently evil Alarak is. I'm going to be so surprised when he turns traitor/is manipulated by a greater evil, possibly in SC3.
Petretti on 26. Nov. 2015.
Its probably really easy in the end to animate the protoss screen thingies. Just make them nod in different directions thats all
Jc Gaming on 26. Nov. 2015.
Jessie his beam things repair not destroy xD
B I G-S I S T E R on 26. Nov. 2015.
"oh we are attackin this is trully a miracle :D!" - Alarak protoss of the year
QuatroXEspada on 26. Nov. 2015.
Use Reavers, I promise you, you won't care abou Colossi anymore.
SharpmanPrime01 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Jimmy deserves a win...Um...Yeah I'm keeping a tight lip on that.
Chris Carpenter on 26. Nov. 2015.
I think I remember Jesse's comment about Heroes going through phases (currently in Diablo/ancients battlefield thing(?)) So when they go into the Starcraft phase, I really hope we get all these guys as characters, Alarak and Karax in particular :D
GriffinSword on 26. Nov. 2015.
Come on jesse! You forgot to make an age of empires joke.... :D hululuuuu!
swagy swagger on 26. Nov. 2015.
Karax walks like a hipster
Chonicle2 on 26. Nov. 2015.
I really hope they do more missions revolving around alarak later on
Strong Back on 26. Nov. 2015.
I kinda dislike the fact that Artanis is rapidly dismantling his entire culture and yet nobody is challenging his rule. He reminds me how Thrall managed to make the Horde boring and bland with his green jesus powers.
TheKatamariguy on 26. Nov. 2015.
Nice seeing all the old Protoss units. All I want now is a return for the Reaver.
kiloneie on 26. Nov. 2015.
Im pretty sure Alarak is second only to the Queen of Blades by that demonstration of power ^,^...
WebOnion on 26. Nov. 2015.
26:22 Crystal FUCK around...
Peter Uhlenberg on 26. Nov. 2015.
Not even Carnot zerglings are as awesome as Karax's walk cycle.
wittyreviewer on 26. Nov. 2015.
I love missions where you control the heroes. Brings me back to the Warcraft 3 days
117Fatality on 26. Nov. 2015.
I thought they destroyed the warp network? How do they warp them aboard then?
Vancrox on 26. Nov. 2015.
Rohana:''I AM DONE BEING YOUR FUCKING WALKIE-TALKIE AMON!'' *cuts off nerve-cords*
RobertAniFreak on 26. Nov. 2015.
I seriously hope Alarak makes its way to Heroes of the Storm as second warrior That would be so awesome
Josh Sweetvale (Bonkers) on 26. Nov. 2015.
9:00 Hitting the nail RIGHT on the head... Jesse's foresight again....
Menejoda on 26. Nov. 2015.
Eyyy, Artanis! Your Rohanaphone is ringing again, it's your pal Amon, destroyer of worlds!
GamingBigChief on 26. Nov. 2015.
jeebus how big is the spear? i mean carriers and colossi can just waltz about... but then considering the last cinematic where it dwarfed battlecruisers... oof
mrspidey80 on 26. Nov. 2015.
Poor Amon just wants to be a real boy...
PhanttoM3D on 26. Nov. 2015.
Speaking of Fenix talking with Raynor - It's actually possible to do the mission that gets Fenix on board, BEFORE going off to Korhal and meeting Raynor.
dlollolb on 26. Nov. 2015.
"How does it feel to be a real templar Karax?" "Dude, i'm still a phasesmith. ok? blacksmith is a perfectly viable build, like, not everybody has to be a dps you know? like, just because i've specced into crafting talents and not damage talents doesn't mean i'm not just as good, ok? just because you're implemented multiclassing doesn't mean i HAVE to do it"
TheBuugar on 26. Nov. 2015.
RIP Op Carriers
MozilloGames on 26. Nov. 2015.
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how goofy Karax's walking animation is?