StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 21] - The Host

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luckymansogo on 29. Nov. 2015.
holy fucking shit just make a new army
ScDK on 29. Nov. 2015.
Well, Jesse, this went well until the very last few minutes... XD You should consider the importance of Warp Harmonization, and how it allows you to just drop a pylon at the frontlines and instantly throw in reinforcements where needed. And the old units are way better than they were for the other two campaigns. I went into this wanting to try out the Arbiters...and I was not disappointed. Dragoons, Vanquishers, Wrathwalkers and Carriers, all underneath an Arbiter's cloaking field, supported by Havocs, moving in a tight group, fighting off everything thanks to the range buff, stopping all incoming detectors and protecting the entire group that way. It wasn't until the very last shard that they managed to destroy the Arbiter(s) I had, but thanks to Warp Harmonization, just drop in more right next to them via pylon :D I may want to test this again and replace Carriers with Tempests and see how that +2 range works out with them. Really, the only thing limiting you at that poi
k01dsv on 29. Nov. 2015.
You are so bad xD You just completely stopped producing units at the end and didn't even use your powers when you saw you were losing your stuff?? =P
Terramagus on 29. Nov. 2015.
I like how the Destroyer of All Life gets fucking blasted from orbit and it 100% works.
Collin Horswill on 29. Nov. 2015.
wow, jesse is painfully bad
Jonathan Phan on 29. Nov. 2015.
omg i wanna see a starcraft 3 where amon is right the whole time and the xel'naga come in to kill everything
Philippe on 29. Nov. 2015.
my god Jesse is mentally challenged
John Pineda on 29. Nov. 2015.
Jesse Cox just A'dun what wants tA'dun
Ростислав Несисюк on 29. Nov. 2015.
1) He had 30 seconds left, for achievement 2) I was waiting for full Void rays army
pissedoffatyt on 28. Nov. 2015.
i love artosis pylons... @_@
Stanehable on 28. Nov. 2015.
Amon looks like insect version of diablo :P
Ansel Weisbeck on 28. Nov. 2015.
I suck at this game, I tried to play Whispers of Oblivion and accidentally walled out all of my Immortals with Pylons lol.
YouNoob573 on 28. Nov. 2015.
i feel like blizzard sends a secret message with LOTV amon represents the migrants and the terrorists and the protos represent europe and the native europeans ,jk probably not just unintentional.
szpinak222 on 28. Nov. 2015.
Holy Moly! I just noticed that Sunken Colony in 21:29. Haven't actually seen it while I was playing that mission o_O
Garff on 28. Nov. 2015.
Oh but the party has yet to begin just you wait and see.
partizannen1 on 28. Nov. 2015.
You will have so much trouble with the Epilogue, I can't wait for it
Sintakhra on 28. Nov. 2015.
I really want to watch TB Cast Jesse's gameplay some day.
TheWildmanden on 28. Nov. 2015.
Lore question: Are the probes machines or does they contain some sort of protoss soul? According to Fenix-bot the dragoons are controlled by dead protoss, so i was wondering if the same was the case with the probes
Haoseng Yang on 28. Nov. 2015.
I feel if you went all Void Rays you would've breezed through the level.
Brent Tillberry on 28. Nov. 2015.
Bob The Builder on 28. Nov. 2015.
13:40 Jesse channeling his inner White-Ra
Klanos on 28. Nov. 2015.
Looks like you drew Amon's Aiur! Get it? Ire? Aha... ahah... :(
Andrew Wilson on 28. Nov. 2015.
You, sir, are so very lucky to get that achievement.
KickingJoub on 28. Nov. 2015.
Anyone else think Artanis sounded like a complete whimp at the start? No? Okay, I'll just go into the shame corner of people who don't think the SC2 story is any good at all.
2dumd2live on 28. Nov. 2015.
"I return to surf" Lol
JohninMinecraft on 28. Nov. 2015.
so jesse dosnt seem to have understood that at the begining when karax said that they get stronger as time goes on, he wasnt kidding, i got both achievements by just rushing the first two pylons at like 80 supply
Obnoxious_Gamer on 28. Nov. 2015.
End of video: *lasers* *MORE lasers* *EVEN MORE F*CKING LASERS* *BIGGER LASERS* \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Amon's Host
MWBalls on 28. Nov. 2015.
Hey Jesse, bet those repairing cruisers would have come in handy on that mission.
Nogitsune on 28. Nov. 2015.
And here I am sitting here and asking where the hell the queen of blades fits into this. Guessing she will make an appearance next vid, but it's funny how in WoL it's all "She must live ermergurd!" and we saw her once just fighting Hybrid alone.
MrSHADOWANGEL999 on 28. Nov. 2015.
GG Jesse, GG
Bashus Scratch on 28. Nov. 2015.
watching jesse play this has been as excruciatingly painful as it has been hilarious.
ElusiaBoomkin on 28. Nov. 2015.
'saving up' does not let you build a bigger force, it actually makes your force smaller and weaker, because to have the same ammount of units you would have had at the same point, you'll have to put more resources into production buildings, then if you were constantly building your army as your funds allowed...the same thing applies to how much you queue stuff up, you're make yourself weaker.
Maja Gunna (BloodIvy) on 28. Nov. 2015.
Jesse you magical beast you... love these videos!
Juan Delacruz on 28. Nov. 2015.
one of the many mistakes i saw was when he didn't go for a mothership
cjuy on 28. Nov. 2015.
who thinks jessie might need a second try for the next mission? :T
Crae Z on 28. Nov. 2015.
that was...suspenseful
Chico Athalla on 28. Nov. 2015.
Xuhybrid on 28. Nov. 2015.
29:40 Didn't you just say you're going for those two shards to get the achievement? How can you forget so easily...
Charlieandp on 28. Nov. 2015.
Archimonde nooo the wisps!!!
Frontline Play on 28. Nov. 2015.
Did anyone else notice this is the exact same map from the Campaign in Starcraft one when Tassadar flies the carrier into the overmind?
AbsentiaeAddoAccendo on 28. Nov. 2015.
Woot woot
kravcio on 28. Nov. 2015.
13:38 Jesse employing Special Tactics
taenyftw on 28. Nov. 2015.
oh the clench in this thanks for making my morning
Tetsubo Joe on 28. Nov. 2015.
That couldn't have been more hilariously terrible if it was planned.
TheSpikeyMike on 28. Nov. 2015.
I wonder if Jesse realises he could've gotten the last achievement a lot easier if he hadn't wasted Fenix on the small army attacking his base.
TheTrueDeadFingers on 28. Nov. 2015.
Ah, here it is. My favourite and at the same time least favourite part of this campaign. That scene when you hit the launch button is a great touch, and the mission is pretty great too. But for the whole campaign I was wondering how Amon's host body would look like. A gigantic abomination made from the Overmind's carcass and hundreds upon hundreds of Protoss and Zerg's bodies made to act as the physical form of a godlike being? Man, I can't wait to see what kind of monste- Oh... It's just a retextured Hybrid... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? Are you trying to convince me that an arrogant bastard like Amon would not try to make his physical form as enormous and menacing as possible? They gave the Overmind a new, almost map-sized model just for its lifeless corpse. They created Zurvan, the biggest zerg (formerly) alive, for a mid-campaign boss battle. And they could not make a proper, unique model for Amon's host body? HE'S THE BIG BAD OF STARCRAFT'S WHOLE STORY! And yes, I kn
EliteVeyron on 28. Nov. 2015.
...Why...why wouldn't you kill two shards at the beginning, when they were weakest? Why, when you still had more than the last two left, did you consciously decide to wait to kill the last two, the most powerful two? I don't...I...why...?
Lewis257 on 28. Nov. 2015.
So who else was screaming 'use the specials' while he was attack the fourth void cluster? Also, did I see zerg with guns?
Richard Yuen on 27. Nov. 2015.
This episode clearly states how we watch for amusement and not his skills. Sorry Jesse! #JesseProblems
Raydeus on 27. Nov. 2015.
Reading the comments before watching the video it's obvious this episode provided proper amounts of butt clenching. XD Thing is, I much, much rather watch Jesse play and enjoy the game and the story (while also yelling at the screen when he screws up) than watching some pro-dude doing everything perfect, because those guys are usually boring as fuck to watch. But I guess that goes without saying.