StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 22] - Salvation

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Uploaded: 29 Nov 2015 Likes: 949
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luckymansogo on 29. Nov. 2015.
why u no build army
Deolrin on 29. Nov. 2015.
And to this day, Jesse never learned that he can control the purifier beam (to target more ships and not wander off to shoot random ground units)...
scanGfu on 29. Nov. 2015.
this mission looks so easy on normal xD
Guardias on 29. Nov. 2015.
Damn it Jesse, you ruined the moment -_-
vradarx on 29. Nov. 2015.
Was kinda hoping jesse didn't know about the prologue missions and would freak out thinking thats how it ended.
AXharoth on 29. Nov. 2015.
is it over? is it ooooooooover?
BR Collebrusco on 29. Nov. 2015.
Jesse - I think you should start playing more isometric games like STASIS, Fallout, Wasteland 2, etc... Just a suggestion. ;)
TheSpikeyMike on 29. Nov. 2015.
I hope the epilogue cuts back to Raynor and shows nothing but Terran getting shit on for 2 hours. That would make the ending perfect.
Matheus Mendes on 29. Nov. 2015.
Hopefully we'll see the epilogue chapter... SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!
Owen Curtis on 29. Nov. 2015.
Is this nearly finished?
Kapuchu on 29. Nov. 2015.
I don't hope this really was the end of LotV... If it was, then damn was it anticlimactic. Wings of Liberty we have the conclusion where Tychus reveals his "Deal with the devil" and attempts to kill Kerrigan, only for Jim to shoot him instead. In Heart of the Swarm, we see Kerrigan get her revenge is an epic display of power. Legacy of the Void... Amon goes "Blib!" and disappears, and before that Amon's physical form was just eradicated like it was nothing. I really hope there's just one or two more missions in this game, because otherwise... it'd be a bit boring imo. It's inferior to its predecessors, at least.
MJTH on 29. Nov. 2015.
I wonder if Jesse will go back and do a Wings of liberty playthrough, now that he has finish Legacy of the void.
Grizwold myl on 29. Nov. 2015.
Everything is dope eh? Jesse is really channeling his inner 16 year old XDD
Daniel Backlund on 29. Nov. 2015.
Selendis: "Without the Khala, what will we become?" Artanis: " 'Murica"
William Sharpe on 29. Nov. 2015.
And thus, blizzard coined the term "mass lobotomy."
Zukkor on 29. Nov. 2015.
So Amon is basically Space-Diablo.
Ceasius on 29. Nov. 2015.
I love the Templar formerly known as Fenix.
Raster1990 on 29. Nov. 2015.
I would like to see a Protoss rave party, they already got the crazy light show stuff going on.
Dullsmile on 29. Nov. 2015.
I'm curious if we will ever see the rest of SGS Soma play thru? I am assuming not :(.
colorfullvibesXD on 29. Nov. 2015.
paused at 37 secs rn, last vid... DID NO ONE NOTICE THE KEYSTONE GLOWING RED??!!
Nathan Cassidy on 29. Nov. 2015.
I might have to try the mothership now.
caos1925 on 29. Nov. 2015.
HAHAHAHA 16:25 "You guys can build more if you want." HAHAHAHA.
MonoKabi on 29. Nov. 2015.
30:00 So many resources in Void Rays, but as slow as they are, he can't leave them in the middle and expect them to help at all. Split 'em up and at least use some at all the access points!
Tnecniw on 29. Nov. 2015.
Artanis can't make a speech as good as James Raynor made in wings of liberty
austen s on 29. Nov. 2015.
message turns out to be yo bro still need some help
venomtail1 on 29. Nov. 2015.
En Taro Zeratul. My favorite character form the Starcraft lore.
bladske on 29. Nov. 2015.
Fasten your seatbelts for the ride into the shitpile that is the epilogue.
Pikmin Warlord on 29. Nov. 2015.
Jesse cox are you doing just the campaign or the prologue as well?
Bernard Henry on 29. Nov. 2015.
The thing is, the protons campaign is always the best written and they would make such great movies, GET ON IT!
TZCRK on 29. Nov. 2015.
I have a question: When will you finish Soma with Scary Games Squad? Havent seen that one in a while, and as far as I know this was not the end of the game.
argnator on 29. Nov. 2015.
Kerrigan is important because Feminism, obviously.
LightKnight14 on 29. Nov. 2015.
En taro little probey!!
The Harbo on 29. Nov. 2015.
Whelp. Good thing the Xel'naga are all dead. Their alarm clock's gone.
Jordan Bl on 29. Nov. 2015.
While I do agree there's probably more to Kerrigan's importance, she has already played an important part. The information in that ancient temple was only meant to awaken in the presence of both ascended races, wasn't it? So if she wasn't there they would never have learned anything.
Sushi Ninjan on 29. Nov. 2015.
Spoiler alert!!! Kerrigan is xel'naga.
Enthused Norseman on 29. Nov. 2015.
Legacy of the Void, starring: Zeratacos Probey Jonathan Collectsman Fenix Jr. Cutelossus and other less important characters.
ProduccionesPaquito on 29. Nov. 2015.
Where the fuck are Urun and Mohandar!? Did they die offscreen? Or did they just not make it to the battle? I mean "Amon will use the most powerful ships of the golden armada against us!" Except he wont! Or maybe they are the fuckers attacking the spear of Adun...
Tyler Messon on 29. Nov. 2015.
and jesse make hour long episodes I want to see what happens
Tyler Messon on 29. Nov. 2015.
why didn't Kerrigan do shit. she said in heart of the swarm her true enemy was amon
Eric Nick on 29. Nov. 2015.
Are you going to play fallout 4 after this series?
Rhazagal on 29. Nov. 2015.
I certainly hope we'll get some answers... Especially about Niadra. What IS that broodmother up to right now?
Austin Pinheiro on 29. Nov. 2015.
so theres an epilouge? and what next SC3/ i hope
morkovija on 29. Nov. 2015.
I cant believe LotV story line is such a cheesy piece of vanilla crap: 'die with honor!', 'I have been blessed knowing you!' Jeesus! Is that really advanced civilization, Blizzard? Cuz it looks like a bunch of tree-hugging sissies to me
Spiral Haze on 29. Nov. 2015.
7:40 Today we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY!
RapidLR on 29. Nov. 2015.
Fenix, probably the most aptly named character in the series
AreSophia Apollo on 29. Nov. 2015.
Prepare for disapointment lol
Pienimusta on 29. Nov. 2015.
Civ style SC or WC game next ? =D
richard smith on 29. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, when you have two nexus, and need workers on one. You can produce them from both, and move some
Alchemy Camouflage on 29. Nov. 2015.
It's saying something when I cringed more at Artanis' monologue then Jesse's gameplay. GJ Jesse