StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 23] - Into the Void

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Uploaded: 29 Nov 2015 Likes: 1633
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k01dsv on 1. Dec. 2015.
What did Narud do to Stukov??
Herpvid de Derp on 1. Dec. 2015.
Waaaiiit... So they opened up a portal to the void... then just left it open? Without making sure Amon couldn't just sneak through?
Heidegyr on 1. Dec. 2015.
There is no time to "cerebrate" wink wink. We need to fight.
Noah Blank on 30. Nov. 2015.
I'd like to point out that Tassadar is Jesus. He dies to save the protoss and then ascends into Godhood.
Neil Bethel on 30. Nov. 2015.
I'm guessing on harder difficulties you can't just win by spamming one unit?
tgcvision on 30. Nov. 2015.
I felt surprised by your amount of skill this game, it almost felt as if you were playing it a second time, nice to see you get better!
Racez man (Racezman) on 30. Nov. 2015.
Oliver Downs on 30. Nov. 2015.
Narud Voidstorm
Slaschur on 30. Nov. 2015.
It's funny how the Protoss do all the hard work in this part (because we control them) and then they become absolutely useless in the next mission.
dlollolb on 30. Nov. 2015.
xel'naga have upgraded from giant testicles to giant slugs still not impressed
lovfro on 30. Nov. 2015.
I'll say once, I'll say it a thousand times: Xel'naga, they kind kind of dicks
SexualYeti on 30. Nov. 2015.
So the Void is basically the Warp, then? If that is the case, there are far more horrible things than just Amon in there...
Rory M on 30. Nov. 2015.
Did anyone else hear the Night Elf-esque music in the first cutscene or is it just me..?
Gigas0101 on 30. Nov. 2015.
Wait, if Amon is a Xel'Naga, and he goes back to the void when he dies, why are the Xel'Naga extinct as a race? Why wouldn't they all go back to the void when he had the Zerg eat them or when he killed their sleeping stasis bodies?
Tomasz Wota (Xupicor) on 30. Nov. 2015.
Waaait, so there's MORE?
Killjoy on 30. Nov. 2015.
They missed out on Fenix 2 Electric Boogaloo interaction with Kerrigan :(
Shadowlurkering on 30. Nov. 2015.
Next up is what I found to be the hardest mission in the game.
Leo Gir (Leon) on 30. Nov. 2015.
I feel like humans/terrans always get the shaft. Always the one getting the short end of the stick in the intergalactic timey shit.
PersuAsian on 30. Nov. 2015.
PART 23 YUSSSSSSSSS..............
Jamal Davis on 30. Nov. 2015.
My real concern here... is this going to end up Artanis x Vorazun or Artanis x Selendis.... maybe even Artanis x Rohana... or maybe protoss are cool with polygamy and he starts a harem....
TSmunt on 30. Nov. 2015.
Isn't the presence of Amon controlled protoss a direct contradiction of the previous mission? Wasn't the point of the keystone to give them a chance to rescue ALL Protoss so the Khala would be empty?
Black99star on 30. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, I think Jim had a hard time being with Kerrigan when she made the bone-wings... now to turn into a Xel'naga?!! Well, that love life is going to be harder to love... and, how will they make kids? :P
MWBalls on 30. Nov. 2015.
The fact that these last few missions don't use a loadout you choose really pissed me off, especially when it came to unit selection.
John Pineda on 30. Nov. 2015.
Ranaelchan on 30. Nov. 2015.
Legacy of the Boys Where you fight boy trashers, use boy's rays along with it's stalkers and become popular for a month and wet every tweens in the entire states.
twinshk2 on 30. Nov. 2015.
Wow Jim literally cockblocked by destiny. They were literally not meant to be together.
Minato Arisato on 30. Nov. 2015.
Jesse why don't you play any jrpgs? I've always pondered that.
Belvie on 30. Nov. 2015.
I like that Stukov calls Kerrigan 'My Queen'
nick karle on 30. Nov. 2015.
Sarah, no! Had me laughing for a full minute
Ghostly One on 30. Nov. 2015.
Finally he acknowledges reconstruction beam. I can die happy....well not die but, yeah.
Nicholas Cannaday on 30. Nov. 2015.
Ok so I do not get this. They have pounded it in our heads again and again that the zerg and protoss are the perfect species and that one day they would combine to become xel'naga. But Kerrigan is zerg/terran, not a ounce of protoss in her. So wtf.
Gilgondrin on 30. Nov. 2015.
Gettin' some Mass Effect vibes from this story...
CamTheKitty on 30. Nov. 2015.
Credit Jesse, for not being a Starcraft player often, you did pretty well wil a crazy mission :o
simonchirps on 30. Nov. 2015.
Oh Jesse... You ALWAYS goof your way into it. It's why we love you!
Billaxle on 30. Nov. 2015.
I don't trust these Xel-Naga tumors one fucking bit! I say we blast them *ALL* into dust along with this Amon fucker! *WHY* must the cycle continue?? I mean, Amon was a prick for wanting to destroy everything, but these space-tumors are just as untrustworthy.
Fredy Valdovinos on 30. Nov. 2015.
Nice Timing on that last word. Keep up the good work.
MrSHADOWANGEL999 on 30. Nov. 2015.
Hope Jim likes tentacles, otherwise....
TheTrueDeadFingers on 30. Nov. 2015.
That's right fuckboys! It was never the Protoss and the Zerg who would become Xel'naga, it's always been her! A creature pure of form, of great psionic capabilities, combined with the purity of essence the Zerg were programmed to achieve, and that she did achieve in Zerus during HotS. AND THE OVERMIND KNEW! THE OVERMIND KNEW ALL ALONG!
Allan Lopez on 30. Nov. 2015.
anyone else getting tired of watching jesse build to a million void rays for 30 minutes not that its an issue just would like to see a bit more of other units like use the robotics bay more or gateway units more maybe its just me just would like to hear an opinion or 2
Maja Gunna (BloodIvy) on 30. Nov. 2015.
Love the videos! Thanx Jesse for being awesome!
J.A.Ratt85 on 30. Nov. 2015.
WAIT RAYNOR WAS ON THE SHIP AND THERE WAS NO FENIX/TALANDAR INTERACTION?!!! WTF?! By the way.. wasn't the Spear of Adun highly damaged during that last mission? How long has it been since that ended that they got it fully repaired? And who repaired it because probes obviously don't repair.
Alex Miller on 30. Nov. 2015.
22:08 Jonathan collectsmin:" I am honored" it is so beautiful because jesse just said "the greatest of warriors" then he said that line
tosh salt on 30. Nov. 2015.
Wasn't it the overmind's plan to have Kerrigan ascend in the first place? Did the overmind know about amon?
RobertAniFreak on 30. Nov. 2015.
God damn that Ouros is one ugly ass "Thing" It looks like a Cathulu visited McDonalds one too many times, and had to create a entire universe just so there would be space for his fat ass
Adam Fletcher on 30. Nov. 2015.
Those Destroyers.. I dunno how I feel about their spicy ramen noodles of doom attack.
AXharoth on 30. Nov. 2015.
the great enemy ? Amon = Slanesh ?
nateyj11 on 30. Nov. 2015.
This mission should've had Narud Sandstorm as its background music.
underlord2132 on 30. Nov. 2015.
This part is solid garbage. Enjoy!
Gilberto Tabares on 30. Nov. 2015.
so yer saying ya fell ass backwards into achievements? well done Jess, ya do us proud
Fran Lovel Šimić on 30. Nov. 2015.
Lovecraft is everywhere, I love it! :D