StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 24] - The Essence of Eternity

Creator: Jesse Cox Views: 13797
Uploaded: 30 Nov 2015 Likes: 939
Patch: 1.0 Disikes: 6

Acedia on 1. Dec. 2015.
Next heroes skin xel'naga kerrigan :3
Bashus Scratch on 1. Dec. 2015.
the reason he said that the cycles have come to an end is because he died, man. the last Xel'Nagas will die in the campaign. no more Xel'naga, no more cycles.
Richard Gaze on 1. Dec. 2015.
Who plays against zerg and uses no units with flamethrowers, jesse, thats who.
Mysterymelmoth on 1. Dec. 2015.
'Praise the Sun'... goddammit blizz -_-
nonimport ante on 1. Dec. 2015.
in Kerrigan's defense most of the killing was done while under amon's influence
Andrew Kajander on 1. Dec. 2015.
oh whats that? supper awsome lazer im sur this wont have a draw back to it.... man why is this taking so long?
Nathan D on 1. Dec. 2015.
Well jimmy me boy .... You personally knew a god before she was a god ... That's like meeting Jesus without knowing it then realizing it's Jesus!
A Space Butterfly on 1. Dec. 2015.
She is literally a fire angel. Poor Jim.
Duy Nguyen on 1. Dec. 2015.
I don't think Jesse ever realized that using Kerrigan's power is pausing her charging... this would've ended it alot earlier, LOL
Jared Patane on 1. Dec. 2015.
"she cannot be trusted" says the guy who cannot be trusted
Gman351 on 1. Dec. 2015.
I wanted a Disgusting Blob thing also :(
pvtblue on 1. Dec. 2015.
talk about a fiery redhead am i right?
Billaxle on 1. Dec. 2015.
LOL @ 26:30 "You don't use the You against Me! I USE THE YOU AGAINST YOU!!" *"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE~!!!!"* XD ;P
Billaxle on 1. Dec. 2015.
At this point I'm convinced that Jesse is allergic/paranoid of the F2 and SHIFT keys! >~<
tcorwinguitar on 30. Nov. 2015.
Praise the Sun!
Alex Miller on 30. Nov. 2015.
at 33 minutes i asked the same question you did jesse, i have no idea why he said that
TheDandyWizard on 30. Nov. 2015.
but man... kerrigan's hair color changes. She was red haired, then brown haired. Now she is blonde.
TheDandyWizard on 30. Nov. 2015.
so guys...turns out the xel'naga are cthlulus.
Personal Ensign on 30. Nov. 2015.
Gotta love that Terran commentary XD Protoss: 'MY LIFE FOR AIUR!' / 'Very wise' Zerg: 'growl growl' / 'snarling' Terran: 'Yyyyyup…' / 'Well butter my biscuit!' XDD
Skittlez12350 on 30. Nov. 2015.
The current cycle ended with Ouros, but the infinite cycle still continues as long as things live in the universe
TentaclePentacle on 30. Nov. 2015.
jess keep builing supply depots but never walls off. facepalm.
Spooky “Bones” Skeleton on 30. Nov. 2015.
Expecting Starcraft III by 2018.
robert bodi on 30. Nov. 2015.
is it just me or is she naked when shes the giant flaming phoenix girl
Barney Harris on 30. Nov. 2015.
7:55 - "Now we can have some fun!" It was shortly after this moment, that Jesse realised he couldn't make void rays, and the fun would have to come another day.
okang okang on 30. Nov. 2015.
Deadpwner99 , The undead master on 30. Nov. 2015.
I feel uncormaftable with zagara as swarm leader she is going to be like now she is gone LET US GO AND RECK EVERYONES FACES And thats why everyone is now infested
Jonneixx on 30. Nov. 2015.
The achievement he got... Praise the Sun \o/
blimporthefoul on 30. Nov. 2015.
23 vids into protoss and chill and jim gives you that look
RobiePAX on 30. Nov. 2015.
I failed this mission like 5 times because I entirely forgot how to play Terran...
Kapuchu on 30. Nov. 2015.
Gotta admit, I am a fan of Sarah being a Fiery Angel of Divinity... or something. The whole Space Blob thing... not my cup of tea. Still sad they don't get to be together, though. :< They deserve a happy ending, even if Kerrigan did do... a bunch of not-so-nice things in the past.
Lexaz on 30. Nov. 2015.
I need the last paaaaaaaaart :3
Jarwycorr on 30. Nov. 2015.
Jesse: "Can I stick her in there?" Medic: "Oh, sounds serious."
Daniel Rydberg on 30. Nov. 2015.
Want a strat for next mission? Go full on Mass Brood Lords.
Ksanter X on 30. Nov. 2015.
So, Jim never had a chance to bang Sara?
warriorfire8103 on 30. Nov. 2015.
Wow, either I got much stronger waves or Battlecruisers are much better then I thought
Arran Johnson on 30. Nov. 2015.
Has a force literally right next to base that's getting attacked. Uses Kerrigan...
Gustavo Truylio on 30. Nov. 2015.
"Praise the Sun" oh Blizzard
Marcis Buhholcs on 30. Nov. 2015.
What actually is this cartoon Jesse attaches at the end of every video?
andrejoss475 on 30. Nov. 2015.
Jimmy can now go and tell everyone that he was literally dating a Xel'naga
danbaryosef dby on 30. Nov. 2015.
20,001 view.... it counts as something right?
Dr.RubberFace on 30. Nov. 2015.
At first I thought that Blizzard is going to turn into an Ugly (like at 0:32) But then it turned out to be ok.
Gustavo Kaplon (GK) on 30. Nov. 2015.
So who else used the good ol' mass tank and kill flyers with Kerrigan?
jaaki94 on 30. Nov. 2015.
The butt clenching was real on this one. HOW COULD JESSE NOT BUILD JACKSON'S REVENGE?!!?! A few times he was hovering over it probably thinking like "this guys manliness is too much for me, nope, can't build it.
ShiverCity on 30. Nov. 2015.
Wings of liberty loadout screen "what a weird loadout screen"
Amoeba on 30. Nov. 2015.
Kinda neat how Brood War ended with Kerrigan beating down the Terran and Protoss, and now here they are defending her.
Aaron Morton on 30. Nov. 2015.
I am so confused by this last set of missions. Anyone else think they feel just.... tacked on? idk. also, jessie. i love you. but when kerrigan keeps saying that she needs the power in order to turn into a zelnaga. and it takes you like 20 min to stop just spamming her power on every enemy unit. i.... i just have issues watching. lol
MrPicklesAndTea on 30. Nov. 2015.
Kerri would have been better a space blob...
Lakisa TV on 30. Nov. 2015.
meh why would he spare only being that could harm him? it would fit better in story if Artanis merged with Kerrigan not tentacle guy
wolflordjsww on 30. Nov. 2015.
I'll be honest all I could think of was the diablo angels when I saw xelnaga kerrigan.
RankoTheDark on 30. Nov. 2015.
Colon must be maintained There must always be *Thunder clashes* A Queen of Blades