StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 25] - The End

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TheZman289 on 1. Dec. 2015.
I know very little about Starcraft Lore. But I get the feeling you don't have to know that much to figure out this was a WEAK ending. I am glad I am not the only one who noticed Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft all have a pretty similar story (as jesse pointed out). Almost all of the world's problems were because of evil godly like beings plotting, world must unite, Yada yada. And the these gods can't simply die unless you are in their turf. Lame.
Sir Krzysztof on 1. Dec. 2015.
RTS'es are dead they say?! O_o
TheMineKnight on 1. Dec. 2015.
JESSE! YOU! ME! DISCUSS! [What I mean is that I want to talk with you about Starcraft! I love the games, and I loved the games, though the ending was silly, and I really just want to talk with somebody...and you, as a Blizzard Nerd, are the perfect conversational partner.] That said, I liked the story all the way up to Heart of the Swarm...most of it was awesome. Starcraft/Broodwar was fantastic. Wings of Liberty had a compelling story, as well...Heart of the Swarm was kind of silly, with the whole redemption aspect of Kerrigan and The Swarm, but that was still packed into an interesting story...Legacy of the Void was also interesting, up until the point where we meet the Tal'darim...that's where it became sketchy. If you want to talk more...Well, I have too much time on my hands anyway, usually.
Milán Kovács on 1. Dec. 2015.
This ending was very disappointing, feels like anyone could come up with it. Amon is defeated, peace is estabilished with that and that's it. Plus Jim Raynor walks out, decide what that is, but either choice is messed up.
fortekuhu on 1. Dec. 2015.
It`s a shame. I was really curious about Amon when he said that he didn`t choose to be like this, and how he was torn from everything that he once knew. I wish the Xel`naga cycle was explored a bit more. I`m not sure if I like them being like Old Gods, with some of them being benevolent and others being hostile. Maybe that will be looked at in some DLC.
darkshardshoots on 1. Dec. 2015.
Yeah. I feel like the ending was just one massive disappointment, they could have done so much more, hell, I genuinely feel like the final missions should have been their own expansion, with way more explanation of what the hell is going on. I love Starcraft as a franchise... but this ending just... just argh. I was so ready for this game, and then this. It's WoD all over again.
OptiMYST1C on 1. Dec. 2015.
Builds 3 hatcheries for teleportation. Doesn't use them to build mass mutas.
luke on 1. Dec. 2015.
the overmind turned her zerg to kill the fellen one
ForeverMore on 1. Dec. 2015.
Witcher now, please? D:
ianthewyrd on 1. Dec. 2015.
I'm totally with you jesse and going from wings onward it was painful watching the deteriorating story and its not just blizzard it seems as if most major companies have just decided that story isn't nearly as important anymore
Verishon on 1. Dec. 2015.
i hate disappoint jesse but i skipped all the game play from this whole series and just watched the story and all i wanted to say was listening to jesse poor his heart out for this game was awesome :)
Richard Gaze on 1. Dec. 2015.
I have to say, Kerrigan's powers seem extremely tame in comparison to Amon's. Kerrigan can shoot fire, heal and stuff, Amon can summon giant death pillars from the 'sky', summon an infinite army and make himself invulnerable. Also what, he gets shot in the face and thats it? Isn't he like eons old and obviously has greater command of his powers. The final villain just bitches out.
Radditz770 on 1. Dec. 2015.
More or less exactly how the Lich King made Arthas into a death knight independent of the burning legion's dominance while he was still subjugated, so did the Overmind make Sarah into the Queen of Blades, independent of Amon's dominion, while all the zerg, while the Overmind was alive, was bound to Amon's will. That's why she was so important, because she wasn't affected by the zerg prime directive or whatevs to serve Amon, so she could lead them independently. Why her specifically? Probably because she was a human with very strong psionic powers. She was simply the best candidate.
MangaManiac on 1. Dec. 2015.
As soon as you got Zerg and admitted that you're totaly worthless with them. I felt such a pain in my chest and was cringing as hell the entire time. D: *That one zerg player* But good job pulling it off anyway. :P
Stanehable on 1. Dec. 2015.
Mass effect 3..uhh effect? :P Three games to get such conclusion. GG no-re
berkebus on 1. Dec. 2015.
ChairmanChairman on 1. Dec. 2015.
Lame campaign, terrible ending.
MrSunshine1079 on 1. Dec. 2015.
Jesse sums up the reason why I don't find Blizzard games compelling at all. Sure the gameplay is great but other than that I just don't give a damn. I like how no one is questioning why Kerrigan is allowed to live. She did kill BILLIONS of people. Oh but she saved the universe blah blah blah bad writing defense! She still killed billions of people. I guess the lesson is that if you have and ass that you can bounce nickles off of you can get away with mass murder.
tnerb tnerb on 1. Dec. 2015.
13:30 Golly gee Jesse, if only you could build AUTOMATED DEFENSES for your base that wouldn't be a problem. Hint motherfucking hint.
Square Fenix on 1. Dec. 2015.
kerrigan, universal bitch.
Duncan Sylvestre on 1. Dec. 2015.
Kerrigan was important because she was a Terran with immense psychic power. That is the reason why the Overmind had her infested. Post-infestation, she was important because she was a Zerg queen not tied to Amon's will. The Overmind knew exactly what it was doing, but it was more that having Kerrigan be the Queen of Blades would guarantee the survival of the swarm. *__* Regarding the mention of the questline in Ashenvale and Stonetalon, it was pretty crappy for Alliance, as the developers perennially create Alliance content as an afterthought.
Sebastien Devos on 1. Dec. 2015.
i'm a zerg player....i'm absolutely awful so all i can say is should have got that expansion earlier and you are not using goo on the lair enough.
Robert “watches anime to much” Schalk on 1. Dec. 2015.
I love Jesse's ending a hell of a lot more
Legitvohawk on 1. Dec. 2015.
Jesse thank you for putting my thoughts into words + more like I am 15 now and starcraft and brood war were the 1st games I ever played and then original warcraft the story was great considering i have it nailed into my memory after playing the original starcraft campaign like 100 times now only game i played for a long time and it disappoints me to see them not give us the triangle between the races each with ideal reasons for their actions making them conflicting with other races. Well I have started paraphrasing you jesse :/ well thanks for the show!
eldsprutandedrake on 1. Dec. 2015.
So what actually happened, I might be dumb but I want my endings explained. Did kerrigan give up some of her power and change back to be with Jim, did she pick him up and make him immortal or something, what exactly does it mean? Or is the ending just "They ran away together, you interpret that how you like". If that is the case then that is just lazy writing, bad writing actually. Pawning of decision making onto the audience is not artistic or something like that, it´s just dumb.
hopelover7023 on 1. Dec. 2015.
I personally kinda feel like the story ended with Heart of the Swarm. Screw the Amon plot.
Tyrineal on 1. Dec. 2015.
I'm not sure if this is possible but can we see you stumble through the Wings of Liberty? Only thing good about the ending was Jim finally getting something good to happen to him. Literally has been kicked in the nuts more then anyone
Icarus on 1. Dec. 2015.
I thought it was said in Heart of the Swarm that the Overmind did make Kerrigan on purpose to kill Amon as she would not be under his direct influence like the Overmind was.
Andrew Smith on 1. Dec. 2015.
Ol' Drunk Jim Raynor Theory confirmed xD
DelphanGruss on 1. Dec. 2015.
I will say... I enjoyed the ending, but honestly, Jesse's rant *set to that grand, dramatic music* was God-damn beautiful.
coregoon on 1. Dec. 2015.
Jesse, I whole-heartedly agree with you. They basically removed most of what was good about the old StarCraft lore and inserted WoW lore (WoW, not Warcraft) in it's place. StarCraft wasn't Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, it was about shades of grey. Heck, based on memory I think Jim and Tassadar were among the few people who could honestly be called good guys, and Tassadar basically commited treason for it. Even the Zerg weren't evil, the Overmind was just following his "Prime Directive", and given how the Zerg work he can't be expected to care for induvidual lives. Wings of Liberty was good. It showed promise. Heart of the Swarm started off quite interesting, then got weird quickly. This thing... Ugh. And the ending... I don't even... Why, Blizz? Why?
William Tate on 1. Dec. 2015.
There is at least a three mission game coming out in 2016 with a focus on Nova in Star Craft 2... it may redeem this for you
DrCrow85 on 1. Dec. 2015.
And everybody lived happily ever after..........................Except fir Jessie Cox who is now throwing tomatoes at Blizzard HQ.
O Nolly on 1. Dec. 2015.
all the same you say? perhaps even an infinite cycle some might say...
mojosilver82 on 1. Dec. 2015.
In my mind Jim Raynor is the Face of starcraft and without him there can not be anymore starcraft. The idea of no more starcraft. That starcraft has come to a end. I COULD CRY. Don't get my wrong it is good to know Jimmy got his happily ever after. !_!
Thehagengnome HD on 1. Dec. 2015.
you do know you can spread creep via tumors right.. right!?
Kyle Vanderhoof on 1. Dec. 2015.
Those two have been dragged to Hel and back, it's about time they catch a break.
Nicolae Ciocanu on 1. Dec. 2015.
Jesse, the alliance had a quest back in the day... about a human teacher that span over like 4 regions, elwynn, westfall, redridge, duskwood, i think you started it in duskwood, it was about a guy called Stalvan Mistmantle, quite a dark quest but so good, and then there was another quest in duskwood about a guy that wanted revenge for his dead family and it went from that swampy region above dun morough, you had to retrieve stuff and exorcise shit and craft a scepter and it all happened through a few regions and ended in duskwood as well, damn pre cata quests were fun now that i think of it, although cataclysm itself had tons of good stuff, cant deny that. I WISH JESSE GETS A JOB AT BLIZZARD, THE INFINITE CYCLE MUST NOT GO ON xD ... get it? scII reference... bad games... cycles.. no? ok.
VerfluchtKrieger on 1. Dec. 2015.
Jesse for story/lore nerd on the Blizzard staff! MAKE IT HAPPEN DAMN IT! We deserve better story than we have been getting. I believe in you great Space Butterfly!
lucassykim on 1. Dec. 2015.
kerrigan was the one to become xelnaga because she had enough psionic potential to house the essence of xelnaga(purity of form) and was able to absorb essence(purity of essence). Basically the zerg created a xelnaga candidate by merging two races in the form of infestation.
ShiverCity on 1. Dec. 2015.
As a Terran/Protoss playerthat NEVER touches zerg... this was painful to watch... i clenched my butt so hard
Thehagengnome HD on 1. Dec. 2015.
this is so painful to watch..
Philippe on 1. Dec. 2015.
Well that was underwhelming as fuck. The whole Starcraft 2 "Amon the all powerful ending the galaxy" wasn't such a desperate struggle after all
BigDaddyInfinite on 1. Dec. 2015.
The game sure is hard and full of bullshit when you only A Move, huh?
ToxicToothpick on 1. Dec. 2015.
Jesse not taking the second natural and instead piling Drones on his second Hive made me want to cry.
Athenianwolf on 1. Dec. 2015.
I never played Starcraft original, but I did play Diablo 2 and it feels like 3 didn't have as strong a story (especially after they killed one of the most iconic characters). Does feel the same way here, with kerrigan being forced into this role of being the hero shoe-horned in at the end, and Jim forgiving her for her crimes. Honestly i expected Artanis and Kerrigan to merge to become a xel'naga as one being, which would have looked really cool. Also Kerrigan's design as a xel'naga was the most boring thing ever. Glowing with wings, okay right. Oh well, it was still a fun ride, I just dislike that what I love most in games is devalued purely for better gameplay, since the story of a game sticks with you if it's done well.
Jamal Davis on 1. Dec. 2015.
20 minutes in... all I have to say is the one map Jesse doesn't mass flying units....
Barbados Sephtis on 1. Dec. 2015.
Dammit now Jimmy never leaving Joey Rays and all of this being in his head is now my head cannon.
TyronMakeka on 1. Dec. 2015.
I hope this is not the end of the franchise, I mean they can make other genres of games with this universe. Shooters, single player RPGs, raceing games etc etc. I think that the RTS genre as a competitive video games are over. But I personally believe that they still have potential as good single player games.
BioMatic2 on 1. Dec. 2015.
I not a good zerg player or any other race. But even i feel angry to the complete lack of zerg numbers