StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 4] - FOR AIUR!

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Uploaded: 12 Nov 2015 Likes: 2122
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Mike Zorzan on 24. Nov. 2015.
As a non starcraft player watching this. Is this Diablo has gone to space and invaded? I'm getting a lot of Diablo3 vibes here.
WILLIWRJ on 24. Nov. 2015.
Couldn't the Protoss have asked Kerrigan to remove them if they are part of her swarm; Xeratul clearly knows how to track her and helped Jim free her from Amon's control and told her how to make herself the more badass version of The Queen of Blades.
badgerbane on 22. Nov. 2015.
11:35 he... He blinked his stalkers out of the way? HE DID A MICRO! HE DID A MICRO!
LoerdNoerd on 22. Nov. 2015.
Junik Jerk on 22. Nov. 2015.
Mega stark, der Ultalisk -Archon-Fight.
varnisa on 22. Nov. 2015.
protoss don't breathe
Alexandru Ionescu on 21. Nov. 2015.
Dat cutscene doe...
Lakisa TV on 21. Nov. 2015.
with all protos technology, why they even fight on ground? not just use starships?
Anuradha 360 on 20. Nov. 2015.
TheGamerThief on 20. Nov. 2015.
I'm sorry, but am I the only one who thinks Jesse would make an amazing Pandaren? Every time he reads the small overview I feel like "Why haven't Blizz made him Lorewalker Cho?"
k01dsv on 20. Nov. 2015.
Artanis sounds like Arthas (:
Kroteezy on 19. Nov. 2015.
*SOMA 9! SOMA 9! SOMA 9! SOMA 9! SOMA 9! SOMA 9! SOMA 9! SOMA 9! SOMA 9!*
Mipfel on 19. Nov. 2015.
i got to say for being infested by the zerk for decades Aiur still looks pretty good
ChouhouinNeko on 19. Nov. 2015.
was that DJ jazzy worm?
Michael Knives on 19. Nov. 2015.
why didn't they just ask Kerrigan to move the zerg from auir?
diablogate on 18. Nov. 2015.
You blocked off all your zealots when you blinked your stalkers in to the second hive
riseofsock on 18. Nov. 2015.
.... holy shit amon is the space devil.
HonorableAssassins on 18. Nov. 2015.
720 and 1080 are both bugged on this video for me, they look worse than 144.
Ursallion GannonThraul on 17. Nov. 2015.
i do like it when fragile looking forces like eldar and protoss give a more errrr rough and ready battle as seen 2 minutes in
Beastwolf1 on 17. Nov. 2015.
If only blizzard would make a movie. Oh Wait.
Bryn Keller on 16. Nov. 2015.
I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Jesse's power trip.
Conrad Deemer on 16. Nov. 2015.
That opening though!!! GG Jesse, do good!
Gilberto Tabares on 16. Nov. 2015.
is Solendis hot? i can't tell. she sounds hot.
ThatDarnIrishMan on 15. Nov. 2015.
Wow that opening movie was a pile of shit.
Kevin Lefebvre on 15. Nov. 2015.
0:30-1:50 Even in the far future, there is no escape from the endless tide of the INCEPTION NOISE.
Markis2bi4 on 15. Nov. 2015.
So, can the Protoss reproduce? Because I have no idea of what other way they rebuild their numbers.
Bloodstainer on 15. Nov. 2015.
So... the first mission teaches you to 1A... well played Blizzard, you know how to Protoss.
Kefka Palazzo on 15. Nov. 2015.
Holy shit that intro cinematic though!
PersuAsian on 15. Nov. 2015.
New Aiur looks gorgeous in 20th century graphics.
chaoshawkins on 15. Nov. 2015.
I got goosebumps when the opening played. so good.
HoltKezed on 15. Nov. 2015.
omg Jesse whyyyy blink the stalkers in front of the zealots lol
Cthulhu on 15. Nov. 2015.
Dude... that Archon merging with two brother in arms was fucking awesome!!!! Holy shit?! This makes the unit WAY more hype than before. It was soooo cool seeing it forming piece by piece from the two templars that joined in a black hole. And all soldiers that died in there before reinforcements should be know as heroes from now on in Protoss story, just by seeing how they fought using their own lives
Themaster Ofwaffles on 15. Nov. 2015.
"hmmm... 4 colossi, about 16 stalkers and who knows how many zelots. That is a little bit overkill."-everyperson that HASN'T played StarCraft " with the zerg, overkill dose not exist, only not enough lazers."-every person who played StarCraft.
Matthijsownt on 14. Nov. 2015.
Did anyone else expect that army to just get crushed somehow?
B-Bane BRIZZY on 14. Nov. 2015.
any1 else find it funny that in the first mission that u command a big protoss army it teaches you how to select your whole army and a+move
B-Bane BRIZZY on 14. Nov. 2015.
Does any1 know what happened to HuskyStarcraft?
B Z on 14. Nov. 2015.
omg the Probe warping in the intro cinematic was so cute
palsbro89 on 14. Nov. 2015.
Anybody know what kind of specs Jesse has? Im playing LoTV aswell and the cutscenes and cinematics is horribly choppy for me, and look really bad if i turn graphics all the way down. Is 4 GB Graphics card not enough to run this game?
seth kitamura on 14. Nov. 2015.
"yaaayyy?"-jesse cox 2015
Ze Great Pumpkinani on 14. Nov. 2015.
Am I the only one who thinks zerg are cute?
Ze Great Pumpkinani on 14. Nov. 2015.
Protoss are pretentious a-holes. DARWIN MONSTERS FOR THE WIN!!!
Darth Nerdist on 14. Nov. 2015.
I think Blizzard knows about the Protoss death ball.
caos1925 on 14. Nov. 2015.
Artanis sure has grown up from his days as a scout driver hasn't he? I hope they make a reference to that.
Mike E on 14. Nov. 2015.
I find it funny that in the first game the Protoss are burning down entire worlds that become infested with Zerg, but want to go ahead and try to take back and repopulate their own world. Bunch of jerks. :p
TheKuroiKaze on 14. Nov. 2015.
I'm not even a fan of starcraft games and i have never played one, but even i had a nerdgasm over that opening scene because it was so badass.
Zach Aber on 14. Nov. 2015.
How to protoss, The campaign mission.
Joseph Huebner on 14. Nov. 2015.
When your army's so large that moving across teh map plummets your FPS.
Deolrin on 13. Nov. 2015.
Soo... Artanis = Terenas, Selendis = Kirin Tor Ambassador and Zeratul = Medivh. Gotcha.
Atomic Ninja on 13. Nov. 2015.
AcidBuu on 13. Nov. 2015.
hurry up I wanne knowwhat happens next jesse :(