StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 5] - The Growing Shadow

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aka Moon on 26. Nov. 2015.
If only we could see Jesse's face during the cinematic xD
wattpwn on 25. Nov. 2015.
2 things so far in this game bother me. 1: I wish the zerg on Auir weren't feral simply so kerrigan would talk to them through the mind-link. I just like the mental image of Sarah fighting to save the universe while artanis brutally slaughters her people. 2: I don't like how artanis references tassadars shadow hiding zeratul, when zeratul taught tassadar the ways of the dark templar.
Ragnash on 23. Nov. 2015.
Welp, time for Zeratul to be taken off the HOTS bracket...
Terramagus on 22. Nov. 2015.
I like the implication behind the tutorials. Terran had a tutorial because Raynor was such a fucking drunkard hick asshole he forgot how to train marines. Zerg had a tutorial because Kerrigan got a Xen'naga enema and lost her connection to the Swarm, so she needed to relearn how to mutate a hydralisk. Protoss had a tutorial because Zeratul is such a decrepit old man that he lost his car (and lied about it to save face) and never knew how to warp in a zealot - he just pretended he did all these years.
Gerenuk Gaming on 22. Nov. 2015.
Why zeratul?? He was there since starcraft 1 ...
Aleksa Škembarević on 21. Nov. 2015.
R.I.P starcrafts most interesting character
Personal Ensign on 21. Nov. 2015.
I am actually cold now that scene gave me chills. My jaw dropped and a 'multi-generational fly family' has made a home in there. Don't do this to me :(
foist on 21. Nov. 2015.
Michael MacDonald on 20. Nov. 2015.
rip Zeratul
zennou11 on 20. Nov. 2015.
Lol, man, I am such a crybaby. I don't know the first thing about this game/series/franchise, but that scene at the end still got me all teary-eyed.
TyronMakeka on 20. Nov. 2015.
lvl 25? This game took it to 1000
Kate Thomas on 19. Nov. 2015.
i like how we shared the same reaction to zeratul except i cried for a while
Dunerix on 19. Nov. 2015.
Rest in Peace Zeratul! FOR AIUR!
Darlinton Dias on 18. Nov. 2015.
i don't believe this..... they can't kill off zeratul....
Lemming Russ on 18. Nov. 2015.
It's a terrible day for rain..
atilathebum on 18. Nov. 2015.
Jesse's there sitting going on about psi blades meanwhile we all here balling our eyes out and wondering if he even saw what happened
BaronVonHoovy on 18. Nov. 2015.
Rhaen on 17. Nov. 2015.
Lol, Jesse's so happy!
Edohiguma on 17. Nov. 2015.
"Master dies so that apprentice must take up the fight cliche." DING!
myselfalan on 17. Nov. 2015.
I love your reaction. It was just like mine :D
ScDK on 17. Nov. 2015.
I actually expected a different reaction from Jesse concerning the mission's ending cinematic. But he took it rather well. And here I was, having teary eyes- again. Blizzard playing with our feelings.
the warden on 16. Nov. 2015.
dude wheres my void ray
kireles on 16. Nov. 2015.
the story in this expansion was way too anime
exsalathor on 16. Nov. 2015.
anyone got that sound clip of the "HOLY SHEEEIIT" that was great
themoomaster on 16. Nov. 2015.
b-but but, Zeratul was Zeracool!!
Rurike on 16. Nov. 2015.
I think the biggest facepalm moment was when jesse tried to repair a building with a probe
Randall “501st” See on 16. Nov. 2015.
Baran köse on 16. Nov. 2015.
Ghostly One on 16. Nov. 2015.
Y'know I've always wondered, what kind of 'supply' do the protoss gain from the pylons exactly? Supply depots, well, supply ammo, gear and whatever, overlords spread and amplify the swarm/brood leaders control, but the pylons?
Idekaji on 16. Nov. 2015.
You missed the joke Jesse!....quartz butt private eye....private BROWN eye, eh eh!?!
TheThanatos023 on 16. Nov. 2015.
remember all those zeratuls you got on the boxes? can i have one? i really need one T.T
simonchirps on 15. Nov. 2015.
Calling it now everybody dies except Artanis and Jimmy. ONLY ABATHUR CAN SAVE US!
T3DRAGOON on 15. Nov. 2015.
I have to say, I teared up.
Rozonkomo on 15. Nov. 2015.
Zeratul is the new Deckard Cain. Thanks, Bliz. Jerks.
The Vorpal Cat on 15. Nov. 2015.
space dwaf
William Sharpe on 15. Nov. 2015.
Zerglings keyed Zeratul's car.
Russell Biduk on 15. Nov. 2015.
the second he said probes penitent humans bums i lauhgeh ssooooooooooooooohard
Bradley Shaw on 15. Nov. 2015.
In Starcraft blizzard likes to kill protoss...
Catcher Morningstar on 15. Nov. 2015.
can he teleport units to the dark pylons ?
TheMountain Lords on 15. Nov. 2015.
It totally makes sense now! HOLY SHIT!
Mats Backlund on 15. Nov. 2015.
Nerve cord? o.O It appears I don't know anything about the lore of those guys :( I always belived it was hair..
Paul Goff on 15. Nov. 2015.
No he was my favorite Zeartul don't leave us
Themaster Ofwaffles on 15. Nov. 2015.
ZERATUL! You were a magnificent bastard in life. You shall be a beautiful sonofabitch in life.
Themaster Ofwaffles on 15. Nov. 2015.
zeratul after seeing the ruins of his space car-"WHO DID THIS! WHO KILLED HER!?" Amon after destroying the car and hearing this-"oh...shiiiiittt."
Uldihaa on 15. Nov. 2015.
Jesse had a lore-gasm there at the end, didn't he?
Zemas on 15. Nov. 2015.
En taro Zeratul
x8thSinx on 15. Nov. 2015.
I beat the campaign on the day of launch. I am literally watching this just to see Jesse's reactions to everything. And I was not disappointed.
Android 19 on 15. Nov. 2015.
daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. This expansion does not disappoint.