StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 6] - The Spear of Adun

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niggatronixxx on 20. Nov. 2015.
I love coming here and watching Jesse play a mission after I watch Day9 push for brutal achievements. The contrast of high stress/high apm and this durdling around if funny to me.
Sexual Tea on 20. Nov. 2015.
This reminds me of when the Autobots were fleeing Cybertron.
LeonSylon on 20. Nov. 2015.
Can I say it here without spoilering the previous part? ITSA TRAP
fullster1983 on 18. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, you're so cute playing StarCraft ;)
Hazzdark1 on 18. Nov. 2015.
This may be a stupid question, but how the hell can he warp in three units from one warp gate at the same time? I don't understand.
Edohiguma on 17. Nov. 2015.
The crab in the bottom right is really Amon.
Draeckon on 17. Nov. 2015.
Wait, I just noticed something... are Jesse's warpgates holding multiple charges per gate? I'm playing on Brutal, and my gates don't do that. Is that just a feature of the easier difficulties? The ability to warp in more units?
Scarx2gt on 17. Nov. 2015.
Sort of ploughed through this game so that I may play fallout 4, came to watch these videos for Jesse's reactions to the cutscenes lol
LoneWolf69sg on 16. Nov. 2015.
Cause who needs gas right? Not the Protoss the most gas heavy race in the game...
mstrblik on 16. Nov. 2015.
jbz3 on 16. Nov. 2015.
In case you still didn't know, you can hold shift to warp in multiple units
georgekostaras on 16. Nov. 2015.
Hey man, love your commentary :)
jbz3 on 15. Nov. 2015.
Jessie's mind was so blown in the previous video. Phase smith has a space beard because he's a phase smith.
MrFreakHeavy on 15. Nov. 2015.
I feel so bad for the protoss... they can't take a breather can they? They get attacked by the zerg, they fight and loose their planet, they try to take it back killing the over mind, but they couldn't. Now they are back and looks like they finally did it, just to find out that Amon is taking control of them and they to flee... for the third time.
Emil Klingberg on 15. Nov. 2015.
i was so confused by that beard, why does only he grow that weird stuff
neocomp92 on 15. Nov. 2015.
Karax sounds like he's voiced by Worf...
Kassidar on 15. Nov. 2015.
Jessie, are you playing with 1 hand? you are aren't you oh god what are you doing with your other hand
RasEarl Metaligana on 15. Nov. 2015.
noon play where the hot key! press W to use wargate and press G to turn on gateway to wargate and setting game play to faster
NightmareRoach on 15. Nov. 2015.
I cant wait for Jesse to meet Fenix so we can start the whole "robots being people or not" debate again.
Grizwold myl on 15. Nov. 2015.
So now there are no Templar Protoss? Without their nerve cords they're all just Dark Templar aren't they?
illogik on 15. Nov. 2015.
More votedowns till Dragon Age
NeoLagna on 15. Nov. 2015.
The only thing i'd like to ask for, is if you could try practicing using control groups jesse :3? Whenever you have things selected hold control, then hit a number at the same time, all that you have selected will be bound to that number. All you have to do is hit that number key and you can select all that is bound to it instantly again. And if you need to select multiple things and can't use the Bandbox, hold select and control at the same time, and as long as you are you can keep clicking on individual things and bandbox things and they will all be added to the 'group' you are making, then when done, just let go of shit, keep holding control, and hit a number to bind it all to a number. It really helps for managing buildings.
Dylan Sunday on 14. Nov. 2015.
This series is like my drug, I need moar.
deygotwingsnow fujimorapantsu on 14. Nov. 2015.
Godammit I as hoping that Jesse never learns how to use warp gates...
mrspidey80 on 14. Nov. 2015.
Question: Where do all those Zealots come from that he warps in? Shouldn't they be evil like all the others?
Webbecles on 14. Nov. 2015.
So am I the only one who thinks that Karax sounds like Troy Baker?
GRIMHOOD99 on 14. Nov. 2015.
Legacy of void story line is bonkers i am so excited to see other episodes because what will happen is mind blowing
l0rf on 14. Nov. 2015.
I genuinely dislike missions that put you on a timer. I understand the challenge, but I want to enjoy my time with the game on my terms, not be ushered through and forced to rush.
szpinak222 on 14. Nov. 2015.
I was speechless when I saw him warping in for the first time...
vikied doom on 14. Nov. 2015.
more more more
ElusiaBoomkin on 14. Nov. 2015.
he can't use control groups and even when the game makes a control group for him (w for all warp gates) he doesnt use it...i'm ripping my dick off
shay campbell on 14. Nov. 2015.
i didnt think someone could be so bad at this game and still do it professionally
EminemLovesGrapes on 14. Nov. 2015.
Funny how every species are now severed from their overlord type things. Zerg are free of the overmind and it's strains(primal zerg now) and the protoss are no longer bound to that crystal.
AlfredGanQuan on 14. Nov. 2015.
I'm sure you know this Jesse but just in case: you can queue commands by holding the "shift" key so that your probes won't skip orders. You can also use this trick to do "smart blinks" with your stalkers.
Vladislav Boshnakov on 14. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, if you run out of vespene gas, maybe take your other geyser ?
iNahtanoJ on 14. Nov. 2015.
I love jesse but watching him play the strategic parts leaves me in physical pain
FrenzyAggressor on 14. Nov. 2015.
oh wow i just noticed your zealots models don't have the nerve cord, good job blizz.
Nameless One on 14. Nov. 2015.
Finally, this campaign now can really begin.
MrBoegela on 14. Nov. 2015.
..maybe Amon is right. Maybe we've been doing it wrong all this time, he offers us a solution, why must we be stubborn?
loppol11 on 14. Nov. 2015.
If you zoom in to look at your Zealots' models, their nerve cords are cut. This happens to all units with visible nerve cords as far as I know. Detail!
B Z on 14. Nov. 2015.
First thing Jesse does is chronoboost an upgrade xD
Pat Best on 14. Nov. 2015.
Those protoss are reacting surprisingly well to what would basically equate to suddenly losing your senses of touch and hearing while also losing an eye.
Muck006 on 14. Nov. 2015.
No Jesse ... "this" isnt how you "warp in guys" ... you TRANSFORM ALL GATEWAYS. Honestly LEARN TO PLAY! 1. Warp Gate is THE racial gimmick Protoss got in Starcraft 2 and *should* not be new to you. 2. Build that second extractor! 3. Do NOT build such a clusterfuck base with narrow paths. Either make wide paths or build "walls" with your buildings.
History of Video Games on 14. Nov. 2015.
So I completed the main campaign earlier and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Part of me wants to see what Jesse thinks of the lore stuff that comes forward. I also disagree that Kerrigan should have been offed. She's a crucial part to the prophecy and lore of SC in general.
Tophat Chicken on 14. Nov. 2015.
Thank God, now there's one less thing for people to bitch about (as amusing as it was).
Andrew Kajander on 14. Nov. 2015.
PRESS W FOR WARP GATES i says right next to ther F2 and F1 button it hurts me to see you going through each one and clicking individually
Adam Fletcher on 14. Nov. 2015.
Artanis suffers from the Raiden Syndrome. No matter how cool that Blizzard tries to make Artanis cool, he will always be the crotch-grabbing bird crap-slipping wannabe replacement for a much cooler character.
SeditiousSpyke on 14. Nov. 2015.
Robert Alan on 14. Nov. 2015.
gonna be honest here, i went and git this game after watching this.
Josh Sweetvale (Bonkers) on 14. Nov. 2015.
En Taro Zeratul.