StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 7] - Amon's Reach

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Uploaded: 15 Nov 2015 Likes: 2048
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PixelPixeliado P.P on 25. Nov. 2015.
On hard this mision was a nightmare for me, but on normal is just like this video.
ChrisChaosMK2 on 24. Nov. 2015.
What is that thing view-able from the window at 9:31?
montsa420 on 20. Nov. 2015.
Whats up with Karax? 4:33 He complains about Rohanas nerve cords. At 5:00 Karax already got his own back, although at 5:26 they are gone again.
Barney Harris on 20. Nov. 2015.
"...Oh that's how"
Myndness on 19. Nov. 2015.
aw454wtr on 19. Nov. 2015.
zealots look like the zaku II used in Starcraft 1 gundam century mod
Stefan Erler on 19. Nov. 2015.
Ah, the sense of relief that is only felt when jesse summons a pylon to support his attack and doing all the warpgatey things like someone who knows what they're doing. Good show jesse, keep it up.
fullster1983 on 18. Nov. 2015.
Also use W to use all of our Warpgates to Warp in new units ;)
fullster1983 on 18. Nov. 2015.
Hold Shift when placing down pylons to place more than one at a time ;)
Kelazun on 17. Nov. 2015.
Vorazun is a cool name
p3wp3wz0rz on 17. Nov. 2015.
Khala = protoss internet connection Amon = Hacker Protoss = no more internet connection to each other R.I.P. Khala. Now the protoss must rely on archaic forms of communication like...talking to one another and asking how they feel <shudder>
Draeckon on 17. Nov. 2015.
"This has been ridiculously easy so far" That's because you're playing on Normal, Jesse xD I can attest to the fact that, on Brutal, LotV is WAY harder than WoL or HotS on the same setting. On Brutal, this map is COVERED in detection, and your enemies start with 1/1 upgrades, and soon get 2/2 upgrades (while you're stuck with maxing out at 1/1/1). Ultralisks are everywhere, and if you get spotted, the queens' goop will screw you over, since it means you can't get away. I'm also pretty sure the Void Thrashers appear more frequently, though I'm not sure if they have more HP or do more damage. There's a trick to each mission, though, and once you figure it out, even some of these missions on Brutal are pretty easy.
Daniel Showalter on 17. Nov. 2015.
hahaha go g power rangers!
CrunchyPotatoes on 16. Nov. 2015.
The Khala, aka future Twitter.
Adam Moony on 16. Nov. 2015.
So basically Protoss are without internet now.
Kurliy on 16. Nov. 2015.
One day Jesse will learn about the shift button.
Idekaji on 16. Nov. 2015.
Jesse: "Gonna throw down the D" Dark Templar: "From the shadows I come" ...Priceless
Archaon on 16. Nov. 2015.
And today we must honor the loss of a long friend by the name of Zeratul may he rest easy knowing Artanis has taken in command
Hagrim91 on 16. Nov. 2015.
BEST lip sync in a game ever. 10/10
ChromaticEagle on 16. Nov. 2015.
Jesse please chrono boost your nexus so you get probes out faster. You can also drop pylons on the map so you can warp in units closer to the enemy.
ChromaticEagle on 16. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, please hotkey. You can ctrl + number something.
syrenet on 16. Nov. 2015.
"She abathur" XD
Bloodstainer on 15. Nov. 2015.
Fuck.. I want to continue watching this.. but I'm just going to buy and play this myself now.
BarricadeTF2 on 15. Nov. 2015.
Markis2bi4 on 15. Nov. 2015.
Guess the Protoss now know the mental disposition of being Human. Now they have to "talk" their feelings out, instead of using telepathy as a shortcut.
Gustavo Kaplon (GK) on 15. Nov. 2015.
Nameless One on 15. Nov. 2015.
This ship is so bright it hurts my eyes.
Turmoil on 15. Nov. 2015.
Dragoons and centurions are the best. High survivability+dmg and stun chargers.
Zulamun on 15. Nov. 2015.
Damnit blizzard. Stop going all George R R Martin on everyones favourite characters :(
jandegrote1 on 15. Nov. 2015.
not very hard i mean you do play it on normal wich is well piss easy turn it up to brutal and see what happends :P
TyronMakeka on 15. Nov. 2015.
Nominating Rohana for Heroes of the Storm!
suicidebagel on 15. Nov. 2015.
Anyone else bothered that they changed protoss hands? Not sure when they did this but I only noticed it with the launch of the expansion.
Mindofthequill on 15. Nov. 2015.
Dammit every time I hear "Shakuras" the immediate thought process in my head starts going "Shakura, Shakura, ..." and then struggles to think of Starcraft related lyrics
Azai Kyousuke on 15. Nov. 2015.
I'm not exactly a picky viewer or backseat gamer, but after playing RTS for 15 years it bugs me immensely that Jesse just refuses to use hotkeys of any kind, still a great playthrough though.
Scourgething on 15. Nov. 2015.
Why do female protoss look like they're made of yeast?
Petretti on 15. Nov. 2015.
YES more Starcraft!
Vincent Brian Bernardo on 15. Nov. 2015.
I have never played Starcraft of any kind before but I know just little about it. The expansion looks good and feels like a fun video game in general
PhanttoM3D on 15. Nov. 2015.
Damn, the contrast between Normal difficulty and Hard is really big - I had trouble with this mission on Hard. So many spore crawlers and patrolling Overseers that could detect the Dark Templar.
Warlord_Pipsqueak on 15. Nov. 2015.
This shit is going full battlestar.
mrspidey80 on 15. Nov. 2015.
Damn @all those lens flares. Was JJ Abrams guest-directing this campaign?
Multimorten on 15. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, I would like to point out that the shift key exists
Rambol on 15. Nov. 2015.
can he play this on hard normal is very easy
l0rf on 15. Nov. 2015.
"Does the Spear of Adun bring you no joy?" I know what Bad Dragon calls their next product.
Stepan Stepanov on 15. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, this is not interesting! Look, how low your views are! Don't play such crap, play some cool games like Far Cry or Undertale.
Pedro Igor on 15. Nov. 2015.
why doesnt Jesse just use dragoons since he doest use blink anyways
Decrazymonkeyking on 15. Nov. 2015.
god damit jesse u can warp in 2 unit/warp gate why not build more warp gates? :3 js
vikied doom on 15. Nov. 2015.
try using hot keys ut would help u :) and awesome wid again
Kade514 on 15. Nov. 2015.
Kinda weird how the Protoss had these massive spaceships capable of restarting their civilization in the event of a disaster and yet they were never mentioned during Brood War. Almost as if Blizzard just made them up for this one expansion and didnt think of how they'd fit in the with the rest of the story, huh? :P
SolaisYosei on 15. Nov. 2015.
TIP OF THE DAY: You can make control groups by pressing [Ctrl] + [any number], then select them with [bound number]. It is useful in tracking your strike team and also to operate your production structures from far.
Hasphew on 15. Nov. 2015.
Artanis talking to Korax: "I can't feel without khala, I'm sad" "Yeah I know I'm also sad." "And I can't feel without khala, I'm sad" "Yeah I know I'm also sad." "And I can't feel without khala, I'm sad" "Yeah I know I'm also sad." "Ok, bye."