StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Part 9] - Sky Shield

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Carter Walker on 25. Nov. 2015.
Wait how does each of his gates warp in three units?
Jared Totaro on 25. Nov. 2015.
One of these days he will learn how to shift+click buildings.
Kropikovo on 25. Nov. 2015.
@8:85 Heh! I'm proud of you for that joke. I'd be disappointed if you didn't make it.
Mike Zorzan on 25. Nov. 2015.
We also take out our got a good laugh out of me there Jesse.
Carlo Pereyra on 25. Nov. 2015.
Damn that Rohana is definitely racist.
Thehagengnome HD on 24. Nov. 2015.
you can also chain commands
Thehagengnome HD on 24. Nov. 2015.
i would advice you to hotkey your units and buildings.. just saying..
phillip kriel on 22. Nov. 2015.
Jessy you stupid ass
HeadCap on 22. Nov. 2015.
I'm not a starcraft II player, but I've kept up with playthrough because i love the story, I wanted to watch this instead of Day[9]s just to get through the story and holy crap theres a massive gap in skill level.
George X on 22. Nov. 2015.
This guy is noob - amirite?
DovahStud on 22. Nov. 2015.
Actually Jesse Triple G is a Kazakhstani boxer.
ChangosDK on 19. Nov. 2015.
Damn Jesse and his butt jokes, splat water all over my screen just in that time!
Ramon609 on 19. Nov. 2015.
damnit jesse! that fart joke caught me off guard and gave me a laughing fit! XD
simonchirps on 19. Nov. 2015.
Great video Jesse enjoying this series! I must not say anything about Jesse's terrible macro. I must not say anything about Jesse's terrible macro. I must not say anything about Jesse's terrible macro. I must not say anything about Jesse's terrible macro. I must not say anything about Jesse's terrible macro. I hate myself.
kc onizuka on 18. Nov. 2015.
Oddly enough i farted all of 2 seconds before that joke
Quatremaine on 18. Nov. 2015.
I am with you Jesse our butts are a symphony onto itself.
MrBoegela on 17. Nov. 2015.
lore wise, how do protoss speak?
WeirdSal on 17. Nov. 2015.
Vancrox on 17. Nov. 2015.
Did anyone else notice that Karax still has his nerve cords in the little webcam chat thingy?
Dank Memelord on 17. Nov. 2015.
I wanna be on the planet with decembergrad as its capital
PersuAsian on 17. Nov. 2015.
Best joke I've ever heard that used the word orifice. Well done, Cox.
bjoern007 on 17. Nov. 2015.
Jesse basically proving Rohana's point with that fart-joke :P
Dr Boom on 17. Nov. 2015.
PLZ JESSE! Put your game speed to Fast.
Afriend ofyours on 16. Nov. 2015.
I've noticed a weird amount of sexual tension between Vorazun and Artanis.
Thomas Gideon on 16. Nov. 2015.
God I love Jim Raynor. He really is the best of humanity in the StarCraft universe.
StarFlip on 16. Nov. 2015.
butt jokes of the finest I say matey
RysanRelics on 16. Nov. 2015.
Btw jesse, if u have a building sellected and u want to build more at the same time ( mainly pilons ) just hold shift and u can spam the buildings, the probes wil make them all
enoughofyourkoicarp on 16. Nov. 2015.
Time to sit down being a cashew eating motherfucker and watch some JessCraft. :P
RexMcTube on 16. Nov. 2015.
Prffffffht to you too, buddy!
Gigas0101 on 16. Nov. 2015.
Jesse, since this is not a permanent upgrade choice as it was with the Zerg, please experiment with the alternate units you have access to? I'd both really like to see the alternate Zealot and Dark Templar as well as see the (at least for me) iconic Dragoons of Starcraft 1 once more.
Kinkachuu on 16. Nov. 2015.
Hold shift when building, you can build another of whatever your currently building without needing to keep doing them one by one. This is especially useful with Pylons for example.
Abel Drabble on 16. Nov. 2015.
silly human pride ....double talking orifices
Donderkonijn1978 on 16. Nov. 2015.
chrono boosts forge...does nothing with it. sigh. BUTT CLENCH MAX
Toogorax on 16. Nov. 2015.
more more more! I love your starcraft vids!
Spiritoffire686// \\Gaming on 16. Nov. 2015.
Is Rohanna jelley about the fact that we have mouths?
ssschulz on 16. Nov. 2015.
Safe to assume the Witcher series has gone the way of Skyrim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS Jesse!
Guilherme Silva on 16. Nov. 2015.
PowerOfTheRich on 16. Nov. 2015.
jesse: we also communicate through our butts *farting noise* me: *facepalm*
The997hextor on 16. Nov. 2015.
Being a former history teacher , what do you view history as Jesse ?
DamnDevious on 16. Nov. 2015.
Actually Blizzard should add in all of the other stuff from the novels like the part mentioned about Adun like what they are doing for Nova, or they can make it free, cmon Blizzard!
zdogiil on 16. Nov. 2015.
did anyone else feel that the lotv campaign was pretty meh?
Andri474 on 16. Nov. 2015.
Quit talking out of your ass, Cox!
KappaSockman on 16. Nov. 2015.
Rohana is going to be corrupted, isn't it... there is a strong vibe..
Slyphorever on 16. Nov. 2015.
8:34 Is this the start of a new tv series, Jesse Cox: Butt Whisperer?
Jørgen H on 16. Nov. 2015.
I've noticed several times Jesse Chrono Boosts the forge at the start without starting upgrades. Classic xD
S△M on 16. Nov. 2015.
Starcraft is such a snorefest.
thegreatninjaman on 16. Nov. 2015.
artanis here trying to defend humans Jesse: we also communicate through are butts! *facepalm*
Katrina Mishow on 16. Nov. 2015.
I'm... I'm so sad he didn't go to glacius first. He's gonna crap bricks when he finds out what's there.
Crit - C on 16. Nov. 2015.
Sooooo... I guess the Witcher 3 play-through is going the way of the Skyrim play-through. smh... I love Starcraft, but please just a little of Witcher 3 to keep it going after LotV.
SomeNinja on 16. Nov. 2015.
As a person who completed the story on release date. I'm just here for your reactions, input and opinions on the story of SC2:LotV and well Starcraft in general. So please share all the feels :P