Surrender In Overwatch? (Overwatch News)

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ClaTheNinja on 28. Jun. 2017.
Make surrender an option for 6-stacks only. All problems solved.
paulyoungck on 26. Jun. 2017.
No matter how bad the game is going, it could always turn in your favour later on. If a player truly thinks the match is lost, they can leave or, if it's comp, just try to have fun before the word defeat flashes on the screen.
Lorid Dekkar on 26. Jun. 2017.
Well, this option is sure needed. Couse right now if you have bad team, or trolls-derankers all you can do is stay on base or pick char like torbjorn and throw the game, so you dont get kick for afk. May curse on me, but i am always throw game if we lose 1st point in less then 1 minute.
LowerSpider4725 PR on 25. Jun. 2017.
I personally believe there shouldn't be a surrender option in overwatch. I used to play smite a lot and that game has a surrender option and it really harmed my experience when teammates would keep spamming the surrender option if we started off rough, EVEN if we turned the game around and won, they wouldn't stop. With overwatch, I couldn't even fathom the amount of surrender pleas coming from toxic players, and with match chat that option becomes all the more scary as the toxic player could communicate with the enemy to either coax their own team or the enemy into ending a match that had no right to end. I've moved from smite to heroes along with overwatch, and really the games are better without it.
Edwad Loozley on 25. Jun. 2017.
if blizzard does decide to reorganize the hero roster, can be put in the "broken and unbalanced af" category? Thx but no thx
EatsMuchChocolate on 25. Jun. 2017.
No surrender option. It just isn't worth it. The hero roles need changes though. Here's my idea: Harasser - Genji, Reaper, Sombra, Tracer. Defender - Bastion, Junkrat, Symmetra, Torbjorn. Sharpshooter - Hanzo, McCree, Pharah, Widowmaker. Brawler - Mei, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Zarya. Tank - D. Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Winston. Healer - Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Zenyatta.
Mondyjoy on 25. Jun. 2017.
NO! DO NOT ADD SURRENDER!!! Overwatch is so fk easy to make a comeback on! I mean we get so many second tries and all! Plus this game play is very old lol reused XD
Orion 04 on 24. Jun. 2017.
If they add surrender then It should be a system where one player clicks a button and starts a vote where all 6 people need to agree to surrender by choosing their preferred option, it's all or it's not going to happen
Hjernespreng on 24. Jun. 2017.
*Option:* Have it be an option for 6-man premade groups.
Tyler Hendrix on 24. Jun. 2017.
I actually feel like there should be a fill option, possibly that you can opt out of, filling in comp games with leavers, doing so grants more xp, and you can join after a certain point, so like if it's 2-0 on koth
Min Lee on 24. Jun. 2017.
Force, I've never commented on any of your videos, but have been watching since Overwatch came out. I just wanted to say thank you and that you make great videos. You don't have some wacky opening and lots of background info and that saves us time. You make objective and nuanced points and that informs us. Keep up the great work!
Jakob Marx on 23. Jun. 2017.
one more reason I'm playing quick play
spades512 on 23. Jun. 2017.
We don't need this. It would probably discourage team play during the tough parts of a match. They should just make it so you don't lose as much SR when someone on your team leaves the match because that is what really makes people feel like giving up.
Kaelan Tornga on 23. Jun. 2017.
I don't think the surrender option should be added.
Dominic Lewis on 23. Jun. 2017.
what i want is a surrender emote for each one of the heros like the sit dance and laugh like they put their hands and weapons down
Nebbster on 23. Jun. 2017.
I think I've had it with competitive. First match i played in today, the enemy team lost 4 players, so the game felt boring withought a challange. Next game 2 of our players leave, and we losg 6 to 3. This kept on going on for a while, and i feel bad when i report the leavers (their psn accounts get suspended temporarily)
Kaehyon on 23. Jun. 2017.
They should rename Support to Healer and Defense to Utility and then shift heroes around accordingly. Still no real significance, but probably a better guideline for new players.
Evan1234 O'Connor on 23. Jun. 2017.
Why u bother replying I dont read lel on 23. Jun. 2017.
lol they want OW to look like the League of Plebs... god damn.
V3RK5 on 22. Jun. 2017.
fuck those pussy ass bitches, where would be the clutch factor...ive played tons of games where we've stopped a payload in just .1 and or overtime..people will be pressing that shit like no other if its in there. fight till its done.
Josh B on 22. Jun. 2017.
Alright hell no to surrender feature... buttt how about if someone leaves your team then you should lose no sr, I mean I just feel like this makes a lot of sense and is easy to implement
ThePunisher_Rich on 22. Jun. 2017.
Honestly this would just encourage more games being thrown. Its worse already. People are just losers when they arent on a team that stomps every game. Plus the time limits on games are short compared to like games in league of legends.
Brian Beck on 22. Jun. 2017.
add surrender for everything under diamond. Kids that play there dont play the same game as the diamond and masters so they should have the option
rockoutloud2me on 22. Jun. 2017.
Maybe have a surrender option if 2 or more people leave a comp match.
BaaldEagle on 22. Jun. 2017.
Overwatch is not a snowballing FPS. You don't gain any tangible advantage from doing well except ult charge and that is about it. Because take CS:GO, LoL or starcraft for instance, CS:GO the team bank snowballs which makes rounds increasingly difficult to beat, LoL and DoTa item gold, AND level advantage can send a team out of control and starcraft if u fuck up early enough the enemy can steam ahead with better economy, army, upgrades AND tech. A surrender option should not be included in Overwatch for this very fact since come backs are possible with the only counter-weight being ult charge, if it ever gets added I will stop playing because god forbid dealing with whiney cunts who want to surrender after losing 1st point or 10 metres on the payload....
Beast Incarnate23 on 21. Jun. 2017.
No surrender!!! I think the best option would be no one can leave in competitive lol
CurryinaHurry369 on 21. Jun. 2017.
What beta would want a surrender option? It's a video game not an MMA fight
L3UK4L41N3N on 21. Jun. 2017.
What overwatch really needs is system which allows players to play on roles they want. Because when you get 6 dps mains on your team and you go support you'll only end up with 1 support and 5 dps.... I'm just so tired of losing games like that.
Dr Rew on 21. Jun. 2017.
A no surrender system is better because I've had so many comp matches at masters that each side just rolls the enemy team on attack and then it turns into a good and fun time
Jonathan Ceniceros on 21. Jun. 2017.
Surrendering should ONLY be allowed when it's a 5v6 4v6 etc.
Erbie Erbie on 21. Jun. 2017.
I'm a Junkrat main. I've personally see big changes in him since last update. If others familiar with him could comment if they feel the same. I don't want to say what the changes are. I want to see if other Junkrat players see the changes too.
Keldeo Star on 21. Jun. 2017.
If they set it to a singular person to surrender and someone replaces the person as soon a they leave I can see it. Sometimes I come to a point that isn't the problem with the game, for example I had to go downstairs and help my mother in the middle of comp, the surrender option would have been convenient.
Le Fou on 21. Jun. 2017.
Surrender could be good if we could only do so if at least one teammate leaves and takes their penalty. I've had games I couldn't leave because I didn't want to lose the 50 SR and it was 6 vs 2.
Matthew Smith on 21. Jun. 2017.
The day they introduce surrendering is the day Overwatch dies. Have you ever played LoL or dota? Both have disgustingly toxic communities that surrender at the drop of a hat.
Brett DuVale on 21. Jun. 2017.
Never surrender. Never give up. With regards to the roles, I kinda disagree with Jeff on this one. I get that they don't want heroes to be pigeon-holed into only doing certain things, which is great, but his explanation of the roles as being there to guide new players just makes it seem more apparent that Symmetra should be moved. A completely new player looking at the support heroes is going to feel that they're all some sort of healers or buffers, which everyone there but Symmetra is. So it gives a new player a false impression, the exact *opposite* of Jeff's stated intention. She definitely fits more in the defense role than she does support, and her current placement only serves to confuse new players. I imagine that the backend work required to move her over is simply too low of priority for them to bother with, given all the other things they have to do on the game and how little they think it matters in the big picture.
Gonçalo Quaresma on 21. Jun. 2017.
They should add the specialist role like they have in hot and put sombra in there i dont think she is a "support" hero, road hog could also fit in there since he's just a dps with high health pool and they sould move symm to defence.
Caleb Kapphan on 21. Jun. 2017.
If overwatch did get a surrender option it should be that if a majority of your team wants to surrender you can
Sir Real Gaming on 21. Jun. 2017.
Sir Render - I'm all for a button dedicated to me at all times
Kichmica on 21. Jun. 2017.
Hell no, no surrender option. I'm sick and tired of that bullshit from over five years of playing LoL. Oh boo hoo, we aren't 20-0 five minutes into the game, surr 20 bg QQ.... Fuck, I ain't taking that bullshit in OW too now.
Prisoner on 21. Jun. 2017.
I honestly feel that sombra should be a defence hero, if you know what to do with her she is really good in that role (shut off enemy healing near the point, easily flank and kill pushing tanks, and just emp them when they try to take the objective
Elyna Lilyarel on 21. Jun. 2017.
HAHAHAHAHA No. Ever play LoL? People in that game surrender more than France. Surrendering starts this mindset of "well this game was a blowout surely the next one will go perfectly!" After a while people begin to surrender at the slightest hint of defeat.
William Graham on 21. Jun. 2017.
if a team surrendered both teams would get less xp, just saying
Birdofplay60a on 21. Jun. 2017.
I think if they added a surrender option the vote to surrender should be private to reduce toxicity. People can vote but they wouldn't know who else voted.
Michael K-J on 21. Jun. 2017.
I hope not. The best victories I've ever had have been those clutch as hell wins where your team spends the whole game getting absolutely crushed into the dirt, only to pull together when the payload is on the last point in overtime, and pull off a win out of absolutely no where. That is the sweetest kind of victory you can have in this game. If there'd been a surrender option in the game, I can bet those moments would become far too rarer :/ I like competitive games like Overwatch because they can be flipped at any split second in the game. It's not Battlefield, the tables can turn at literally any point in the game. There's no point in a regular game of Overwatch where victory is impossible, until the match is officially over. The game does not need a surrender option.
SpoonHurler on 21. Jun. 2017.
Just Win or DIE TRYIN'!!!!
Shine13373 on 21. Jun. 2017.
Take your whipping if you are getting rolled and move on.
u235u235u235 on 21. Jun. 2017.
you make surrender anonymous. so even if all but one votes YES for surrender, you never know the holdout.
Jeremy Stine on 21. Jun. 2017.
Surrender options are cancer. They invite people to give up. Don't join a Comp game if you aren't willing to play it out especially since the outcomes can change quick.