TERRIBLE! Worst Troll in Overwatch Goes Basically Unpunished, but Great News for Diablo 3 (Gameplay)

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Balberoy on 2. Sep. 2017.
Honestly, the matchmaking and loosing SR and only awarding points when you win makes a game toxic. I can play the right hero, make really good calls and all and still loose, cause blizzard gives me level 50 teammates all the time. The other team is round about 500 levels above mine. This is the case in more then 50% of the cases, at least for me. What do you think your chances are when your team just does not have the experience to know the maps, or when to change char to win? I once had SR 2800, Season 5 I was 1800... Yeah nice balance, when you loose more then 10 matches consecutively cause your teammates suck all the time. This were not close call matches but 100% clear looses with no redeeming factor. THIS IS IN LIVE RANKED MATCHMAKING! How do you expect me to be happy, calm and non toxic when the team sucks every round. I can't do more then to pick the tank or healer when noone picks, cause noone wants to play them. And then your DPS was a hanzo, torb and a junkrat (prepatch) a
YIC on 2. Sep. 2017.
how not to get banned : insta lock -> mute all chat and remove enter button from keyboard
DraconianDeus on 2. Sep. 2017.
I wouldn't object to adding a cosmetics shop to Diablo, however i probably wouldn't buy anything there. I did drop this season as well, but the reason was that Necromancer was released in off-season, so i made a bunch of progress on the character during that time. In fact, i made more progress than on any other of my characters, so i didn't feel like starting over when Season 11 started, just kept playing non-season. Love your content, keep it up!
THEBURNDOME on 2. Sep. 2017.
Rhykker your the best. I've been watching your stuff so much more and more and I have to say the quality of your content and your awesomeness is outstanding. keep it up my mmaaaannn!!!!
Nuel Nu on 2. Sep. 2017.
What about Demon Hunters :(
Solanstusx on 2. Sep. 2017.
If I would probably pay like $5 for those wings, sure. I'd definitely be cool with some microtransactions in return for more/better cosmetics.
datastorm17 on 2. Sep. 2017.
I like that endless rift idea
Themastaofpacin on 2. Sep. 2017.
honestly I'm waiting for Blizzard to just admit that Overwatch was rushed in terms of its overall release. The reason for this is at least half the issues I have seen or heard about could have been prevented by maybe 3 months of more work in the alpha stages. The reporting tool overhaul is just one of the issues that would have been fixed. What is your opinion on this Rhykker.
ritzmat on 2. Sep. 2017.
how can you do a weekly show about diablo news when the game hasn't changed in 3 years ?
crzy1gs on 2. Sep. 2017.
I would pay serious bank for a minion that picked up lewt + DBs!
S. Terry on 2. Sep. 2017.
I wouldn't mind paying for wings if they had like a bundle or something, but probably not more than 3-5$ each if they sell separate. Also it's kind of disappointing that some regions have better wings than others lol. (micro transactions or not)
kleomenis456 on 2. Sep. 2017.
Netsuko on 2. Sep. 2017.
Ever since I saw the PTR changes, I have felt less incentive to play on live. END THE SEASON EARLY :P
fjficm on 2. Sep. 2017.
I thought Blizzard was apologising for "ordering take away from ChinkerTown"
timabuf on 2. Sep. 2017.
This is actually why I stopped playing competitive myself because you would lose one game even though you did good but your team was not even communicating a little alone trying to play well , but yet he would lose so much a star simply because your team lost even if you were being the best team player you could and doing well it made a very toxic and I made people like myself want to be toxic because we start disliking our teammates because the game was gonna punish us so harsh or something that wasn't even our fault and we got to fully rely on the team
Retrogaming Insanity on 2. Sep. 2017.
aaand i use love d3 but now its nothin more than time killer
Arokhantos on 2. Sep. 2017.
Just add lootbox system to diablo 3
Retrogaming Insanity on 2. Sep. 2017.
meh d3 is so borring now even with necro the rifts boring set dungeons boring we want more dungeons more acts more story more classes more sets otherwise why even bother
Heronaconite on 2. Sep. 2017.
Imagine an Overwatch MMO... damn.
Dan C on 2. Sep. 2017.
I think it's a huge testament to how interesting and engaging you are, Rhykker, that I don't play Overwatch and am a triggered D2 fanboy who doesn't even play D3 anymore, and yet I still look forward to and watch all of your videos! I actually love this weekly wrap-up series :)
Rob Robets on 2. Sep. 2017.
The consistent theme that I see with D3, is that they're perpetually playing catch-up. Example, how long it took them to FINALLY change the original, silly GR Key leveling system and all the precious stash slots they took up . So then... the solution they finally went with was precisely what several of D3's Top Streamers had suggested after just a week or two of grinding the GR Keys. Simply have the GR level upgrade based on prior highest GR level completed! And now... here we are so MANY Seasons later and we're STILL looking for solutions to Rifts and GRs. A priority, for me, would have been a Rift and GR change as part of the Necro DLC!!! I do like some of the suggestions coming from the community, it's just a SHAME that theses solutions or better ideas ARE NOT coming from the D3 Devs!!! And not just concerning Rift & GR's but for all other aspects of game play in D3, Bounties, Solo Play, Paragon Leveling system that's boring past 800 among just a few areas needing a FRESH tweak or t
Andrew Moreno on 2. Sep. 2017.
Are existing legendaries going to retroactively be buffed?
SShaw6174 on 2. Sep. 2017.
Anyone know when season 11 will end?
Siervo Inútil on 2. Sep. 2017.
Please Developers get your head's out of the as... And make the pets pick up Db's and Matt's so we can enjoy the game by "PLAYING" NOT GETTING KILLED WHILE PICKING STUFF UP. TY
Patrik on 2. Sep. 2017.
That cosplay is most impressive!
the void on 2. Sep. 2017.
Got stuff bud, you should just say welcome to blizzard news from now on imo
L ord Mantis Maaloarz on 2. Sep. 2017.
Never ending rifts sounds really cool.
rado jerkovic on 2. Sep. 2017.
"Would you be willing to pay for cosmetics?" Look up Path Of Exile MTX, Rhykker. Also, I love the way you pronounced Shinai as Shnaay
Ben Vanbibber on 2. Sep. 2017.
New Lore Character Introduced, Community: *_HOLY SHIT NEXT HERO CONFIRMED_*
Stefan Ivanovski on 2. Sep. 2017.
Everyone is toxic, it's just that people who are toxic alike, don't report each other. Example, I play Widow, and everyone spams "switch widow" on chat and voice. It's annoying spam, and usually ends up with verbal abuse and flaming towards me, just because I play a hero that is put in the game for that exact purpose - to be played. So yeah, I report at least 1 person per game on average, because everyone else just feels spamming someone on your team to switch a hero is acceptable behaviour.
Dal on 2. Sep. 2017.
Yeah same here. Im so pumped to get back to D3 but I dont want to play this season lol
barduk4 on 2. Sep. 2017.
the problem that i have with d3 now is that they keep nerfing and buffing mechanics in the game, ubiquitous mechanics mind you, like introducing juggernaut elites. "here, have some cc for your classes, but oh we dont want you to be able to stun them a lot so you cant cc them a lot of times, but you also have to stun them to get more damage out, but also some mobs are immune to it, you know what? just go fuck yourself" thats how it feels like
EricUP on 2. Sep. 2017.
I think the Junkertown Queen will introduce us to the next hero, similar to Efi introducing Orisa
Sion Toh on 2. Sep. 2017.
DH got the short straw.......again.
Chin-Chin on 2. Sep. 2017.
The title looks like a Phillip Defranco title
Ledethplays on 2. Sep. 2017.
I would pay for cosmetics.... Blizzard is losing out on a ton of money
Natoba H on 2. Sep. 2017.
What if they made your Magic find go up based on rift % and let it scale above 100.
Jerius Andrawos on 2. Sep. 2017.
You know what would be cool? A series of someone playing WoW for the first time. You should Rhykker.
Akira NightFury on 2. Sep. 2017.
I cannot stress enough how much i would love an endless rift, where you would keep getting a new counter, and the difficulty would keep rising with every new RG. This in it self could end up feeling like a GR clears, for how competitive and deep it could go. Image one after the other, none stop, doing gr 90 through 100, no choice, no pause, just going and going. That could be really fun
DarkOblivion118 on 2. Sep. 2017.
The Junker Queen's weapon looks to be a 2 handed axe, it has the same design as the Earthen Champion's Cleaver from WoW. She's resting the handle on her shoulder and the blade is behind her head.
Pyrros on 2. Sep. 2017.
the necro should just for him spawn a ton of healglobes and maybe 5% of them for the group
Rekalty on 2. Sep. 2017.
Suure.... you took a closer look at her... "weapon".... riiite.
gryfury on 2. Sep. 2017.
for the infinite rift , it's a great idea but we should get a chest at each rift guardian otherwise we will have to clean our inventory too often
Jukes DeLisle on 2. Sep. 2017.
I was super excited to play necro this season because i wanted to experiment with all kinds of stuff with him, though im sure we all know there simply isnt much variation in necro builds. thanks blizz
orewa slayink on 2. Sep. 2017.
roadhog buff just lies he vill never bee ok
Torbero on 2. Sep. 2017.
I like the random floor idea like one of the floors could be a random boss that can drop a ton of loot and a loot chest?
TheOphrys on 2. Sep. 2017.
I stopped playing D3 when damage numbers started going over 1 million.
魔法のたいこシェフ on 2. Sep. 2017.
How unique can each rift be when you just do the same thing in every one
BlueLightningSky on 2. Sep. 2017.
Another melee hero with a shinai? Blizzard should just give up on melee heroes. Doomfist is an absolute fail of a melee hero, he isn't even a melee hero. They can't even get Rein's swing correctly. It's been 2 years and they couldn't get it right. There's a reason melee isn't welcomed in FPS games. They couldn't even get Genji to work as a melee hero. Their game isn't flexible enough or they're just not good enough to have a melee hero. I'm sure players are going to love no reg and getting hit at while outside the model of the shinai because their hitboxes are the size of the moon.
OshMMf on 2. Sep. 2017.
Wtf Rhykker, did I just hear you say "bouleversement" with a perfect french accent ?