The Doomfist Nerfs (Overwatch)

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Adam Speiser on 5. Sep. 2017.
How about the collision hitbox size when hit against walls? I literally was on a stairway and collided with a bump and died with 250 health.
Rhage TV on 5. Sep. 2017.
I disagree with your logic on releasing and scaling back. Nerfs never feel good, always better to present buffs to the public opposed to nerfs imo.
No teamwork Required on 2. Sep. 2017.
Why the f does he punch with his normal fist?????
Eolendes on 2. Sep. 2017.
Doomfist still has the best ultimate of the game. Deals massive damage, is compeletely unstopabble and is pretty hard to dodge.
GG Gamers on 1. Sep. 2017.
still needs a greater cooldown
Jetstream19 on 1. Sep. 2017.
Watch people complain about Junkrat next
Geo on 1. Sep. 2017.
Let's nerd DOOMFIST! But let's keep symm with her range and turrets.
Oshawott Deoxys on 1. Sep. 2017.
Samurai Blacck on 1. Sep. 2017.
I can not believe this man is still getting guys are that bad you can’t kill big body doomfist? Yes he kills fast. But he also dies fast...this community is filled with a bunch of crybaby’s. You guys must really fucking suck if doomfist is a huge problem for you. Get into game chat, focus your fire and get better. I’m tired of this trash ass community.
TheJcproductionsjc on 1. Sep. 2017.
Overwatch devs are pussies who can't tell good criticism from bad one.
CallMeMrPiGuy on 1. Sep. 2017.
ironic that you mentioned reaper being difficult to balance since he was somehow (at least imo) the most balanced character in this game. I honestly don't even think they needed to add the lifesteal ability, i think that tipped him on the overpowered side a tad bit but I still think he's the closest thing to perfect balance.
jac jac on 31. Aug. 2017.
hes still just buggy, i dont like what they are doing, nurf nurf nurf and not handle the buggs
Sasaki on 31. Aug. 2017.
Doomfist isn't really a melee. He just fires himself at enemies as the projectile. Really doomfist is the first self-aiming missile character. Now we need an actual melee.
redsohc on 31. Aug. 2017.
Dope outro music!
YoungPhenix on 31. Aug. 2017.
But...Sambra came out the gate underwhelming. And is still kinda bad
Legion X on 31. Aug. 2017.
And now Doomfist became so weak and useless, it feels like he is not even in the game anymore
Wither lord gaming central on 31. Aug. 2017.
How to crauch and wich skin is better oni or nihon?
warcrab cyber on 31. Aug. 2017.
Doomfist is very tricky to play with, his entire offence depends on hitting the punch. now that his hitbox is nerfed, you just die every time you miss the punch. making him very useless in many situations. in my opinion if they nerf his hitbox they should have done other things to him to stay relevant atleast. like his shield after hitting someone remains instead of going down every second or reduce the cool down on seismic slam. There are characters that definitely need nerfs and never get any example Hanzo scattershot is to over powered killing any anyone almost instantly including tanks., giving junkrat 2 mines is overkill for him and makes him overpowerd. Tracer is untouchable in the hands of an average tracer player and she has no consequences for her actions. Blizzard only prioritizes pro players opinions and i think that in itself is garbage.
VRTXProductions on 31. Aug. 2017.
In short: They took the Doom out of Doomfist
Chris Beniot on 31. Aug. 2017.
All these Bronze - Platnium players think they know everything so they go to the OW fourms and complain, obviously cuz they're shit
Chris Beniot on 31. Aug. 2017.
Nickiy roces on 31. Aug. 2017.
They said they want him to be use for punching mainly then they nerf him so I dont get it, they say one thing then they do something different
megiddragon on 31. Aug. 2017.
Ok ok. As doomfist is my New favourite hero I will say that the Nerf to his hit box was needed. I will however say that he needs more utility. This is a melee themed hero who has a lore that before doomfist, he was into martial arts. Give us more moves that show that and can be used to get around more. Besides his right click the other moves do barely enough damage and are more utility than dps. P.s WHY IS DOOMFIST NOT DEFENSE OR TANK???!
RoboTech gaming on 31. Aug. 2017.
how many Clips do I have to send you an order for you to tell blizzard that he's underpowered right now.
Whiterun Guard on 31. Aug. 2017.
The next Roadhog
Mark Darland on 31. Aug. 2017.
The newest Nerf hit Doomfist TOO hard, he can't hit anything now. He's FAR too hard to use now, give DF half of the hit box reduction you took away. It doesn't make sense that a, almost literal, projectile based hero should require pinpoint accuracy as if they were a hitscan hero. Especially given his agility keeps getting needed into the ground when he's the size of REINHARDT, AN ACTUAL TANK WHO IS MEANT TO BE THAT LARGE, what use is there for a hero who has a third the health of a tank, with less mobility than Tracer and Genji and anything that can shoot WILL hit him? Give Doomfist half the hit box back and give him a stun on his abilities. He punches people hard enough to crack walls; you're telling me a McCree can seriously just take it on the chin, Flashbang me and proceed to Fan the Hammer on the Barn sitting helplessly in front of him? Where's the interplay if I can't counter him? Yes he's a hard counter, but he's TOO hard a counter. Ranged damage, barn sized target, Flashba
Fremy Gonzales on 31. Aug. 2017.
This game just cannot find a good spot on the balance section lol
bull dog on 31. Aug. 2017.
Why isn't mercy and dva on the consol live version right now?
Bl4ckDr4co on 31. Aug. 2017.
Doomfist isn't even good right now.
Hey Mike on 30. Aug. 2017.
Doomfist doesn't need a nerf. There are several characters that hard counter him already.
Maxim Khoury on 30. Aug. 2017.
Its roadhog all over again!
N6Rv on 30. Aug. 2017.
Fuck doomfist
Jesse Spence on 30. Aug. 2017.
I just hope they don't go too HEAVY HANDED with these nerfs. Yes he does need something.
Shimo Dragon on 30. Aug. 2017.
I understand that his hitbox is too large but my god they're nerfing Doomfist so hard! Besides the wonky kills he gets with that hitbox he's actually pretty balanced.
拖哥玩殺 on 30. Aug. 2017.
If you are not to alter his playstyle, simply nerf the damage and keep everything. Nerfing too much in ability range makes his life tough as he'd get shot even before triggering the ability.
hush3r on 30. Aug. 2017.
You can do this but. You can do that but. You can try this but. That's how this hero plays.
LowerSpider4725 PR on 30. Aug. 2017.
Whenever I think of nerfing, I think of Jeff Kaplan randomly shooting a nerf gun and the unlucky character hit has a sudden disability
7down bo on 30. Aug. 2017.
they doing these bullshit changes every week. dammit leave the heroes alone
Hugo stoltz on 30. Aug. 2017.
Zeek920 on 30. Aug. 2017.
Why Blizzard?
Binna Bwheeze on 30. Aug. 2017.
He already sucked when came out, at least from what I've seen
TheRedarm75 on 30. Aug. 2017.
I just want consistency jumping off high ground trying to use E some times gives a strange delay worst part is when it finally works ~2 seconds after spamming E it just slings you 50 miles per hour forward.
bohdilama on 30. Aug. 2017.
Stop asking for nerfs you pussies!!
Noel Soto on 30. Aug. 2017.
Too many nerfs to a fun hero. Feelsbadman
Sicky on 30. Aug. 2017.
Can somebody tell me wtf PTR is? I've heard it a million times now and I haven't been able to use context to understand what it means.
Prem Chudgar on 30. Aug. 2017.
I play alot of genji and when i swiftstrike doomfist and i am dully behing him and when im done he releses the punch and 1 hits me when im not there
Enderphase on 30. Aug. 2017.
This is another case of angery Blizz trying to nerf aspects of a kit that weren't causing any harm simply for the reason that it wasn't intended, in turn taking both personality and charm from a character and also making them feel clunky. This happened to Genji in the form of the animation cancel nerf, triple jump nerf, and later the ledge dash removal. All these parts of his kit made him feel like a ninja to play, and a lot of fucking fun too, but as time passed Blizz got rid of them due to them not being intended, and while he's still a lot of fun to play he lost a lot of charm. Now instead of quickly being able to jump around the map, you'll instead be a cm below where you want to seismic slam but won't be able to jump there, and just painfully fall to the ground. Or maybe you'll try to jump off a high building and fly across the area with your rocket punch but instead you'll just, once again, fall to the ground for no reason other than for the sake of not being able to do that. The
Psyche Artis on 30. Aug. 2017.
Finally Fuck this bullshit fucking faggot of a nigger hero.
El Bandito on 30. Aug. 2017.
Yes, finally. That rocket punch hitbox was pure bullshit.
Rajang kun on 30. Aug. 2017.
The only nerf he needed was to not fucking delete.