The Future of Diablo: Blizzcon 2017 Wrapup

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Steve O on 17. Nov. 2017.
Introducing the Necromancer and implementing him or her plus, expansions and tweaks during the game, are keeping people enticed.
neoflo22 on 17. Nov. 2017.
Oh, ok. So no Diablo 2 remaster and no Diablo 4 news. Poof... I'm out again for another year until another bait video comes along.
Sorry2Baked on 17. Nov. 2017.
D4 mmorpg please.
trueSensei_de on 17. Nov. 2017.
this is simply the Best Channel on YT regarding Diablo. I dont play D3 anymore but i'm still watching your Videos to keep up with whats going on with the Franchise and the Game. Thank you for your passionate Effort
Andrew Furlong on 17. Nov. 2017.
My theory: Dark, Current hack and slash mixed with a bit of MMO. There will be servers (cross realm support) with many people on them, guilds, professions, skill trees OR class specs (i.e: Frost wizard), mobs out in the world to kill and quest and level up, rares that spawn, no paragon levels. Dungeons (4-12 players) will be the focus for end game with the intention of every few months rolling out a new patch with new content to progress in, they will have LFR, Normal, Nightmare, Hell+ (just like mythic+ in WoW).
james harker on 17. Nov. 2017.
Anyone else finished season 12 yet seems very easy done in four days
francis lee pedrosa on 17. Nov. 2017.
Greetings Rhykker, may i make an inquiry? I was wondering can you buy a collector's edition for diablo 3 in blizzcon??
x DeRosear on 17. Nov. 2017.
I’ve only been playing Diablo for MAYBE 6 months, if that? The game is awesome but pretty burnt out. Mastered all characters, 2000 paragon and chillin now. Try to restart characters but I level up so fast now, can start off on Torment, maybe higher. Maybe another act, quicker seasons, more characters and yes I’m aware act 5 and Necro are fairly new. But if they are not releasing a game soon, this should be DLC heavy.
mrtheoden on 17. Nov. 2017.
Diablo may have a future, but what's the bet Blizzard fucks it up like they did D3...
Kyle Engan on 17. Nov. 2017.
look at that bathroom line lmao
Fancy Pancy on 17. Nov. 2017.
My takeaway from D3 is that it was a good game, but I wish I liked it as much as D2. In the sense that I played D2 passionately for much longer. I can't put my finger on exactly why though. So I guess my hopes are that D4 manages to capture me the same way D2 did.
Nathan Reynolds on 16. Nov. 2017.
Watching this dude holding onto anything that even slight resembles the faintest possibility of a diablo 4 is pretty funny...
Matthew Lawrence on 16. Nov. 2017.
Wouldn't it be great if in Diablo 4, we will be choosing the prime evils as our character? Maybe just a humanized prime evil, weakened but slowly gaining back their full powers.
Luka Jelic on 16. Nov. 2017.
I want Diablo 4 with Path of exile build diversity.
Dylan Hammond on 16. Nov. 2017.
Hey Rhykker have you seen this video? Its about the future of Diablo and what the sequel should be like. With the ever want for anything new in Diablo I thought it would be cool if put your own spin on a video like this. Keep up the great content m8. :)
Bottle 12 on 15. Nov. 2017.
Rhykker please dude sheesh
Igor Rafael on 15. Nov. 2017.
We choose you, Rhykker, to represent us into the Blizzcons that are about to come in the next years! Good job! :D
Bawheidbob on 15. Nov. 2017.
I love watching your videos because you keep the hope alive until next year at least
Dominik Pucek on 15. Nov. 2017.
I think what I would like to see from a future Diablo game is less emphasis on a campaign and much more on world building and shorts within those worlds. I'm really digging the new areas unrelated to the main story with their own look, feel and monsters. I feel like advanture mode and rifts were such a brilliant shift in the early life of the series that they should probably double down on that and make the whole game adventure mode with maybe some milestones. You learn about a threat, and it leads to a boss in an area you've been taking bounties for, but now it's time to put on the legendaries and take out a boss in a longer dungeon. Maybe a structured rift preview. Something more like that that's more open, but still Diablo.
Wirt on 15. Nov. 2017.
dat Brandy poker face during your future of D3 panel comment...
Peter Cassidy on 15. Nov. 2017.
But Rhykker, I could SWEAR that when Blizz made their announcement that were wasn't going to be any big Diablo announcements at the con it was couched in terms of having nothing they were ready to bring to us, and that we would have to wait and see what they were coming up with. That phrasing tends to suggest something IS happening, but not far along enough to give us any hints (or false hopes) about what (or when) those projects might be.
KnTCJG on 15. Nov. 2017.
You must make some change brown nosing for blizzard. Are you that blind to a horrible game so long as the fan boys tune in? Diablo 3 is terrible and the lack of anything at blizzard con shows that blizzard has finally realized that D3 was doomed from day one, it was doomed from the fall of blizzard north. Personally how can you still play this game?
SKULLSHOT 84 on 15. Nov. 2017.
So if there is nothing new coming anytime soon, what does this mean for your channel?
fatalis arx on 15. Nov. 2017.
there is no future for diablo!!! maybe for another title but not diablo imo. diablo team now sucks unfortunately.
Maliken on 15. Nov. 2017.
7:21 Thats so sad that no one signed your year book :(
Harry on 15. Nov. 2017.
Why do I have a feeling that once some sort of constant micro transaction can be implemented into the next Diablo game, D3 would be loved once again.
Thinh Vo on 15. Nov. 2017.
To me this is how I see it, Blizzard as a company have always slow when it come to released game. That is just a fact. People who said Blizzard give up on Diablo clearly wasn’t here when Starcraft 2 was announced. Blizzard may want money but that doesn’t mean they don’t give a shit about Diablo. That is a fact. They do. However to me they should change their business model. I do not mean rushing out game like Ubisoft only for it to be either hit or miss but they need to keep up with today standard. They need to released game at faster rate. It just how it is.
Emil Winbo on 15. Nov. 2017.
well, there are very few games that feature big community names in the game. And I was very surprised when I first saw the name "Rhykker" ingame
sylvain brethes on 15. Nov. 2017.
super hard to be positive but u nearly find a way for me ... nearly thougth ... hopefully ur rigth thanks anyway for all ur video rhykker
Kamil Krawetek on 15. Nov. 2017.
We love you! <3 Keep it up man! :)
Antonio Ortiz Sanchez on 15. Nov. 2017.
I love this game, but I really think its time to think in a new group system for D4. Even if Blizzard did a good job with balancing in season 12, the community only wants Meta groups cause they are what? 10 seconds faster than other classes? .... stupid.
Greg Hart on 15. Nov. 2017.
Hey Rhykker , I did see you at BlizzCon , however i was in a hurry to make it to the other side of the convention center for a panel. But i did see you !! :P Thanks for being as objective as possible with Diablo and other games you do. I believe we are Both Canadian too so thats a bonus !
Kharn526 on 15. Nov. 2017.
Hey Blizzard, impress me and actually make a game that doesnt use soft textures and cartoon graphics. Every game of yours has had this.
Askin on 15. Nov. 2017.
140k people watched this video i guess the game isn't as dead as one might thing
DarkTemplarsVoid on 15. Nov. 2017.
Diablo 2 remastered ; ), and maybe add the Druid and Assassin from Diablo 2 to Diablo 3.
jake lynema on 15. Nov. 2017.
Diablo franchise R.I.P
Lynchstah on 14. Nov. 2017.
I think that my new nickname for Rhykker will forever be: "Pants cuffs". *smirk*. Thanks for the vid.
EatMy GrahamCrackers on 14. Nov. 2017.
Anyone got tips to farm for legendary sets?
PA SuaBe on 14. Nov. 2017.
Should i buy diablo or grim dawn? i dont like poe
Nowwut 87 on 14. Nov. 2017.
Hey Rhykker!! Folk here. Just wanted to give you props and a big thank you. I've played Diablo off an on since D1. I have always been a mediocre player. But since finding your videos and using your tips and strats I've gone from being ranked in the hundreds to the top 10 in season 12!! Granted it's the start of the season but with your awesome guides in my pocket I have the tools I need to stay there. Thanks a whole bunch for kicking my Diablo Gaming experience to a whole new level. Much love.
Torbero on 14. Nov. 2017.
Your welcome keep on keeping on dude
yoshoverse on 14. Nov. 2017.
i'm a bit worried about d4. d3 is pretty much the ideal arpg for me. i don't like the endless grind and slow progression anymore. easy respecing is great too. i also don't want to deal with the modern videogame problems. what i would wish for in a new diablo, is mainly more/better minion masters. i actively hate the necro pet build. the class has been a huge disappointment for me, because of that. i can really see how lacking minion masters are in this game, having played quite a lot of grim dawn recently.
Padelis on 14. Nov. 2017.
tldw: The future of Diablo is that there is no future
KAZExNEKO9 on 14. Nov. 2017.
rhykker can you test out my marauder build
Vatroslav Morbidović on 14. Nov. 2017.
I would like for Blizzard to grow some balls and make a darker game. Something new. Not just milking Warcraft and Diablo.
Den Amantez on 14. Nov. 2017.
Diablo 1 's diablo is named The Dark Lord
Phex Ìvar on 14. Nov. 2017.
Blizzard alredy buried Diablo 3 with the AH. It was doomed from birthday. PoE is just much better, and not because of the game itself just because the developers behind it actually care about their game and not just cash.
Daniel Pearson on 14. Nov. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, though i dont have the time i would like to have to play DIII anymore. I Still really enjoy your videos and your thoughts on the game/community. I genuinely hope your right and we do get something diablo related soon. This is the greatest community on the internet and we deserve something great.
fatalradius on 14. Nov. 2017.
I’ll tell you what happened, pure shit happened at BlizzCon. Blizzard is forgetting about their old fan base.
Leesa Michaels on 14. Nov. 2017.
More Torment Levels, please!!!  The Builds are all so Powerful now, that T13 is boring and GRs are just a slog. The end of this Video sounds like a Funeral, dude.  You say that Diablo looks like it will Continue, but you sound like you offering a Eulogy.