The Hacker Invasion? (Overwatch News)

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Eclipse. on 22. Jul. 2017.
Min Lee on 22. Jul. 2017.
Force, your pronunciation of P.C "Bang" is perfect!
Kevin Kim on 22. Jul. 2017.
Your information about 'free overwatch' in Korean PC-bangs is wrong. Even in PC-bangs you still need your own account (with the game purchased). Sure there is definitely a way to abuse the PC-bang's system to create free accounts, but this is not a service directly provided by them.
X_xParadoxFoundatioNx_X on 22. Jul. 2017.
Ah yes, the wonders of the Americas servers. One match you're fighting with 309 ping then later you're matched with a Korean who leaves their mic on. Maybe, even in rare occasions, you'll get both at the same time. I'm describing my usual daily games....
xYuushax on 22. Jul. 2017.
But I wouldn't think that there'll be a lot of them, since thailand is more poor than the rest of the sea.
xYuushax on 22. Jul. 2017.
Jail for hackers, even if its games, they should be considered as criminals.
Raphaƫl on 22. Jul. 2017.
2:59, that Roadhog overkill! :D
Resurgence Of The Shadow Dragons on 22. Jul. 2017.
You've never been to an internet gaming center have you? The ones I've been to have been reputable (computers are 8ft above your head and locked into company software that lets you play your games, but not alter files, download, or interface in the system) The non-reputable ones featured computers running Windows XP, and had the USB ports sealed, with the ability to download outside content severely restricted. All websites minus Pandora, YouTube, and Twitch.Tv were blocked on the Internet explorer and whatnot. They don't want assholes downloading malware, so no downloading, no installing, no USB drive.
PhoenixofSun on 21. Jul. 2017.
Most of those cafes have the computers locked down so that users didn't have any admin or install rights so that people don't install any programs or malware. So I really doubt there is a large number of people installing hacks on those machines. Force is becoming Fox News for Overwatch lol.
Wabbit on 21. Jul. 2017.
Hey force, greeting from Thailand lel
Code Name Fat on 21. Jul. 2017.
If you get banned on a computer, if you buy a another copy/get a copy for free, you still can't play on that new account. It tracks your PC ID.
Finn Kliebhan on 21. Jul. 2017.
Why are your thumbnails so ass?
Uncle Gandhi on 21. Jul. 2017.
Why don't they make it so the free accounts can't use competitive?
David on 21. Jul. 2017.
good thing I play on console.
Trifan Andrei on 21. Jul. 2017.
I pay on EU servers , i don't care :D
DjZephy on 21. Jul. 2017.
Korean PC Bong? Sounds enticing.
Fox Lombardi on 21. Jul. 2017.
lul at the hanzo play in the background
Virles Felyard on 21. Jul. 2017.
yeaaa EU can now chill.... again ;)
Mr.Calamar on 21. Jul. 2017.
I don't understand....if they wanna play overwatch they just have to buy the full game
Nathakorn Lertputipinyo on 21. Jul. 2017.
Now Thai people will get better at aiming
Adolfy! on 21. Jul. 2017.
I am Thai people and I am really upset after I heard this new because Thai kid is really annoying in internet cafe. 30 bath for 2 hour. now more stressful when I play comp.
reachcole on 21. Jul. 2017.
As a Hanzo main that gameplay gave me aids.
INTYkun on 21. Jul. 2017.
0:44 "Korean PC bongs" Did he fuck up, or is that what they're called xD?
Nitro on 21. Jul. 2017.
FORCE! you skipped over the fact that Reaper knows what Sombra has been doing!
James Jackson on 21. Jul. 2017.
that point capture bug has been a thing for ages
FjsaL on 21. Jul. 2017.
I saw a symmetra hacker! He could teleport and have bonus armor and aimbot!
SunlightMaggot101 on 21. Jul. 2017.
There're no way to confirm the government ID is real or not in Thailand. They might just type 123456789 to register a new OW account.
Nessie Andrew on 21. Jul. 2017.
The EU servers are full of French people that can't speak english.
Da Scientist on 21. Jul. 2017.
3:35 "which Thais a person" Anybody? Ok I'll leave.
El Matador on 21. Jul. 2017.
Wait, what. I thought this broken capture point circle was common knowledge lmao.
Deso Lunatic on 21. Jul. 2017.
Can we stop using Overwatch characters to make the "youtuber face"? It looks creepy and annoying. Thx.
Zer0 - on 21. Jul. 2017.
When you say you're government number all I can think of is the new wolfinstine game when the nazi says weres your papers
AlphaSyncz on 21. Jul. 2017.
Season 5 keeps getting better....
Evin Forde on 21. Jul. 2017.
EU servers 4 lyfe
Kathulu on 21. Jul. 2017.
stylosa: 20 min video on every topic ohnickel: 10 min video on every topic Force : all three topics in one video force ur the best
Geek Gaming on 21. Jul. 2017.
Kek I'm in Europe
Jeff Anen on 21. Jul. 2017.
Appreciate ALL your posts but I'm deleting my overwatch account completely. I'm so fucking tired of being group up with trash teams. Yeah yeah yeah, say what you want. Thanks. No longer subscribe. No longer care about this game.
Lone Nep on 21. Jul. 2017.
i hope they could atleast be unique cheats were the hack gives full ultimate, would be fun to *once* see someone in quickplay come in and whip a team in the start of a round
alex berhim on 21. Jul. 2017.
this is also true i got a 100% and it did not end the round just kept going
killerstick1 on 21. Jul. 2017.
had 3 aimbotters and wallhackers the other day. Lost about 100sr
Marcus Vos on 21. Jul. 2017.
No hackers at 1500SR lul
gibu snipu on 21. Jul. 2017.
Denis Hadzibekir on 21. Jul. 2017.
Lel Europe here,nah we're ok here.
The UnLucker on 21. Jul. 2017.
Scooter Kid on 21. Jul. 2017.
Really, I'm not concerned about any of this. I'm only concerned that this guy is playing hanzo on attack.
jiajia wang on 21. Jul. 2017.
the game isnt free... you have to purchase an account everytime ..
FunfelWielki on 21. Jul. 2017.
They will be on american servers? Thank god i live in europe
Andyroo on 21. Jul. 2017.
The issue isn't getting into American servers it is getting into sea servers but yeah hackers don't matter if not in your region
ScumbagOkami on 21. Jul. 2017.
What the hell is that server system? It won't affect me, but still. Who thought that was the best system?
some asian guy on 21. Jul. 2017.
But does Thailand have the government id system like Korea does?