The Legacy of the Priest

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Igrandov on 26. Feb. 2018.
hunter or shaman next?
Banju Bullet on 26. Feb. 2018.
Were berius on 26. Feb. 2018.
Really hoping that this video won’t just be about the Holy side of things.
jamminkeys on 26. Feb. 2018.
holy priest was my main up until Cata, then I switched to rshaman (and later rdruid), never been able to get back into priest although I've tried :(
Justin Membreno on 25. Feb. 2018.
Preach!!! Your legacy videos are so funny and amazingly well done. Do Shaman next and I'll worship you as a Loa God
Klony on 25. Feb. 2018.
I remember TBC. Shadows EVERYWHERE. Especially in Alterac. And there was NEVER a SINGLE Vampiric Touch active. ;D Never at all.
Lisa Sheridan on 24. Feb. 2018.
Love that you’ve still got your level 90/100 boosts
Frozen Lake on 24. Feb. 2018.
I needed a good laugh thanks guys. Good Job!
Drvnwolf Wolfie on 22. Feb. 2018.
Hydra was a fucking Nightmare. I just stood there half the time, then splat.
Space Ninja on 22. Feb. 2018.
Yawn, patreon has made you guys lazy. Other bigger youtubers without patreon have much better content but you feel the need to milk the dumasses who don't know any better.
Konstantinos XI on 21. Feb. 2018.
my disc priest is actually incredibly tanky somehow, i keep walking around argus and pulling like 9 guys and an elite, bit much for a caster
Brennan Rodriguez on 20. Feb. 2018.
That intro was the most cringe thing ever and I loved it.
Christopher Rowles on 20. Feb. 2018.
55:00 what is this song??
WhatAboutBingo on 19. Feb. 2018.
Why are some vids long and then some soo short
Jason G on 19. Feb. 2018.
Click it once! Don't waste it!
hejsantxu on 18. Feb. 2018.
is the shaman next :D ?
LunchboxDrummer on 18. Feb. 2018.
The Legacy videos have always been my favorite content on this channel, and likely my favorite WoW content on YouTube. I know they take a lot of research/time, but it's always great to see a new one. Thanks!
James Farmstone on 18. Feb. 2018.
Excellent as always my man, can you do shaman next?
Another Scout Apprentice on 17. Feb. 2018.
31:00 Read the chat
793Force on 17. Feb. 2018.
The legacy videos of preach gaming, a staple and a house hold name in the WoW community. BUT PLEASE I WANT MORE
Brandon Phillips on 17. Feb. 2018.
Shadow priests in bc never topped rogues locks or mages. Sp with 1800 spell damage was pulling maybe 900 dps and that much power came later on in the expansion.
BigTimbers on 16. Feb. 2018.
This was epic. Thank you
Woria Pah on 16. Feb. 2018.
I LOVE THIS VIDEO keep it up preach and ghosty!! lovin all the small jokes inside the video like the "give it to me baby"
Ubba Ubbs on 16. Feb. 2018.
Legacy of the Shaman next?:)
benjaminkruth on 16. Feb. 2018.
28:20 HEALBOT! Finally a brother from another mother! Been using it since it came out. I didnt even bother with Grid one bit.
DaBluCrew on 15. Feb. 2018.
All I want is the legacy of the hunter
LostInTheTransition on 15. Feb. 2018.
Really loving the gags and goofs in this one boys. Very pleased to see the Priest legacy after maining Spriest since TBC :D
Jon Jahren on 15. Feb. 2018.
It's strange you comparing stuff added in TBC in other classes(Spell Reflect, Avenger Shield) to stuff added for priests in WoTLK, isn't it? I mean, prot paladins got ardent defender in WoTLK, which is a way bigger deal, and while not looking as good as Avenger's Shield, it was awesome.
Kappa Kappa on 14. Feb. 2018.
Drak FuckYouGoogle on 14. Feb. 2018.
Awww not covering legion?
Zach lowrie on 14. Feb. 2018.
You really need to stop wearing that hat man, its ok, we all know you're going bald, it happens to the best of us, but i hate seeing streamers trying to desperately cover their egg in a bun with some sort of head wear, it's like you're all scared to show you're balding, just release the egg man
Kitty D on 13. Feb. 2018.
OMG, I totally forgot about the cast jumping thing!
Hully on 13. Feb. 2018.
i already got scared you skipped TBC when i heard the most iconic wotlk song after vanilla lol
Lockpocket on 13. Feb. 2018.
You and Edward Maya were great in this one Preach ;)
Jacob Koseda Andersen on 13. Feb. 2018.
36:00 - this whole scene reminds me of monk healers
Chrono826 on 13. Feb. 2018.
OMG that lightwell skit LMFAO!!
0vershade on 12. Feb. 2018.
I remember it was december 2006, I had just bought WOW vanilla and it was about a month till the launch of TBC. I decided to wait for TBC, as I didn't like any horde races back then and I wanted to roll a Blood Elf, my friend was Horde, I had to join the Horde. And I was determined to roll a mage, to roleplay a bloodmage, I had seen some mage videos of a guy named Nexius, was impressed, I wanted a mage. Then I came across some ”beta videos” (wtf was that?) from TBC and I saw the shadow priest... OMG, I had to go that way. Long story short, my very first character made in World of Warcraft - a blood elf priest. Still have her sitting at max level, on a bench in Nethergarde Temple somewhere right now. Waiting for me to sub again ...
Martin S on 12. Feb. 2018.
Could we get "the legacy of the shaman" next? Love your videos
Idrethil on 12. Feb. 2018.
You forgot about the third time the bubble boy became a thing, but not in the form of shield spam. In the form of Aegis spam, back in cata (I remember dragon soul fondly) when me and my fellow disc would spam prayer of healing on each of our groups because prayer of healing would proc aegis on everyone.
Grim Kitten on 12. Feb. 2018.
btw what the heck were they doing with the whole disc remake with dmg->heals stuff thats annoying as heck just make it about shields.
Grim Kitten on 12. Feb. 2018.
i liked it when priest was easy and fun to heal with popping shields and couple heals now and then but ya didnt have to smash every button and stragetize your cooldowns like you have to do today feeling the heals being so small and annoying... #LegionRuinedPriest&Healers
eatmmyshorts on 12. Feb. 2018.
What game was at 1:15?
zXzJesteszXz on 11. Feb. 2018.
anonymous anonymous on 11. Feb. 2018.
I enjoyed this video.
Night on 10. Feb. 2018.
28:30 Dat character name...
xecti on 10. Feb. 2018.
Anyone know what game the second clip in the healer montage near the start is?
Spyrit2011 on 10. Feb. 2018.
But disc was a tank, in pvp. Besides disc is in a really good place in legion and BFA.
Stephanne L on 10. Feb. 2018.
Loved the video, Preach! The IRL PW:S was really the highlight of my day.
Mary Fesliyan on 10. Feb. 2018.
Preach has gotten so chubby