The Lich King Solo Adventure: Week 1

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Uploaded: 11 Aug 2017 Likes: 1219
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H3LOLO l on 11. Aug. 2017.
guys consiterd one of good players but he doesnt know the cards and heroes xD
Frogboy on 11. Aug. 2017.
Play Jade druid against the first one for an easy win.
Gortaf GD on 11. Aug. 2017.
Lord marrowgar is EZ with rogue quest ;)
Zeke Fox on 11. Aug. 2017.
I beat Lady Deathwisper by using Priest healing cards, such as circle of healing, silence, and hero power combos. I also used that minion that restores a minion to full health, it was very easy.
Damian Kersten on 11. Aug. 2017.
bets on lich king playing pirates?
James Barnes on 11. Aug. 2017.
Should have played priest in the final one to heal the 30-5 then it takes like 4 turns to kill
Pugmaster Bentley on 11. Aug. 2017.
Marrowgar was easy, my Death Uther thingy deck easily got 4 horsemen.
Gen. Marleon on 11. Aug. 2017.
Didn't he get that they wanted to make player to heal that dragon to attack with her?
BalrogIsCool on 11. Aug. 2017.
30:02 :)
MonsterGlobal on 11. Aug. 2017.
играл как идиот
Areezy Sajan on 11. Aug. 2017.
horia popa on 11. Aug. 2017.
Lol were killing uther while oponent is tyrion XD
Jukantos on 11. Aug. 2017.
Wait what? I got the SHAMAN Deathknight and i NEVER play Shaman Q_Q Couldnt it have given me any of the other ones?
papa on 11. Aug. 2017.
Superb editor work
Cas plays on 11. Aug. 2017.
play priest and OTK deathwhisper gg.
Fin Tuber on 11. Aug. 2017.
Tōru Yukimura on 11. Aug. 2017.
What happens if you go warlock, bloodbloom then use doom, will there be an alt. ending?
Verishon on 11. Aug. 2017.
*stops video at **4:12* to comment that laugh you should be the voice dub for Whis for Dragon Ball
MisterJov on 11. Aug. 2017.
duuude i cant beat deathwisper
Sunny Wang on 11. Aug. 2017.
When i played against marrowgar i double mind visioned and got two bone spikes and otked him lmao
kdhlkjhdlk on 11. Aug. 2017.
I can't be the only one to wish you could skip the tedious dialogue. Also, you can equality + divine shield the dragon, with adaptation for windfury.
Mon F. on 11. Aug. 2017.
He didn't use the dragon, lmao
Jakub Geeg on 11. Aug. 2017.
The last one was the easiest to kill with shaman, cuz you just get windfury and heal and end in few turns most of the time :D
Ratmations on 11. Aug. 2017.
Cant be the only one who beat the first bosses with only f2p decks? (marrowgar first try)
Ian on 11. Aug. 2017.
When i played against Lady Deathwhisper she summoned Majordomo Executus with forbidden shappening. Ez game :D
a DurtyButcher on 11. Aug. 2017.
i was thinking what to spend my dust on, what legendary should i craft? PS I have like no legendarys
stefanus nursalim on 11. Aug. 2017.
I played with marowgar and won first try with dragon priest , and got than 4 mana 0/8 from my darkened operative LMAO
Sterling Holben on 11. Aug. 2017.
So the snowflipper counts as a -1 overall, right?
Eduardo Helvetios on 11. Aug. 2017.
I won in the first try against the lord marrowgar using midrange hunter deck. Kill him in OTK with Starving Hyena and hero power
Ku Oscar on 11. Aug. 2017.
the prologue reward is random ?
cat gamerking on 11. Aug. 2017.
first boss:elemental mage with death knight n singadrosa second boss:paladin with weapons n bolvar with death knight third:priest with circle of healing/binding heal/hozen healer/silence n purify easy
firstname lastname on 11. Aug. 2017.
"We're killing uther" you idiot
Jesus Lopez Alacot on 11. Aug. 2017.
WTF kill uther?
tehnemox on 11. Aug. 2017.
Loved how Amaz was just not even considering the dragon as a resource. I am having a lot of fun with this adventure so far. Had a few wtf moments like when fighting the first boss, when I played him the first time he coined a bone spike turn 2 and played a second one on turn 3 so I died right away. Ended playing a quest shammy mixed with some evolve and the DK hero and somehow ended fatiguing him all the way to -10 before he finally died XD Second boss was weapon warrior, quite frankly the easiest of the bosses. 3rd one since I love shamans used a windfury/resto deck so killed her with the dragon by turn 4 or 5 can't remember (after dying the first attempt and went back once more with healing). Can't wait for week 2. See what blizzard has stored for us :)
Sword IV on 11. Aug. 2017.
Valleria is a good one. I have Anduin
φουτουρε πανορμου on 11. Aug. 2017.
Gay paladins be like: bubble hearthstone :3
Beneditkt Rossmanith on 11. Aug. 2017.
so is the adventure free or will we have to buy te second and third week?
David Harris on 11. Aug. 2017.
I played quest paladin against marrowgar and summoned a big invisible 12 attack windfury GALVADON and put another Kings on him. Bonk!
Dhafa syah on 11. Aug. 2017.
I got shitty anduin
NikemanBOOM on 11. Aug. 2017.
Beat Marrowgar with his own Bone Spike, Saurfang with Elemental warrior, and Deathwhisper with Jades. Never even bothered with the dragon. Just kept summoning more jades. Marrowgar took a bit but Saurfang and Deathwhisper went down in only 1 go. Feels good man.
Chris zoellner on 11. Aug. 2017.
Cleared marrowgar first try with Reno mage. Fatigued him.
Ryuudo123 on 11. Aug. 2017.
having all cards in the game...such cheating :P
Raees Ali on 11. Aug. 2017.
I got given malfurian death knight, is that a good death knight? I've started using it in my jade Druid deck
Bluefello Fanboy #teamgräddfil on 11. Aug. 2017.
When I played against lord marrowgar I played my new card, mindbreaker, which does that you can't use any hero powers when he's alive
zedmercy 123 on 11. Aug. 2017.
is deathnight thrall good??? pls help
Greindes on 11. Aug. 2017.
"We killing Uther" Are you retarded Amaz?
Kreios Error on 11. Aug. 2017.
25:55 "Easy" you think lol
Leander Schild on 11. Aug. 2017.
I beat the first two first try with other of the ebon blade's hero power...
Akuma Roshi on 11. Aug. 2017.
haven't played in a long time, beat them all with my old quest rogue deck, 35 damage a turn without the dragon lul
Kanna Chan on 11. Aug. 2017.
an ez way to beat lady deathwhisper is with priest, get binding heals x2, circle x2, hozen x2, and removal for taunts eg pain, death, i ended it turn 5, u can keep restarting till u get a good hand of heals if u want. :)