The McCree Meta (Overwatch)

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agar.ion 101 on 20. Jul. 2016.
18373732628292 on 20. Jul. 2016.
Gabriel on 20. Jul. 2016.
That moment when you were already maining Mcree even with the nerfs :^)
TheOnlyRoggol on 20. Jul. 2016.
people in comments called me stupid for suggesting pharah needed more counters prior to this patch. I guess I was proved right.
mars on 20. Jul. 2016.
Why do games always make revolvers op ?! Like why?
David Couzens on 20. Jul. 2016.
Welp there goes my pharah winning spree
Zipzo on 20. Jul. 2016.
You have 60-70 accuracy with Mccree? That literally is professional range...
destructivebeans on 20. Jul. 2016.
ana is unplayable in comp. she is too squishy and if you miss your first shot u dead unless you waste your nade thing
MrAerohank on 20. Jul. 2016.
I lolled at that widowmaker. "lol @mccree dmg", eventhough he shot her from a range where he would have 2 shotted here anyway even before patch.
RoastingPotPieMonkey on 20. Jul. 2016.
this was a suggestion of mine after they nerfed fan the hammer. It feels strong, let's see how it goes from here.
Guilherme Galdeano on 20. Jul. 2016.
the one thing that everybody forgets is that mercy dmg boost is 50% now, so a boosted mcree will be able to oneshot 200 HP heroes, feelsbadman
Smooth Trooper on 20. Jul. 2016.
Mccree now has damage falloff at 30m instead of the 15m he used to have so now the same range as soldier 76. And since his revolver does more alpha but less sustained that's why people notice him more than 76. It's kinda a bad idea to compare 76 and mccree considering they are different with how their damage works 76 is sustained damage that you don't notice at first until half your health is gone. mccree takes half your health if you're an attacker so you notice it more than the sustained dps of 76. mccree is the anti flanker character so tracer, reaper, pharah, 76 pretty much anyone with good mobility and low health and that's why he eats them.
Shinjø on 20. Jul. 2016.
Nerf McCree!1!1!1!1!
Power Reef on 20. Jul. 2016.
I have already been seeing twice as many mccrees than before in competitive. I think the change was really good and I think he is now balanced.
DimentioCorp on 20. Jul. 2016.
Welp. So much for getting good at pharrah
destructivebeans on 20. Jul. 2016.
managed to use him once in comp after 15 matches...
Myst on 20. Jul. 2016.
lot of pros dont even have 60% weapon accuraccy but they hit almost every shot in the head
dakid21 on 20. Jul. 2016.
Omri Jaacov on 20. Jul. 2016.
what does meta means
Omri Jaacov on 20. Jul. 2016.
what does meta means
Matheus Lima on 20. Jul. 2016.
where are this players that are getting 90% hits with mcree? please show me.. cuz top players like iddqd have 50 -60% average according to overbuff..
alex tumbler on 20. Jul. 2016.
I'm so glad you can leave voice messages in comments now!!! My opinion below: ║▶ ●──────── 00:19║
Rabbizz1 on 20. Jul. 2016.
Mcree needed this buff he was useless before this
SuperSaiyan Yoshi on 20. Jul. 2016.
when is the update coming yo consoles
Amit Cohen on 20. Jul. 2016.
what do you thing about the hit box change it would be harder to hit now maybe they should make it smaller but not EXACTLY like the play model
LadyAlka on 20. Jul. 2016.
now we could all say ITS ALWAYS HIGHNOON
Channel 3 gaming on 20. Jul. 2016.
lol mcree is beastly right now. im on xb1. the patch hasnt even came to me yet but im scoring doubles and triples with his high noon ultimate and getting 10 player streaks without it. his peacekeeper is really strong especially headshots. you just have to be accurate with it though. but i take down tanks relatively easy. tracers are the only thing that i really hate. she is impossible to hit and i die alot when shes picked. they should nerf tracer if anything. maybe give her less teleports before she has to wait. cuz really, it is crazy how she can just teleport out of anything and get her health back.
Sam Bingham on 20. Jul. 2016.
Nice, we can go on Genji killing spree again.
Otakuwolf on 20. Jul. 2016.
The changes to Cree don't make any sense. Before he could shred tanks and they nerf his Fan damage, with the falloff removed he doesen't do that anymore on short range but does on long range WTF Blizz ?
‫راكان 717‬‎ on 20. Jul. 2016.
4:45 "so expect to see a lot of him" me: God damit (main's reaper)
idansim on 20. Jul. 2016.
force what do you think of nerfing his flash bang by reducing the length of the stun the larger the health pool of the character. this way its still effective against the back line heros like tracer but not a good with tanks
AnAverageBox on 20. Jul. 2016.
Alert squad
Mark R on 20. Jul. 2016.
I hope they leave McCree the hell alone after this buff. I don't get people's obsession with HIS power levels, as opposed to other VERY powerful characters in this game. ALL heroes in Overwatch will have advantages/disadvantages in certain situations. Just play the game...and learn who and what works best where and when. It's not like both teams have different pools of characters to choose from.
Rey on 20. Jul. 2016.
How do you guys think Tracer is at the minute? Personally, I think she's in a really good place.
Descender on 20. Jul. 2016.
finally i regained my faith in blizzard bringing my main back to me!
M.j.M.exe on 20. Jul. 2016.
Non subscription or notification squad, where you at?
Kaneki Ken on 20. Jul. 2016.
I hope they don't nerf McCree again, there's not many counters to a good Pharah so this McCree buff makes me so happy.
Dindosh98 on 20. Jul. 2016.
his ''peacekeeper'' now shoots stronger loads at longer distances
Charles Campbell on 20. Jul. 2016.
It's the best of both worlds!
GimseBoy on 20. Jul. 2016.
I'm early give me all the likes, ma bitches
Charles Campbell on 20. Jul. 2016.
S1mpleMelon on 20. Jul. 2016.
Sanjarih Jamshed (Vanquish) on 20. Jul. 2016.
I don't why but my Genji game has upped significantly after this patch, I am going 15-1, 23-2 in probably every match with almost 90% of those eliminations being my killing blows. I thought this patched reduced the projectile hitbox so how come I am doing so well? Anybody got any clue, better hit registration, maybe?
Manducabulla on 20. Jul. 2016.
The McMeta
Gianni Orlando on 20. Jul. 2016.
this is more of a PC problem than consoles, with the hitbox changes and the lack of accuracy on a controller
Squidy on 20. Jul. 2016.
Looks like there's a lot of discussion REVOLVING around McCree. I'm going to Hell. :(
Agent Migs on 20. Jul. 2016.
Goood. because fuck Phara.
ReviewStatus on 20. Jul. 2016.
If they nerf him again I'm gonna be pissed I
I Spawny I on 20. Jul. 2016.
I've always loved McCree even after his nerf, in fact that was when I played him the most
Its Vaylr on 20. Jul. 2016.
I've always used McCree even after his nerf. I love him!