The MOTHERLODE!! - Battle for Azeroth Alpha

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Zeno on 11. Apr. 2018.
This is supposed to be the whole of Undermine? You've got to be fucking kidding me.
Sedlina Sera on 9. Apr. 2018.
the content recycling continues. Inb4 wrath of bolvar expansion
Archmage Roy on 8. Apr. 2018.
Is there any lore behind jerrik highmountain in the northern barrens
Superdave OZY on 8. Apr. 2018.
I'm glad they got rid of those hideous Goblin faces on their mechs.
yousef alamer on 8. Apr. 2018.
Hello nobbel87 can you update broxigar story ? Would like to hear more about him from you ^_^ Ur the best lorewalker in wow thanks for the videos looooove u Also stories about the SI:7 Thnx again
Gubstep on 7. Apr. 2018.
Oh yes! We get to go back to Kezzan. :D I love Goblin content. Great video, I don't think anyone else I follow is talking about this.
Ypsilon on 7. Apr. 2018.
I really like that azerite elemental
Mathew Chilton on 7. Apr. 2018.
Dungeon looks neat but as usual for wow, too easy.
TiqoHunt on 7. Apr. 2018.
Weirdest name for a dungeon ever im going to give your mother my lode ... Monkashake
qwertyu64 on 7. Apr. 2018.
Undermine would have made a great neutral/sanctuary capital city this expac like Dalaran or Shattrath.
Dimitrije Vasic on 7. Apr. 2018.
Azerite + rock = AZEROKK! Blizzard logic, brilliant
Bernardo Wermuth on 7. Apr. 2018.
Could Azerite be related to Khyparite?
vindurza on 7. Apr. 2018.
Darn is primarily on the surface I was hoping to go into the undermine
Dávid Ispán on 7. Apr. 2018.
i didnt except these kind of things but BFA looks promising cause there are so many different themes... nut just Fel or orcs, every kind of things
Lord D on 7. Apr. 2018.
still hoping Blizz will make undermine a proper city in the future
Scimmiel on 7. Apr. 2018.
Look those mechs.... tinker class happening
Grump on 7. Apr. 2018.
Nobbel doing boss guides...wat
Malkuth on 7. Apr. 2018.
Lunarsear on 7. Apr. 2018.
So that's what you meant by Moira mobs :P
Wood Glue on 7. Apr. 2018.
Razdunk is a really old character, he's been mentioned since vanilla
Zdeněk Veselý on 7. Apr. 2018.
Well, that's... underwhelming.
Grumar S on 7. Apr. 2018.
I hope blizz does more with Kezan than just this, I know they said we'd go back I hope this isn't the extent of what they meant by that.
ZzBd1n on 7. Apr. 2018.
wow i am dissapointed, such a lame designed dungeon
harkenrebirth on 7. Apr. 2018.
Im still gona hold by my theory that Kajamite IS Azerite. How else would the goblins gain so much inteligence to overthrow the zandalari trolls. It had the same if not similiar reactions to life as the well of eternity itself. Evolving creatures. Making them become powerfull. The Elves didnt know how to harness the power of the well untill they have living hundreds of years near it... That they grew smarter and smarter. ABle to tap into the arcane powers... As well as all magic it seems. Arcane. Nature. Fire. Ice. Yo name it.
Brian Albert on 7. Apr. 2018.
Well from this, other than Azerite being present there, there doesn't seem to be a reason why adventurers are sent back to Kezan. If they made the entire island a dungeon with multiple wings leading up to a lore relevant boss then it would be cool. At the moment, this just seems like a way for blizzard to get some goblin points and say "hey, we went back to kezan, now shut up already!"
Kyle Martin on 7. Apr. 2018.
I hate that we are champions but we are giving up our artifact weapons. They could've just changed it so instead of a ap grind it's a everything you kill gives you experience and first kill bosses give you a lot and then farmed bosses give less making it so you level up it's power and then can spend talent points in a tree like classic wow. But no back to a "cool new weapon that's an ilvl upgrade then transmogging it" system with no real connection to our weapons.
Wavorn Snowber on 7. Apr. 2018.
So goblins have a "pay to win" mindset.
FlameKnightPlayz on 7. Apr. 2018.
@Nobbel87 the MotherLoad :3
FUmarc on 7. Apr. 2018.
I wonder if we’ll see more of Gnomergon reclaimed. That being said, what would become of all those Leper Gnomes? They join the Horde.
Mr. Meow Meow on 7. Apr. 2018.
mannn ! this will be one of the coolest dungeon they ever made ,
Assassin Cactus on 7. Apr. 2018.
I preferred the name "Undermine" it had a more fantasy feel.
Admiral Thrawn on 7. Apr. 2018.
I really wish the blood elves could be use to bring demonic races into the horde so things like fel orcs can be playable. What are your thoughts nobbel
kingsean96 on 7. Apr. 2018.
@nobbel87 you single handedly made me resub. Last time I played was 2011 holy SHIT.
Butch Gaming on 7. Apr. 2018.
Lol when i read the title i thought you hit the lore mother load or something...great vid keep up the grat work!
Jimking144 on 7. Apr. 2018.
I've mained a goblin rogue since I started playing in cata. I really hoped that we'd actually see the full glory of the undermine or even more of kezan.
Eydis on 7. Apr. 2018.
I really hope that we will be able to get that new Mimiron's head from somewhere.
Date Masamune on 7. Apr. 2018.
Nobbel goes to a Star Wars convention and says "Hello Obi Wan!"
Runicknight on 7. Apr. 2018.
I would love it if Blizzard continue more with Kezan. I would be little bit disappointed if we didn't explored the rest of Kezan like the undermine for example and the ruins of Goblin City.
Zuano UmPoco on 7. Apr. 2018.
Hit that Nob-bell
non istra on 7. Apr. 2018.
I'm callin' in the bomb squad
Jnyu on 7. Apr. 2018.
Does being a pyromaniac turn gnomes green? 2:50
The Man on 7. Apr. 2018.
Hey Nobbel! How would you feel about making Overwatch lore video's similar to what you have done with the Warcraft universe? I think that would be very interesting! ;)
vospecv on 7. Apr. 2018.
I like that they changed this from the original Undermine name. Blizz will hopefully have bigger plans for Undermine.
Antonio on 7. Apr. 2018.
This is just funny to me cause I've explored outside the boundaries of Kezan and it looks nothing like that lol.
PandoraWolf on 7. Apr. 2018.
I really want to go back to Kezan at some point as being a proper city for the goblins :D