The NEW Numbani - Everything That's Changed! (Overwatch)

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Daredevil Gaming on 22. Aug. 2017.
Would someone clean the airport already?
qadRaGAMING on 20. Aug. 2017.
Force Gaming, say me pls, how i can contact with u? I have interesting information about ur video
Demon TheYandere on 19. Aug. 2017.
What's the point of having to push the payload if the gauntlet is not there anymore?
AnalDash on 19. Aug. 2017.
Would be cool if they at least added some police tape and warning labels and stuff like that to the airport
The Windwaker66 on 18. Aug. 2017.
I Have A Question Which Character Do You Think Should Get A New Skin I Think Mccree Since I Think His Skins Arent All That Good
specky mcspeck on 17. Aug. 2017.
Audi Thief on 17. Aug. 2017.
I have a question! So, your rewards for the competitive Lucio Ball only matter on your season high or current rank???
ShadowNyan99 OWO on 17. Aug. 2017.
Talk about mrcee it think need a buff
Jeff Kaplan on 17. Aug. 2017.
I dont get it like wtf would people even dislike these kinda videos ? Tf is wrong with people like these
Wayne k on 17. Aug. 2017.
Seems to be a lot of focus on Efi in there. maybe a new character? she spawns robots and drives a mech like diva...ha who knows.
Zoltan Z on 17. Aug. 2017.
Hey noobs! How's the whole overwatch thing coming along? Good? Toxicity holding up? Man i remember when we had good arena shooters like Unreal Tournament. Good times! I can still play it but im too good now. Every time i join a game in UT its allways some noob that kicks me. Kids these days, fucking worthless. you know they should make System Of A Dawn's Toxicity the Overwatch Anthem. At least its a good song. Well have fun if thats even possible with Overwatch.
Maple Chan on 17. Aug. 2017.
The airport's still crashed though.
CamTheKitty on 16. Aug. 2017.
Annoyed that they did not unfuck the airport
Zachary Seay on 16. Aug. 2017.
What if the omnium thing is a a snap of a new map? :oo
tum tums on 16. Aug. 2017.
I wish maps could change the time of day and weather
Oskar 464 on 16. Aug. 2017.
Really they changed everything except airport!!! The only thing that they have to clean is airport
דניאל אשכנזי on 16. Aug. 2017.
The lighting tweaks exist for the same reason the king's row coloring change does
Patrick Mahoney on 16. Aug. 2017.
I hope the case has mandata's head in it.
JimmyJones on 16. Aug. 2017.
Awesome video Force, no unnecessary bullshit.
Gabriel Ullman on 16. Aug. 2017.
Maybe Lucio is getting an animated music video or something. It would seem kinda lame if they just replaced all his posters to imply that he's already done what the posters were advertising he would do without telling us what tthat is, whether it's a concert or something else entirely.
Azza Osborne on 16. Aug. 2017.
I recon Doomfist should get a skin for each of the previous doomfists
FrozenLemur on 16. Aug. 2017.
Can we all take a moment to realize what a great game Lawbreakers is?
Dom4z on 16. Aug. 2017.
Why would you assume a person being fired for not cleaning the airport part of the map? Its there for a story related reasons from developers perspective. It is to commemorate where the incident with Doomfist happened. A way to tell the story for new players. Since its only a starting spawn point for attackers, there is no need for its overhaul as opposed to the payload and posters. If you think about it, the whole map has been overhauled to address the concerns of time moving forward in OW universe. First we had the escorting of doom gauntlet, only to get it stolen by doomfist himself. Then the city had to be changed/repaired to showcase it for the players that it is living and breathing world of overwatch. While the airport is sort of a back to the future esque which is not significant enough to the rest of the map and is left there for good reason. They could of updated it to match the cleanup after doomfists mess. But is there a good reason to do so, only so that the starting point
braveboat27 on 16. Aug. 2017.
What? No gift shop?
Noppanat Khaoyai on 16. Aug. 2017.
LofeOfZofe on 16. Aug. 2017.
Anyone remember when force put work into his videos instead of 5 minute long overwatch news updates?
Danny Loser on 16. Aug. 2017.
I like the airport how it is looks kewl as !!
Frosted Wheat Thins on 16. Aug. 2017.
More like NEWbani am I right........
Catasmic Rito on 16. Aug. 2017.
New Numbani? I guess you could say... Newmbani! End my life, please.
Aidan Baldwin on 16. Aug. 2017.
ohnickel v.2
BevelBoyJack on 16. Aug. 2017.
Anonymous Dolphin on 16. Aug. 2017.
Why were my boi's posters removed? Lucio is life. B O O S T I O
CurryinaHurry369 on 16. Aug. 2017.
Numbani is my least favorite map.
lance on 16. Aug. 2017.
Replaces a doom fist exhibit after its airport is smashed by the new doom fist but still have not fixed there airport seems logical
Tophdog Carter on 16. Aug. 2017.
I main ReapDog
mas8705 on 16. Aug. 2017.
Why do I feel like that statue person could play a bigger possible role in the future? Would be fun to think of a character that uses a spear and could possibly throw it at enemies.
Lightenzero on 16. Aug. 2017.
I hope they keep the maps so it create ever change scenes. To keep the world seeing the old and the new stuffs.
MLG Shrek on 16. Aug. 2017.
I want a roadhog damage buff
R Vegas on 16. Aug. 2017.
so they added a bunch of cosmetics but didnt fix how easy it is to snowball from capturing first point all the way to 2nd
ThePyrotechnic on 16. Aug. 2017.
I remember when force used to cover/commentate SC, uhhh those where the days. You kno that remastered SC came out.......
Nova Prime on 16. Aug. 2017.
You really need to change things up, man.
Ad on 16. Aug. 2017.
New lighting looks way better, but what's with the statue in the defender's room? It blocks some of the wording on the poster from most angles. Doesn't seem very practical.
Ewan Croft on 16. Aug. 2017.
Am I the only one who hates Numbani? It just feels like a really awkward map to me.
MangoTangoFox on 16. Aug. 2017.
I want the airport to be fixed, I hate the messy look.
Ewertton Tadeu on 16. Aug. 2017.
Well, the map is still in PTR, maybe the'll fix the airport before it goes live. I don't know, I love puching the OR15s as Doomfist before the match starts, though.
Alex Wendland on 16. Aug. 2017.
The Newbani
Crunk Playa69 on 16. Aug. 2017.
Thank you, Force, for not submitting and kowtowing down to lame as Chipmunk Girl music that they PAY you to PLAY like fucking dumbass Lonehawk.
YoshirockZ64 on 16. Aug. 2017.
I appreciate this change, just as you said feels more living and breathing
Minecraftian Flutterguy on 16. Aug. 2017.
So if they removed the posters does that mean there is no music playing in the spawn room?