The NEW Roadhog: A TWO MAN APOCALYPSE (Overwatch)

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spencer mcbride on 29. Jun. 2017.
I uninstalled
DatzKid _ on 29. Jun. 2017.
Well there goes my hook, line, and sinker voice line RIP Roadhog 2016-2017
Crithappens tfa on 29. Jun. 2017.
may our favorite pig rest in peace. never forgotten. :,(
Kyle Netherwood on 28. Jun. 2017.
Headshots require accuracy not precision.
Aron ZR on 28. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog mains - "I need to be good? Hog is dead"
sinnerdbl on 28. Jun. 2017.
nerfing Roadhoag all the time and keeping Symetra unchanged with that op mouse button holding ability .... Blizzard logic
Travis Boyd on 28. Jun. 2017.
I would be perfectly fine if they made it so tracers and genjis could be 1 shot'd still. they are soo so so annoying
Dantiel Barbosa on 28. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog is obviously dead
AngoTheMango on 28. Jun. 2017.
I have been a roadhog main for most of my Overwatch life no I still like him but he is less fun and worse
allan c on 27. Jun. 2017.
I've always hated the idea of the 1hko ability in this game. Some ults can do that but they all have their flaws to them. With road hog, that fact that i had the ability to hook and kill people if they had less than 300 hp was ridiculous. Now, it gives people the opportunity to get away if the team doesn't capitalize on the hook.
Spartucus101 on 27. Jun. 2017.
I've not been to impacted by the changes as much, I never played him as a flank hog, hook spammer. I'm a little bit peeved at the impact to his alt fire. They should have reduced it's damage differently than his primary fire. I'm getting less consistent kills with it now, which is really where the nerf is, not his hook combo bull shit. Every good hog player knows that. We've known this was coming for months and didn't bother becoming reliant on the combo as a mechanic. That's not how Hog is played, he should be zoning the enemy team, isolating kill targets and punishing over extended flankers. But the changes nerfed that part of his kit to much. His alt fire should be scary and avoided  not sort of shrugged off.
Brandon Messer on 27. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog feels fine, he's just balanced now. The insta-gib on such a short cd with such an easy hitbox was stupid. Working in prefire and team help into his hook is a healthy way to balance an already incredibly powerful move. I mean even if you remove Hog's ability to damage someone after hook, its an amazing play making ability. I'm happy with where it is for now, just hope they one day make the hitbox less than the size of a truck.
Azazoth on 27. Jun. 2017.
He's not such a shitmonster to fight against, you actually have a chance of fighting back when he hooks you, whereas before if he hooked you, just take your hands off the keyboard cause nothing you can do will help. I much like it this way.
Enderised on 26. Jun. 2017.
the new balanced roadhog is was more fun to play and to play against. maybe they could reduce his hook cooldown IF he lands it. would bw cool in my opiniom
ddrust on 26. Jun. 2017.
It is not the one shot that became harder. It is not a one shot when you have to two shot.
Mark Humphreys on 26. Jun. 2017.
In my opinion roadhog hook is really bad because you don't have to fear it anymore because you can het away and get healed and you can afford to get up close to roadhog if you're genji reaper or etc
Joseph Goebbels on 26. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog was never OP, once he wastes his hook he can't do much to you unless you get too close. Would much rather have a scatter arrow nerf (aka "doesn't bounce off the ground")
Vincent Michael Bruun on 26. Jun. 2017.
i think his new change is good, it brings something new to hog the thing is Blizzard made him more of a team player, what i mean by that is cant do much by himself anymore which was op Blizzard changed his playstyle. thats why people think it is the death of hog, but that is just because people play him like the used to do, and not seeing the advantages of his changes, but only the disadvantage. and a sidenote he can still one shot with a mercy i suck at explaining it. but if i could i would show it :(
RisingMoon336 on 26. Jun. 2017.
Why not give his Scrapgun the ability to push players like his ult, and have his Hook switch his his stance and synergistically connect it with his fire? Use the hook to activate it, then if you use the normal fire, he targets enemies. Use the alt fire to target allies and remove them from danger? He could be adapted to a role no other character has. He could be the space control tank.
TheValiantBob on 26. Jun. 2017.
You know, if anything this patch almost feels like a stealth buff to Mercy. Namely, that now she'll synergize very nicely with both the new Roadhog and Reaper. Her 30% damage boost almost entirely negates Roadhog's nerf, which will allow players with a pocket Mercy to oneshot again while also taking advantage to the increased fire rate and clip size. And with Reaper if the player is competent with landing their shots, with the new lifesteal mechanic her damage boost may make it so she never even needs to switch to the healing beam except in the most dire of circumstances. So while it does suck for Roadhog, it does kind of promote more team play and picking a healer that is usually shunned in favor of Ana and Lucio?
Aku on 26. Jun. 2017.
another video ass-kissing blizzard for this major change that basically makes roadhog useless.
Depression ._. on 26. Jun. 2017.
As a roadhog main I'm furious
VizViper on 25. Jun. 2017.
I like the change. he is more geared to attrition with the increase mag size and fire rate. I use to not even fire my scrap gun until I hooked a squishy when the hook was off cooldown. A solo Roadhog will finally be out of position and not with the team rather than an actual one man apocalypse. He will need to soften up targets before showing the opposition what a 400 pound pig man can do.
Zenyatter on 25. Jun. 2017.
Skillless One-Shots are never cool, that goes for all of them in the game (including scatter). I think Roady plays as he's supposed to now, a conduit for team picks. Hook someone into your team watch them get deleted and then rush in.
1ceClimber on 25. Jun. 2017.
Funnily enough, all I hear when I read most of the comments who complains about the balance change is "wha wha, my one shot that took little skill is gone. Hero dead, rip." with them proceeding to drown in a pool of their own tears. Prefire and carefully pick your targets instead of justhooking anyone in sight and expecting an easy kill going "gg2ez". Too hard? I dunno, go play or Reinhardt instead.
hogfry on 25. Jun. 2017.
Just never pick roadhog, not even in the arcade. If he becomes the least picked hero, they will rebuff him with a quickness. You, yes you, reading this. Play now, or Winston. Let's make Hog great again!
Горацио Втрубудуев on 25. Jun. 2017.
Mercy is now Rodhog bestest friend ever. Huge buff for her. huge nerf for Rodhog. Pls nerf scatter arrow.
Donovan Harwell on 25. Jun. 2017.
I think reaper should now kill road hog in just about every close up 1v1
GSmith624 on 25. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog is a dead hero now, his kit was designed around pulling people out of position and killing them, however with the nerf to damage it's much harder to get the kill afterwards without assistance. So Roadhog needs to stick to the team and be a tank now, okay but what abilities does he have to benefit the team as a tank? None, he has zero shields to use unlike every other tank in the game, his damage output is lower now due to the inconsistencie of his scrap going everywhere, the one thing he has going for him is he can still pull people out of position but he'll get punished for it if he doesn't have someone else to help finish the kill so he's essentially a over glorified battery for the enemies ultimates now, or a health pack for Reaper. Sadly Roadhog you won't be joining me in Masters it was fun to have you there sometimes last season but it's just not worth it to play you over any other tank anymore.
iphone3guru on 25. Jun. 2017.
His clip size is only 5. So if I have to shoot before I hook in the middle of a team fight, it greatly reduces his ability to kill things. I don't want to see any roadhogs in my games anymore. I've hooked and unloaded all 5 shots into a mercy and she was able to get away because hitting enough of the spread at range is extremely difficult, especially on console. All he's good for now is giving the enemy ult charge
Luis Licon on 25. Jun. 2017.
his ultimate does fuck all damage
KingMasterKing on 25. Jun. 2017.
Even though I am sad that they nerfed him and it is really hard to get kills with him, I've always stuck with my team even before the nerf and even now, a two shot really isn't that hard
The Ultimate Succ on 25. Jun. 2017.
they straight up dicked on him. like damn. the instant delete was great but op as a mother fucker. he seems unplayable atm though. especially now that reaper can actually do his job
Ted Bear on 25. Jun. 2017.
Hes fine now. The clip size is what he's always needed and he's always been OP with the longest stun in the game by far that also will kill the other player 90% of the time unless you like hooking tanks. If you're a roadhog main and can't take a slight nerf you need to go play a better game than blizzard trash. I've owned Roadhog mains since the very beginning of the game when he was insane OP. I WANT to see less roadhog. The fucking heal stacking is retardo with any other heal besides the weak heals. Proper rework for once.
Tony Lu on 25. Jun. 2017.
As a roadhog main, I used to get gold damage or at least silver, now I can't even get bronze, fuck you blizzard
Terence Trajano on 25. Jun. 2017.
I find it kind of frustrating not finding my hook reliable as a sure kill any more, but I don't think it's a bad change. Other than that, I find not ujsing my melee button unless I run out of ammo now
Gabriel Alves on 25. Jun. 2017.
as a past roadhog main i feel like im not playing the character i fell in love with anymore. im not playing as a lone wolf sadistic dude with a powerful enough weapon to scare your enemies. thats the psicology part of it. if were talking just meta and gameplay i feel like roadhog is still usable but not a must pick in 70% of the cases as it used to be. personally i think he needs a buff to compensate. he needs a buff that n1 makes jeff happy making illogicly more team driven and n2 makes the community happy making him feel a little bit more impactful on a team
Sir UpSmash on 25. Jun. 2017.
Lmao people thought that dva and genji were dead after their nerfs but look at them now
iukopkl on 25. Jun. 2017.
give him an extra 200 HP. problem solved
Jacob Christian Lim on 25. Jun. 2017.
an arrow is much stronger than a fucking hhuuuuge shotgun + hook. make sense overwatch. makes so much sense
Jacob Christian Lim on 25. Jun. 2017.
it doesn't make any sense at all to reduce the damage of a FUCKING TANK. it's the dumbest thing ever. RIP roadhog. we just lost a pretty good hero tank
Jacob Christian Lim on 25. Jun. 2017.
RIP Roadhog
ReyDragons on 24. Jun. 2017.
they need to buff something to make him more tank-like help team survival in someway this nerf was good imo (even though the damage being 33 is a bit much). makes him less fat dps and opens the door for reaper who is supposed to be the dps anti-tank. current state he is not dead, but he also isn't amaze balls must-pick or even 'great/good'
Allen Thomas on 24. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog should not be considered a tank, Blizzard fucked up. He should be an offensive hero, like Soldier or McCree.
Allen Thomas on 24. Jun. 2017.
They better nerf scatter shot then.
SniperPanda on 24. Jun. 2017.
Played as Roadhog, and got no eliminations the whole round...
Copper Droplet on 24. Jun. 2017.
So, first thing's first, Roadhog isn't your usual tank in that he doesn't block damage for other players, and he doesn't have any kind of shield, so his role is very different as a tank, so damage and a large health pool are his mainstays. Second thing is the no shield deal: a lot of tank killers are close range, and the way your usual tank deals with them is by popping a shield and dancing around with that, but if Roadhog can't get rid of them quickly, he's just going to be torn to shreds. Finally, the hook is generally is easier to land, but it does have a cool down timer, unlike head shots, so even if you do get and insta-kill, it's not one that can be fired off frequently like a sniper. I feel as though the change is a bit much, and that it's going to completely change his character, and not for the better.
dewey sills on 24. Jun. 2017.
before the patch if I got hooked I was dead period there was no chance of Escape and it felt unfair. now I have a chance for living when I get hooked and small chance but a chance. anyone could pick him up and get hooks most of the time. I am happy about this change it's long over due.
Sean Clark on 24. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog was meant as the Reaper of the tank class, a flanker that can punish stragglers/out of position enemies along with his team, not the main focus damage dealer. This change exemplifies that. The people that say "omg hog is ded" are the people who didn't no how to use him other than hook-one shot comboing, then running away waiting for their hook to cooldown to do it again. He's still viable, you just actually need to know what you're doing with him now. Scary concept, I know.
david brown on 24. Jun. 2017.
hes not a big threat anymore. they took away the one thing he had