The Overwatch Clone Returns!

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kevin yue on 4. Jul. 2017.
do people still think paladins as a clone?
Dominic Bartholomeo on 4. Jul. 2017.
The game in the description is Overwatch. So this is clearly Overwatch.
B Hill on 4. Jul. 2017.
that girl in black and white in the video looks like ghost widow from the city of heroes game
313rdGaming on 4. Jul. 2017.
ppl call OW a ripoff of TF2. Other games that are similar to one another get the same treatment, but no one's really taking the time to watch a real ripoff/clone at work.
Chris H on 4. Jul. 2017.
this is actually funny as hell.
Steam Pipe on 4. Jul. 2017.
Mercy with less clothing, sign me the fuck up
Warcrafter3001 on 4. Jul. 2017.
wow its disgusting how much of a ripoff this is
ODIO POWER on 4. Jul. 2017.
I need that female McCree in OW!
Joao Pedro on 4. Jul. 2017.
Tits McCree
demonofjapan on 4. Jul. 2017.
overwatch has nothing original about it anyways
Keenan Smith on 4. Jul. 2017.
I'd still play
Lord Ereney on 4. Jul. 2017.
Not Alpharad
MatrixCreator The Average Gamer on 4. Jul. 2017.
I like the allied health bars on screen, semi pointless but can be useful
Илья Кучин on 4. Jul. 2017.
This game is even slower than Overwatch. And Overwatch is PAINFULY slow.
roidrage1234 on 4. Jul. 2017.
While we are at this, can we blast overwatch for being a team fortress clone ?
Senpai on 4. Jul. 2017.
Did the soldier rip off have a Stromtrooper skin xD
ErrorCode MLG on 4. Jul. 2017.
the characters look better
matthew ranger on 4. Jul. 2017.
paladins was more inspired. while this is just overwatch. props for atleast not copying maps i guess
Thien Do on 4. Jul. 2017.
what about the differences?
Jackson Landry on 4. Jul. 2017.
I think The developers Said " Hey! welcome to Hero Mission! Enjoy This "original" game on I.O.S. It's not a Rip-Off of Overwatch Enjoy!
Donald Trumpet on 4. Jul. 2017.
The only way for Overwatch to compete with this amazing game is by giving female heroes the same amount of clothing as the game in this video.
Ong Jun Quan on 4. Jul. 2017.
I'm Chinese in case you guys need help translating
NightmareDreamlord on 4. Jul. 2017.
If anything, that Reinhardt knock-off looks like he's wearing a KO version of the Rathalos armor. His sword also slightly reminds me of the Djinn. Though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one thinking this.
BiggBadWolf _96 on 4. Jul. 2017.
for some​ reason I don't hate the Hawkeye Hanzo
Le Nguyen on 4. Jul. 2017.
it feels like force cares more about fakes than then actual game
SunkySam on 4. Jul. 2017.
Someone on blizzards is gonna accidentally hit a button and it's gonna turn it into this
Snup Pedro on 4. Jul. 2017.
you know whats the problem with the comunuty of the greater games ? nobody can take ideas like every one says that theres the "overwatch clones" but overwatch it self is a "clone" of tf2 blizzard just gave his personal touch any other fps moba aint gonna be a overwatch clone if somethings are similar doesnt mean that its a clone maybe they took some ideas but added the litle personal touch dont juge before analyng the game and playng some of this games have the one thing overwatch isnt free2play
Danceofmasks on 4. Jul. 2017.
A ripoff fps on mobile? Probably plays better than console fps
hoang vu on 4. Jul. 2017.
cant wait for a english version
BladeArmorGinga on 4. Jul. 2017.
Honestly I like the rip off mccree ult lol it actually looks cool just make it look like actual overwatch
Netsuko on 4. Jul. 2017.
It's a game from China. China LITERALLY doesn't know what "copyright" even means. I am pretty sure they don't even have a word for it.
Chaplin001 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Force I know more about this game cause of you than the actual company that made it. They should hire you for marketing :P
Franky Magic on 4. Jul. 2017.
I kinda want to see Reinhardt with a sword now, I mean he has a mace, an axe and a shovel so why not a sword? :D
Guge Yao on 4. Jul. 2017.
Yes, we are. We Chinese people know how to copy.
PolarDK on 4. Jul. 2017.
It makes My eyes bleed.... The game
Kektimus on 4. Jul. 2017.
No, there is no merit just because it's on mobile.
Read more on 4. Jul. 2017.
Do you want to know another game that copied heroes from overwatch??? Paladins....
Jordick 69 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Mobile games...meh..
theoldcape on 4. Jul. 2017.
Seems almost identical to Overwatch, people aren't even using the Rein shield. It's uncanny!
J G on 4. Jul. 2017.
this is nothing like overwatch... this is clearly hero mission
Leo Kosonen on 4. Jul. 2017.
I was just thinking... What if people in "hero mission" buff roadhog instead of nerfing it
Un Sun on 4. Jul. 2017.
Alpharad also has a great video on this with gameplay, check him out.
Mundy Lunes on 4. Jul. 2017.
They are going to make sooo much money on this.
eraty1 on 4. Jul. 2017.
You know what is better in this game, compared to overwatch? Look at Mercy's gun. It's fucking perfect! You don't need to switch weapons, just hold the beam and shoot. In overwatch you have to switch the fucking weapons everytime. But this chinese developers are clearly geniuses!
TheGhostThatWas on 4. Jul. 2017.
I'm surprised we haven't seen more inspired heroes based on Orisa. After all, she rips off characters in Overwatch too.
camron reynosa on 4. Jul. 2017.
isnt this the exact same game that was made in the asia area as a student project when overwatch first came out??
キティニャー on 4. Jul. 2017.
my new game
Posdrums3 on 4. Jul. 2017.
It's almost annoying how often you repeat "I understand there are people who will defend this." Who? Who is defending copyright infringement? The fact that China's laws allow for this sort of thing is known worldwide and ridiculed. Otherwise good video. I guess. I mean you're really just commenting "Oh hey wow look how similar this ripoff game looks to Overwatch." Otherwise good channel.
Whiplash on 4. Jul. 2017.
probably more balanced than OW
SwagIzThaName on 4. Jul. 2017.
This game is CLEARLY not an overwatch ripoff because this gameplay has people pushing the payload...