The Place of Azshara, Allied Race Unlocks & The Endgame of Battle for Azeroth | Update

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BellularGaming on 10. Apr. 2018.
Aaaand there we have it! That's it for the the press day related stuff. I'm back onto some beta content, lore & a few documentary style videos.
Joshua Tunis on 12. Apr. 2018.
I REALLY don't like that Azshara is some mid-level raid boss. She has so much potential, history, and lore. I think it's a massive waste to just kill her off. She deserves to be the antagonist of an entire expansion by herself.
Neko Lust on 12. Apr. 2018.
So we have to wait for a fucking patch to play the Zandalari Trolls when they should be out with release? Same with the Kul'Tiran Humans for whomever on the Alliance wanted to play them as well. Like the Dark Iron Dwarves and Zandalari Trolls were showcased in the trailer for allied races but yet Dwarves are out with launch but Trolls you have to wait for.............
Aden Metsastaja on 12. Apr. 2018.
I'm sure you have already seen this but it was news to me. The wowhead 3d dressing room now includes Dark Iron dwarves, Mag'har orcs, Vulpera, thin humans, et al. Very exciting.
Boris christensen on 12. Apr. 2018.
ashes of creation
GnomePower1000 on 12. Apr. 2018.
dont play this game guys i just got banned 10 days for literaly no reason blizzard wont even tell me what i did wrong? it says "disruptive gameplay" and contacting game masters leaves me with automated replies, i make my 2nd ticket and got an automated reply 3 minutes after, i was in paint making a screenshot to add to my ticket came back and the ticket was already answered in 1 sentence, i repeat, do NOT play this game because they can ban you for literaly no reason or because you play too well i have never in the history of wow heard of anyone getting banned for "disruptive gameplay"
Hellknight Mordred on 12. Apr. 2018.
Do we need rep for mag'thar or dark irons?
YouTube Comment on 12. Apr. 2018.
"Blizzard has* just announced..." Customization for existing races "always looking..." Yeah, yeah. Always looking. Never implementing.
Michael Fluty on 12. Apr. 2018.
I hope worgen get new animations/customizations
Teriyaki #squad on 12. Apr. 2018.
Im sorry but this just seems like another garrison mission table to me .... its basically the same shit but with a differ look.
Vít Savický on 12. Apr. 2018.
I really, really hope that the Azerite gear rewards from raids aren't overwhelmingly more powerful than Azerite gear rewards from high level Mythic+.
Whydoesthissitesuck on 12. Apr. 2018.
Great stuff. Really looking forward to this expansion
Max Rubio on 12. Apr. 2018.
Dylan Reasor on 12. Apr. 2018.
Tfw you scoll through the comments for 10 minutes straight and 75-80% of it is just people bitching...Can't we just be optimistic? If you don't like WoW, that's fine...go play another game or something...but don't tell people they're wrong or degrade other people when the XPAC doesn't even launch for 4 more months...
novusmundi on 12. Apr. 2018.
I am thinking of making a Dark Iron Dwarf. How will we get them? Is it a rep grind like the allied races people are using now or will we be able to just make them when the game launches?
Ochiru on 12. Apr. 2018.
I just want them to tell use why we need like 30 dif arena maps and not more normal bgs. I have played pvp from the start but I just don't like arena. I want more bgs to do.
kam grus on 12. Apr. 2018.
Eh i have something against blizzard devs... They always feels like they are from another... older I don’t see fresh and creative feel of those interviews etc. ... I wish to see something of Kickstarter passion indie games stuff.
John Kilcoyne on 11. Apr. 2018.
Will nightbourne and highmounten be made available to new players at start of bfa- and no I don’t wana do rep crap in legion to get then
Contmotore on 11. Apr. 2018.
Lol, he looks like Davos from GoT
k01dsv on 11. Apr. 2018.
Wait, did you say that Azerite was going to have a weekly cap?? 9:40
Mr. Grunnson on 11. Apr. 2018.
If islands on mythic give the equivalent of lfr raid loot, then id be happy. It would give small groups/non raiders an alternative to lfr and a way to progress. If the mythic island also have tiers like current scaling mythic dungeons, the loot should be appropriate to the dungeons.
Poison Kiss on 11. Apr. 2018.
Are mag'har orcs going to the alliance? There's no way they'd take trolls. I'm confused if there are only two allied races available at launch that are orc and troll.
Mannox86 on 11. Apr. 2018.
when starts the beta?
Robziggy on 11. Apr. 2018.
Good video ! SMOrc Clap
ArmoredJesse on 11. Apr. 2018.
Love all these vids.
Sir Frey 42 on 11. Apr. 2018.
I SINCERELY HOPE THEY BRING BACK 1 BOSS RAIDS, instead of those stupid world bosses.
Rimon Shamon on 11. Apr. 2018.
question, are we gonna have followers system and bodyguard ?
Weirdo on 11. Apr. 2018.
Anyone know if I need a disc drive in my PC to get the physical copy of the expansion? Because previous ones have been like that.
Medvus on 11. Apr. 2018.
Allied races are the MOBA version of skins. Don't see how people are excited about basically nothing new gameplay wise
Emelie Desireè Nordström on 11. Apr. 2018.
I am picturing you standing in the throne room.
Yura Gurtoviy on 11. Apr. 2018.
Jannick on 11. Apr. 2018.
It doesn’t seem like Blizzard realises the expansion is only 4 months away and it just feels so unfinished and boring. Really fucking hope Alpha is just gonna get bombed with new content and class changes.
Woven on 11. Apr. 2018.
island E X P L O R A T I O N S
Jack Ripper on 11. Apr. 2018.
G'Huun definitely isn't related to Hakkar. We already know G'Huun is a piece of an Old God that was tested by the Watchers until it gained sentience via worm rules.
Narek Shahmoradian on 11. Apr. 2018.
I don’t think that’s how you pronounce C’thun. Listen to the way it’s said in hearthstone
YX Yang on 11. Apr. 2018.
For a game that desperately need new blood, you only give alpha and beta keys to streamers and old players, the fuck? Just give it to everyone maybe? How many people are gonna be interest to test the game for you all the time? You seriously worry the server is gonna explode? Even car dealer let you test drive, why wouldnt you allow us to test play beta???
YX Yang on 11. Apr. 2018.
The island can have different opponent class combination, different playstyle, different environment and different affixes, thats four variables, thats gonna make sure every time you play its different, and it will be impossible to prepare for it. Finally, make it give reward equal to raid. This is your one last shot Blizzard, make it work or wow dies.
Yamidoragon on 11. Apr. 2018.
My dreams of being allied with Hakkar are still alive then :D Hakkar vs Wicker dude
CamTheKitty on 11. Apr. 2018.
Expansion seems more and more meh as it goes on. Tired old war theme, done to death and silly after so many real threats. Removal or Artifacts and Garrison type stuff, and nothing added. Hell thier big "thing" with Azerite seems like all the choices are made for you since the big choice is SPEC dependant. *YAWN*
CamTheKitty on 11. Apr. 2018.
Allied race stuff is so silly. Coming back because you were excited about a new race? Guess what, Blizz wants to play through it twice
vegaobscurax23 on 11. Apr. 2018.
Spectacular and informative video. Thanks for your work and research.
Charly R on 11. Apr. 2018.
I have a question that's been bothering me and hopefully someone answers. Are we going to be able to keep our artifact skins for BoA? Idk if I miss a video about it. I don't really keep up with updates. Ty!
Max Rubio on 11. Apr. 2018.
15:07, the big boy appears.
justin lynes on 11. Apr. 2018.
lol at 6:29 he calls it artifact power, even they cannot deny that they are going for another ap grind
Hunter Wallen on 11. Apr. 2018. And yet Allied Races are a hot mess of meh and same face 3 blue skins tones for Nightborne Lightforged arent glowy enough, and should be slightly taller No tattoo style AND tattoo color on Mag'har Void elves are just blood elves with weirdly placed tentacles in hair and shadowy effects
Steve Yu on 11. Apr. 2018.
I really like how you speak thoughtfully and clearly without hiccups, pretty much in all videos you are able to convey thoughts so fluidly without cuts and pauses; always a joy watching your videos
TRON on 11. Apr. 2018.
We don’t need to see you in the video. Just show the game
Dog Cunt on 11. Apr. 2018.
I thought that azerite was going to function similar to valor points for those slots in terms of how the currency is spent, seems to make more sense
Zanerli on 11. Apr. 2018.
This is why I love your videos Bellular
Abraham Jacob on 11. Apr. 2018.
I don't understand why nobody is revolting against the GCD change