The REAL Threat of Battle for Azeroth... Is It Our Fault? - New Old God Lore 7.3.5

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BellularGaming on 23. Dec. 2017.
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Jesselawls Gaming on 26. Dec. 2017.
Azeroth is screaming and is whispering to Magni
Matija Fucek on 26. Dec. 2017.
Are you dead, omg call the ambulance! no vids for 3 days :O
Javier Salomón Cruz Lastra on 26. Dec. 2017.
That last part on J.J. Abrahams, briliant! I do agree, they are sawing seeds to future "things2 either plot devices, expansiones, or wehatever they need.. instead of haveing a "full arc developed"... rather inteligent ;)
Lethgorias on 26. Dec. 2017.
The races of Azeroth are actually the bad guys, and Sargeras is actually the good guy. Sargeras killing Azeroth and it's inhabitants is the right move. The void getting Azeroth means the end of the universe. The question is: If Sargeras killed all the titans and titan souls, would he then kill himself, removing the last chance for the Void to invade? Could he confirm that this is the only way for them to invade? Who knows, but by fighting Sargeras, and attempting to save Azeroth even when it is clearly on the verge of being consumed by the void, puts the whole of the universe in danger. Sacrificing one planet to save hundreds of trillions of populated planets is the right thing to do, no?
snow balls on 26. Dec. 2017.
void11 jeahaehehaea!!! endlich ally zocken ohne sich schämen zu  müssen :D
BichKingKurta on 26. Dec. 2017.
Screaming can refeer to Sylvanas becouse she has her banshee scream.
Yamidoragon on 26. Dec. 2017.
There was another Boy King, it’s in Uldum archaeology stuff. It would be fun if it turned out to be related
The Crimsoness on 26. Dec. 2017.
Sylvanas has literally always been evil.
TheDragonKhan on 26. Dec. 2017.
Sweet to see you're getting sponsers. You should do it lynal tech tips style though. At the beginning say "this video is brought to you by" and a little 20sec plug for your sponsers rather than cutting your current video out like it's a commerical break or something. Just my 2 cents
gpturismo on 26. Dec. 2017.
we're going to have to farm weapons again D:
Xamf11 on 26. Dec. 2017.
Yo bellular, did you watch fringe?
jamie hockey on 25. Dec. 2017.
Could the boy kings lie be a change of mind? MoP he was all for peace, next expansion. He's all about war. Just a shot in the dark.
Zabi Sidiqkhil on 25. Dec. 2017.
They should hire Oda of One Piece but they cannot lol since he wouldnt want to
Góméz on 25. Dec. 2017.
I believe I remember a video where Bell said he'd never sell out for ads.............
Travek Maxwell on 25. Dec. 2017.
Of course it is united we defeated the burning legion and now we just go back to fighting each other? At this point they aren't worth saving. Khadgar is right. If I could I would have my char study with Khadgar and give up saving azeroth at this point we deserve to be destroyed.
Chris Auer on 25. Dec. 2017.
i guess the voids victory came through us locking sargeras away, stopping the burning legion, the only perceived danger to the void's plans
Lord Haberdasher on 25. Dec. 2017.
Doors once opened never close! The master comes! He comes he comes!
Rick James on 25. Dec. 2017.
Woo! WD sellout. Definately using adblock for your video content now.
Arg Etect on 25. Dec. 2017.
What's with the sargaras driving his sword into some planet cut scene? Is that from the PTR? Where do I see that happen?
Brent Ryan on 25. Dec. 2017.
Sylvanus is too easy of a bad guy, to tell a good story, people should still be unaware of who is the enemy. That is why I agree that Azshara is the subject of concern. She meets all the requirements without question. As for the lies told to a boy King, the werewolf guy has adjust been shown as be in high confidence with Anduin, he is the one who is likely leading him to war against Sylvanus.
Andrew Grulkowski on 25. Dec. 2017.
page 5 sounds more like its talking about the dark iron prince. id check to see if the boy(king) is no longer swaddled in the throne room.
dojistar on 25. Dec. 2017.
very well placed ad
Nikola Stjepanovic on 25. Dec. 2017.
Could imprisoning of Sargeras affect Bolvar and his bounds to Frozen Throne somehow?
JFuture T on 25. Dec. 2017.
your videos are way too quiet. speak up man
BroFoxGaming on 25. Dec. 2017.
About page 4. If you were to go to Eversong Woods and talk to the apprentice-teaching guy, he quite literarily says "They are like sheep, leave them for a minute and they will end up falling off a cliff". I'm not sure if this is intentional but it might be a good lead.
Felplague on 25. Dec. 2017.
Sargeras's crsuade was the destroy azeroth or enslave it to stop the void from taking it. We have now stopped him, saving azeroth, meaning the void can still corrupt it. That is why the "void has won" because we stopped argus from stopping the void.
Scoobert Doobert on 25. Dec. 2017.
What if when we use our artifact weapons to hold the power of Sargeras's sword, what if the shadow priest weapon turns on us, and uses the power to aid the old gods? Since the old gods do have soldiers who can see the future, maybe they had been helping us so we'd give them that power all along?
Eleb315 on 25. Dec. 2017.
6:20 where is this from? looks awesome
RyanSaotome on 24. Dec. 2017.
I use adblock on Youtube for a reason. Downvoted
Victor Fidelis on 24. Dec. 2017.
The 6th page is of course important, the unnoticed victory is about we getting rid of their biggest enemy, the one who purge worlds bc of the void infection (old gods themselves), Sargeras. That's the best time for them, and the next step was making their pawns and whispers work to get the next enemy (us) fight each other with faction wars, leaving us weak and building their black empire. The triggers to the upcoming war could be made by them, who knows.
Jeremy Schmidt on 24. Dec. 2017.
im thinking the end of the next expansion is we have to fight azeroth it titan form thats been corrupted , but but it heart that we carry around is not , so we are going to have to use her heart to purge her for corruption , and the next expansion will be nzoth at the start ,
azmodon on 24. Dec. 2017.
bolvar i hope will be good and not bad, prey to the void and the light
Nicholas Medeiros on 24. Dec. 2017.
wish i had SSD
DocBradford K. on 24. Dec. 2017.
I think a lot of people are incorrectly listening to Il’ganoth. “The boy king sits at the master’s table” and “Three lies will he offer.” Who said the boy king is offering the lies and not the “master?”
Mr.Personality on 24. Dec. 2017.
And JFK had conspiracies.
Orleans Gac on 24. Dec. 2017.
Bellular are you going to finish your legion class reviews? You still have priest and Druid to go.
Gubzs on 24. Dec. 2017.
So hyped to play horde next expansion. UPRIGHT ORC BOI. Also bought a 1TB WD Blue SSD a few months back, would absolutely recommend if your mobo has an m.2 slot.
Bas agus buaidh Letters on 24. Dec. 2017.
The light is the enemy!
NebsterSK on 24. Dec. 2017.
Dude what the hell? Aponsored ad? Don't... just don't.
Warb Gaming on 24. Dec. 2017.
Bound by the throne? No boundless. I’d love that to be about the Lich king, and it would make sense because the Lich king was created by the legion (Kil’Jadaen I think) maybe the defeat of the legion on Argus made this magic dissipate so the Lich king can now do as he pleases. Long shot but it would be an interesting turn of events
k on 24. Dec. 2017.
can u get aids if u blow a man?
Eli Lawrence on 24. Dec. 2017.
Why have people not talked much about Wrathion in SW? Is he still on ptr?
theR1ch on 24. Dec. 2017.
The faction wars are always distractions. Last time we focused on going to war with the other faction, we brought the Sha back. There’s bigger players in this and we end up going right back to fighting each other again.
Jean Harlez on 24. Dec. 2017.
Invasive sponsorship, dude. But interesting stuff after that !
SevenPandas on 24. Dec. 2017.
The "Unknown" victory was us defeating the burning legion since sargeras's end game was to defeat the void. I cbf typing all of it but yeah practically the Void is now a MAJOR threat for Azeroth since the void now doesn't need to worry about The Legion
Josh Tilton on 24. Dec. 2017.
Regarding sponsored content and whether you're apprehensive on doing this more often, GET YOUR MONEY. We support you through it so no worries mate.
Kablash on 24. Dec. 2017.
No pictures in the book = I'm not reading it!
One True Vikingbard on 24. Dec. 2017.
1) don’t mention JJ Abrams. It would be terrible if Blizzard did a Rian Johnson and gave the finger to everything they’ve built up (oh wait, they already did that with Grom in WoD) 2)
sushanalone on 24. Dec. 2017.
If it was the Zalatath's eye conveying vital info to the Old God, id just leave it in the Lions Pride inn on the Moonguard server, and he can torture himself all he wants till the 'eye' bleeds to death and Naz Goth gets PTSD watching an evening there.