The Return of The Nephalem: Revenge of The Edyrem. Diablo Lore: Part 4

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Jamie Strangways on 20. Feb. 2018.
Where is the source for the D2 druid coming to Heroes of The Storm? unless he's pulling my leg
Sheppard on 18. Feb. 2018.
Well done, Foak [Rhykker]!
lorenzo plantilla on 15. Feb. 2018.
More more more more more now please
TobiContinue Phoenix on 15. Feb. 2018.
You should be an eSports caster like TobiWan. You're awesome like a voice actor. Good job!
While You Were Gaming... on 11. Feb. 2018.
"the Church of 'Ladder Reset Days'" .. That killed me.. lolol
akse on 10. Feb. 2018.
Read the Sin Wars before D3 release.. many flashbacks now :)
RuneChaos1.01 on 10. Feb. 2018.
@13:00 hahaha i am happy that is working for you, will this? will that? me says, "yeah it was my idea!" unless (that word for when two people separated by distance come up with the same idea on their own at the same time.) happened. hahaha. honestly though run with it.
RuneChaos1.01 on 10. Feb. 2018.
@6:18 lol.
RuneChaos1.01 on 10. Feb. 2018.
@1:25 diamadies of diamadies! Rhykker says, "duh what?" lul.
Shinji Core on 7. Feb. 2018.
Hey Rhykker I love your videos, man! Keep up the good work! I'd like to watch some animations while you tell the lore etc That would be great :)
Shadow_AquilaX on 6. Feb. 2018.
Cool Story Bro. No really, it's a cool story. Loving every minute of it. Thx Obama...I mean Rhykker.
Morné du Toit on 6. Feb. 2018.
Frosted Mini Teets on 6. Feb. 2018.
I really like Rhykker’s videos, and thankfully, the same can be said for diablo lore. While these stories do lack a certain element of depth they help to immerse you in a fantasy world in which you’ve spent countless hours and they give random elements from through the games a second layer of appreciation. I’d love this series to keep going! Nice job
MinSeo Kang on 5. Feb. 2018.
so in depth!!! how can you not love it. I have been searching for these detailed lore series for so long!!! Thank you for all your research and humorous synopsis.
Andre' Appelgryn on 5. Feb. 2018.
Awesome vid as usual. Can't wait for the next episode.
Igor Semenov on 5. Feb. 2018.
Awsome videos ! love the lore bits but could you please edit a little bit more visual stuff related to the lore like pics and videos or some funny edits :) just to whats while you talk :D
hallets1956 on 5. Feb. 2018.
More please :)
German on 5. Feb. 2018.
Great video man, keep up the good work.
Vyse of Arcadia on 4. Feb. 2018.
dude ur lore videos r soo interesting, but maybe u should use some more pictures or at least let them stay on the screen, none the less keep the good work up ;)
shocker 609 on 4. Feb. 2018.
Great lore videos dude. Keep them up please.
Ahmed Fares on 4. Feb. 2018.
Thanks for the series, can't wait for the next episode.
lhc551 on 4. Feb. 2018.
Keep up the awesome work!
Austin Zohner on 4. Feb. 2018.
That story isn’t completely correct. Uldyssian DID have slowly budding powers. Lilith just helped him. He really was waking up others latent powers too. Liliths reveal was a bit of a magic battle. But he had obviously been helped by her before.
EnglandIsMyCity AndAsiaIsMyStreet on 4. Feb. 2018.
"With sex"
Lawrence Brown on 3. Feb. 2018.
Oh that Trump jab. Nice!
Sumthin Wikked on 3. Feb. 2018.
i look forward to these. keep'em comin bro. lol
menamgamg on 3. Feb. 2018.
Damn i miss diablo so much.. i really hope blizzard bring this franchise back to glory sometime really soon :(
DatDeaf Dude on 3. Feb. 2018.
Diablo Trump
browngom on 3. Feb. 2018.
is lillith a good guy or bad guy
Android Muffin on 3. Feb. 2018.
You're right, good thing Hillary didn't get elected! :D
coldas on 3. Feb. 2018.
This series is as good as GoT dvd bonus prequel stories. Damn Lilith sounds like a fine lady.
Mosquito milk on 3. Feb. 2018.
10:40 killed me.
Bakosmos on 3. Feb. 2018.
Love your vids
Jaws Trock on 3. Feb. 2018.
I dunno, lilia, lilith.. and her presence suddenly reveals emerging power.. hmmmm
Izaac7000 ´ on 3. Feb. 2018.
dis goood shi
Ingar . GoirXII on 3. Feb. 2018.
Awesome work! Really like these videos
matiss judins on 3. Feb. 2018.
your writen comments are always epic! keep expanding your channel mate, great job so far.
ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ on 3. Feb. 2018.
2:35 lol They bonded alright .... missionary style :D
El Rocky Raccoon on 3. Feb. 2018.
So Uldyssian was the Sanctuary-equivalent of Jesus? Plus with some Goku stuff (get angry > awaken badass powers).
Trey Skyes on 3. Feb. 2018.
I make popcorn just to watch these episodes
ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ on 3. Feb. 2018.
Got disconnected from the game and after that Diablo 3 just gave me a damn game licence error wtf damn Blizzard fix your servers!
tadej pečkaj on 3. Feb. 2018.
Moaaaaar...I want moaaaaaar!
Ι on 3. Feb. 2018.
Diablo lore is so complicated
Alex Friedman on 3. Feb. 2018.
I love the diablo lore. Starcraft and Diiablo are the best , and blizzard in general , Best gaming company. Thanks for making diablo content. I just getting into diablo 3 and i was an original diablo 1 player. Hoper diablo 4 comes out before too long.
MadBrainBox on 3. Feb. 2018.
So basically we can expect Lillith to play a part in the next Diablo.
philanor on 3. Feb. 2018.
Love your videos!! This story is quite engaging.
Ichiwo Konnichiwa on 3. Feb. 2018.
Interesting as always, thanks!
Project Link on 3. Feb. 2018.
I love this series so much. Thanks man. I could listen to you all day!
HowardCrafts on 3. Feb. 2018.
great video! i just watched your entire series. keep it up!
Confector Tyrannis on 3. Feb. 2018.
Could really go for half hour episodes on this... keep it up Rhykker! It is very much appreciated