The Stormettes | Malthael, The Archangel of Death | Heroes of the Storm

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Uploaded: 6 Jun 2017 Likes: 209
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Dusan Ilic on 7. Jun. 2017.
You can't tell who is the worst.
Niclas Lundqvist on 6. Jun. 2017.
Warak-Schwan :3
Mr DeceptiFreak on 6. Jun. 2017.
Why are people so angry? So what if they didn't play malth on cam. There is no reason people should be insulting them repeatedly. They play to have fun so leave the them fucking be lol. It's the ptr not ranked so even IF it did matter it doesn't. If you really want to see him in game just go on the ptr yourself :/
brotherimzee on 6. Jun. 2017.
not opposed to Squadron in general but "The Stormettes" is just bad. Sound quality is horrible and the people (minus Kiye) just dont seem to care about making a show. They'll shout and scream over other people talking and make it seem like a disorganized chat channel rather than an entertaining production.
Emariel on 6. Jun. 2017.
I do love watching the ladies, but I can only watch you when I'm prepared to watch a lot of losses ^^ love the non saltyness and happyness dont get me wrong :D just go and watch followgrubby xD just for the occasional win :D
CalciumChief on 6. Jun. 2017.
37:39 Olaf from The Lost Vikings has two daughters.
Starbee on 6. Jun. 2017.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it today! See you all next week! <3
pasabocas on 6. Jun. 2017.
Stormettes with stormen, rank win with no try-hard, heroes unite with improvised maybe compositions, slugfest with I-have-nothing-to-say comments... sauce and top plays still holds up… I love you guys, and I have enjoyed you content for years, but with respect I share with you that, as a consumer of your content, these unfulfilled promises of the format it feels nothing matters… I have found myself stopping your contend mid-way… the "AverageAdam, the PYROmaniac" video might be the best example of this. Pallytime’s channel works pretty good in that sense, maybe follow his perspective… please guard the ideas you put out there so our enjoyment does’t fall apart ;-) as a friendly viewer, please don’t fall into paradigms of distraction as so many companies do. It’s far more deceptive than click-baits. Anyhow, you are great! please be custodians of your promise ;-) Cheers! P.S. I miss Hengest… so much!.
Slebonson on 6. Jun. 2017.
I love lady worak......just saying....
Isabela Hart on 6. Jun. 2017.
Selenityy I pretty good at the new hero
Shadowlyger on 6. Jun. 2017.
Wow you guys are bad. Really, REALLY bad. *Warak uses Mosh Pit so Kiye can run away* Kiye: let me stand here and auto attack one of them. As Lili.
jamesryan099 on 6. Jun. 2017.
Why put malthael in the title if the main can don't even play him once =\
Shawn Gao on 6. Jun. 2017.
Need theme team of all angels: angel diablo, angel valla, and the 3 main angels!
Cesario Valentin Rios on 6. Jun. 2017.
also Varians Self healing build with Twin blades can win Malthael
MasterChef711 on 6. Jun. 2017.
I was the D.Va in the last game. My hands were shaking at the beginning, but playing with you guys was really fun! The hearts at the end were to represent how much I love Squadron!
Cesario Valentin Rios on 6. Jun. 2017.
I feel like a good counter tank would be Varian Tank build