The Story of Purify [Hearthstone Lore]

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Filip Petrovic on 19. Nov. 2016.
Use it with Ragnaros
Bablito HeizCrew on 19. Nov. 2016.
Speaking of Ragnaros the Lightlord... How come you havent made a video about it yet >:c Surely there's some bit of information somewhere
Alex Ho on 19. Nov. 2016.
If only purify removes all negative effects instead, but then again, what are considered negative effects in a game like Haerthstone? Poison? Could be used to help clear powerful minions, deal 2 dmg to all characters at the end of the turn? Perhaps, but in the end, they didn't have enough reason for this to be added. But for now, Priests all across the world can only hope that Purify will have it's cost nerfed to 1 mana for better value.
World Of Zippetty on 19. Nov. 2016.
Can you do the story of Bolvar Fordragon? That would be cool with the new dk order hall campaign.
Great Noved on 18. Nov. 2016.
Hey Nobbel, just a thought, but if you haven't already, I don't suppose you could make a video about the one the Paladin's Heirloom weaponry: The Reforged Truesilver Champion at some point? Maybe you could do more lore stories behind the other Heirloom Weaponry? Just a thought. Was curious about the TrueSilver Champion's lore is all. :)
TheDorianTube on 18. Nov. 2016.
Nobbel, I started playing a couple of months before the end of Cataclysm and quit the two days before the Thunder King patch of Pandaria. So I missed a lot. I want to come back now, but one thing that I don't like is not being able to 'play' most of the old quests, thus having a good experience with the Lore. Your videos are helping me a lot understanding the story, however, I feel like it's not enough. Like I'm missing some details etc. . What can I do in order to get the full experience?! Private servers? Books? or maybe everything is still available in the game for the most part?. What can I do in order to get all (or at least some) of the lore in-game? During Cata and Pandaria I kept jumping from a storyline to another even without skipping quests and reading everything :S it's confusing af
Lucien Saliba on 18. Nov. 2016.
or edwin vancleef or justicar trueheart
Lucien Saliba on 18. Nov. 2016.
shifter zerus
Simon Groot on 18. Nov. 2016.
Never seen the golden version of purify...
Jay Ell on 18. Nov. 2016.
Al Akir the windlord!
Jan-Magnus Solheim on 18. Nov. 2016.
kan you do a video on Gruul the dragonslayer
Jordan Parkhurst on 18. Nov. 2016.
Do thermaplugg he has a decant story if I remember correctly
Nina Gol on 18. Nov. 2016.
Storry of brightwing
정미 on 18. Nov. 2016.
hi Nobbel.. n,n can u tell me wut type or specialisation u use 4paladin? n' in wut server u stay?
Haze on 18. Nov. 2016.
can you do a lore vid about the forsaken blight why they are allowed to use it, and even store it in dalaran ? =)
Loasfq rot on 18. Nov. 2016.
i cant seem to find a group or que for return of karazhan?
roland nikolai on 18. Nov. 2016.
Story of Reno Jackson, Please.
Eugene Hicks on 18. Nov. 2016.
Do Twisting Nether please!
Tony Dobre on 18. Nov. 2016.
OMG, he actually did it :))
imbazed22 on 18. Nov. 2016.
guys could you stop voting for shitty cards with almost no lore behind it? that would be great
DeltaSlayer on 18. Nov. 2016.
Hmm your accent sounds familiar. Are you dutch by any chance?
LawlFakers on 18. Nov. 2016.
Why is this a thing? Hearthstone lore? It's a stupid card game based off of the Warcraft IP. Card lore, my arse.
Everbane37 on 18. Nov. 2016.
Renounce darkness, and evil characters who became good
Juffa toot on 18. Nov. 2016.
lol dying on attumen haha Don't worry sometimes you don't see the chargers coming :P
- Cipi on 18. Nov. 2016.
Do one on acolyte of pain.
Nudasz on 18. Nov. 2016.
If we can vote for new Gadgetzan cards... Kazakus
Cameron Coate (Cheeszy) on 18. Nov. 2016.
Finkle einhorn
Watcher _ on 18. Nov. 2016.
Fel reaver
Watcher _ on 18. Nov. 2016.
it'd be cool if you could summon ragnaros the light lord during the mid summer fire festival, maybe if you're a paladin or something
LimitedItemEater on 18. Nov. 2016.
The story of one night to karazhen
Blozzerd on 18. Nov. 2016.
Illidan is ragnaros the light lord in disguise
ShadowBastard on 18. Nov. 2016.
Tinkmaster Overspark
Hawkx10 on 18. Nov. 2016.
Well he mentioned the card so i'm happy
ustasından izle oyunu on 18. Nov. 2016.
Nobbel!Please make story of Grom Hellscream!Taste my blade!
Gaston on 18. Nov. 2016.
Majordomo Fandral Staghelm
James Tatsumi on 18. Nov. 2016.
Darkshire Librarian or Maiden of the Lake
Salts Dogs on 18. Nov. 2016.
tinkmaster overspark
Salts Dogs on 18. Nov. 2016.
tinkmaster overspark
Ashley Newman on 18. Nov. 2016.
Did you actually try to explain Purify in any words other than "a joke"?
Atraira on 18. Nov. 2016.
yeah but but but what about the most controversial part... the card art has a mage on it. a MAGE!
soulkutu on 18. Nov. 2016.
Lore of sheep plos
Kyo on 18. Nov. 2016.
Gadgetzan lore because of the new expansion. c:
Corruptus on 18. Nov. 2016.
Well, with Lothraxion making an appearance we might not be that far away from Ragnaros the Lightlord
Nathan Hill on 18. Nov. 2016.
just went 9-3 in heroic tavern brawl with purify priest. Get on my level
shaman omk on 18. Nov. 2016.
the story N'zoth
marshall bates on 18. Nov. 2016.
harrison jones
Soulitario25 on 18. Nov. 2016.
Herald Volazj !
DDespicable on 18. Nov. 2016.
bolf ramshield
Dr. Nissen on 18. Nov. 2016.
Reno Jackson plz
Corlwow on 18. Nov. 2016.
Oh... they definitely gonna get some good cards next expansion.