The Story of Stormsong Valley - Battle for Azeroth Alpha

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Vren' the Whitemanefuckr on 7. Apr. 2018.
Fuckin' Kul'Tiran shaman!!!!!
Dhurak57 on 7. Apr. 2018.
Wrath and Pride of Azshara, i'm starting to see some deadly sin patern
Bindair Dundat on 6. Apr. 2018.
F*ck those bees... Never going near this zone.
linkzellda on 5. Apr. 2018.
I would much prefer to judge a story once I have all the details, but I have the feeling that the story line for Battle for Azeroth. It's going to be like Mists of Pandaria with Warlords of Draenor lazy storyteller all over again.
Bastarden on 5. Apr. 2018.
I LOVE how you pronounce Tortollan!!! :D
HalloLeute on 5. Apr. 2018.
Omg I was watching some NativLang videos and he uses the same little instrumental motif you use in your intro! Just something kinda funny I heard haha
synthetic_mushroom on 4. Apr. 2018.
Kill Sylvanas off already
RuneDemoN on 4. Apr. 2018.
So polymorph can hurt people? lol
HUN Darrakard on 4. Apr. 2018.
If the zone is anything like Nobbel's voice through this video, the new Ironman challenge is not to fall asleep while leveling.
valentino nachev on 4. Apr. 2018.
This arguing between alliance and horde players is annoying just stop complaining that Sylvanas is evil is a game plus its character developing yea maybe they did the evil warchief stuff with garrosh but i dont think thats the case i think it will be only in the beginning of the expac and that they will do something different
Michaël Picard on 4. Apr. 2018.
I hope the lich queen will be killed in this expansion
ArkhamAxonn on 4. Apr. 2018.
I wonder what X’era is in void form?
TheMMObro on 4. Apr. 2018.
I wanna know from the horde side.. i don't eant sylvanas going garrosh
Hadrien the Hordebreaker on 4. Apr. 2018.
I just love the fact that when people run out of ways to justify the Horde's heinous war crimes, it's simply due to bad writing. How convenient. Alas, Hordies will be Hordies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Joey Joe Joe on 4. Apr. 2018.
I hope I can purge those alliance villages myself as a horde player.
TheReaper on 4. Apr. 2018.
Ohhh my dear Sylvanas...from a proud ranger general of Quel'Thalas you've become a bloodthirsty warchief of the Horde :'(
D Birt on 4. Apr. 2018.
on the Horde are evil again....yeah.......
Puddin Kitty on 4. Apr. 2018.
Wait, so are the sea priests shaman (or like some type of shaman looking thing)? Will kul tiras humans be able to be shaman AND druids?!
Crossy4321 on 4. Apr. 2018.
Hi Nobbel, can we have a video explaining your thoughts (or actual info) of why teldrassil is so much bigger than the world trees. Is it because of world scaling or because of archimodes attack on hyjal. Thanks :)
Moon H on 4. Apr. 2018.
Idk why but i kinda feel like blizzard gonna surprise us with sylvanas’s arc :))
ZzMR_STRETCHzZ on 4. Apr. 2018.
They do know the fans don’t like the idea of Sylvanas being bad just let her be grumpy why make her look like she cares for the horde then not
099Nitro on 4. Apr. 2018.
I hope all the blizzard devs get aids for this
Nimezid on 4. Apr. 2018.
Horde always were agressive, why is it so suprise to some people?
Josh Lyman on 4. Apr. 2018.
pigs, Pigs, PIGS, PIIIIGSSS! the god damn PIIIIGGGSSSSSSS!
Erwin Smith on 4. Apr. 2018.
There won't be peace until the Horde scum is completely wiped out.
Jonas Byrresen on 4. Apr. 2018.
Was is not the "Pride of Azhara", meaning there are different versions of them? Also, I thought about the horde aggression in Stormsong. The trolls and orcs wanting payback for then Dealin attacked makes sense. It might not be fair, but very natural to want vengeance for an attack that probably killed many back in TFT, like when the Kul Tiran fleed bombed the Echo Isles. War is a bitch...
TheLun4tic on 4. Apr. 2018.
OH, NO! NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES! AAAAAHHHHH! OH, THEY'RE IN MY EYES! MY EYES! AAAAHHHHH! AAAAAGGHHH! I am disappointed if I don't see any reference to that xD
Elfezen on 4. Apr. 2018.
He is suffering from crippling depression 0:20
Štěpán Pytlík on 4. Apr. 2018.
No Jaina again? Ohhh, why am I suprised..... but video was good! One big like for you!
timabuf on 4. Apr. 2018.
*all will serve the horde* mm woman I do not serve you on my horde toon so bite me!
Aaron Reeve on 4. Apr. 2018.
I really don't understand Blizz here, like yes I understand that Sylvanas was always evil and what she's doing reflects that, but the majority of the Horde would be opposed to what she is doing and its silly seeing all these npcs carrying out here orders without a second thought it's like they completely forgot who they are and what they fight for. Really this all comes down to the stupid decision to make Sylvanas war chief.
J.A.Ratt85 on 4. Apr. 2018.
question, why is N'zoth, or at least those that serve him, aligned with the void as an old god? I thought the old gods and void lords are mortal enemies. It will be really cool to see this from a shadow priest as I think you can understand the faceless ones etc in shadowform.
Xtortion on 4. Apr. 2018.
What are your predictions for the BFA storyline? Wrathion's involvement specifically..
The Warlock on 4. Apr. 2018.
Hey nobble can u do a video on the kor'kron or more specifically sylvanas's kor'kron
Sunwalker Edaaga on 4. Apr. 2018.
Ok, I’m now even more sure that there are quests involving Jaina which they haven’t implemented because of spoilers for the novel. There is really no other excuse for all three of the Alliance zones being so unfinished in terms of content. Like, do they even have enough quests to level at a reasonable pace? I feel like in your Horde playthroughs we saw almost twice as many quests as in the Alliance ones. Also, to everyone complaining about Sylvanas being Garrosh 2.0. No. Here are the similarities between them: they are both aggressive. However Sylvanas’ reasons for aggression are different, and her attitude towards the members of the Horde is dramatically different. They are not the same and these stories are not going to end the same way. Don’t get your panties in a knot!
Xaquizon on 4. Apr. 2018.
MIND BLOWING THEORY- I think the real Sylvaanas has been replaced somehow by Queen Azshara with this war-mongering construct and it is part of her master-plan to finally take over the world. Azshara hates Night elves the most and wants to destroy them,so it is no surprise that she orders the burning of Teldrassil as her first act of war. The events leading upto Azshara as a raid boss,will be us discovering with the help of Saurfang that Sylvaanas has been replaced, it might be her body but her spirit is elsewhere(remember Nathanos and his short story?). The real Sylvaanas might play a big role in discovering N'zoth and his corruption.
monsteratemehcookie on 4. Apr. 2018.
I kept hearing tequila.
james evarts on 4. Apr. 2018.
Runicknight on 4. Apr. 2018.
Don't you just the love Horde complaining. "Oh no Alliance is evil and I feel happy we can kill innocent villagers because for the Horde!" Look as long as your evil entitled Warchief naming Sylvanas keeps on attacking innocents lives and claiming power for herself. The Horde will continue to be the Antagonists/Aggressors. That's been that way since very beginning of the Warcraft series, until someone with a sense of honor and treats other members of the horde with respect will change all of that. Besides why I would feel so happy to murder innocents and what? Honor? Since of Horde Bias Entitlement? There's no honor in being a dishonored villain. This is also coming from someone who liked Vol'jin until strong Banshee Pilot armor sue comes in and tells me how to play hero in the horde. That's saying something because I play a troll, blood elf, and orc who tries to atleast being a honored hero of horde. God I miss Thrall's Horde, Vol'jin, and yes even Garrosh even through he was bit of ho
Jeffrey Arnold on 4. Apr. 2018.
horde gets dino's, and mayan temples. alliance gets octopods, and bees. to my hordie friends herein, if you don't want a bad rap, quit following the lich queen. ever seen a scourged cowhead? no? if she has her way, you'll all be walking corpses soon. they're coming to get you barbara. muahaha. i can just see it now, dead horde pandas with buttons sewn on where their eyeballs used to be. you'll all be living in a sewer full of green slimey goo. they'll revoke your serenity peak membership cards :)
Mr. Bern on 4. Apr. 2018.
To all those fellow Hordies/Loremancers worried about getting another Garrosh keep in mind these facts: 1. And the most important one, this is the Alpha, not even the Beta, keep in mind a lot of this text might be placeholders and is prone to change in the future. 2. If the argument of Anti-Horders is that they're evil since they attacked a village... Then frankly they're only saying it to upset you, this is war, if attacking the enemy makes you the bad guy, then the Alliance are also the bad guys. 3. And finally the small letter with Sylvanas' Orders saying that "all will serve her" remember again that this might be placeholder and if not bound to change, and also that this is an Alliance zone, every Alliance questing experience that involves fighting the Horde is designed to paint the Horde as bad guys just so that they get the Alliance Players against them, just like Horde quest lines are designed to make the Alliance seem like the bad guys (Ex: Camp Taurajo).
SamTheFallenSon 69 on 4. Apr. 2018.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, THIS IS HOW SYLVANAS'S CHARACTER HAS BEEN BUILT SINCE WARCRAFT 3. She fits the Garrosh narrative far more and longer than Garrosh did. Blizzard have built her up so much, they can't just keep her character arc going without it eventually ending with her death or redemption or something. As of right now though, redemption seems unlikely. Honestly, you people should have seen all of this coming.
RandomGamerCory on 4. Apr. 2018.
just to point out with the horde attacking...its a time of war after the alliance already attacked the undead homelands killed a bunch of innocent goblins mining by the sword and sylvannis wanting all the people helping the alliance dead to raise them as more troops is just the smart play.
savagetiger13 on 4. Apr. 2018.
Gotta love all the crying from the horde players. It's about the same as the Nazis complaining about Hitler. Sylvanis has never tried to hide the fact that she wants everyone, even the horde, dead and made into forsaken. Her goal is basicly the same as the Lich King, so complaining about the evil lady being evil is like saying it's not fair that it's bright when the sun is up. Just make Baine your warchief and a good 90% of your problems are gone.
sigmaul fire on 4. Apr. 2018.
Hey nobbel, I am a fellow lore nerd. And I was wondering how you felt about the sea-mages in this zone, they seem to praise the waves *Or even N-zoth*, but as we see in some spots, many are not as maleficent like the others. We can clearly see that the shrine they made was in the Old god's image, but yet when we help them, those that died and are sent to the spirit world are at Ease. Could this possibly mean that N-zoth Simply wants to be worshiped like a literal god?
Ties 1akgo44Awesomenes on 4. Apr. 2018.
Oooee windmills, netherlands babyee
Danables on 4. Apr. 2018.
So uh does this mean kultiran shaman?
Noek on 4. Apr. 2018.
I really hope either Jaina or Genn will crossover the line for the Alliance at least then hey both sides have leaders who we can be uncomfortable bit
TheTenchii on 4. Apr. 2018.
Part with "AWESOME IN-GAME EVENT"placeholder, I hope in full version we get a first look at N'Zoth *-* I was waiting for this zone to be released, can't wait for the full video!! Thank you once again!
Assassin Cactus on 4. Apr. 2018.
The moment I walked into the monastery and saw the walk way I was a bit pissed at Jaina like "So after seeing C'thun,Yogg and the shaw you didn't think maybe you should mention the group of priests that worship tentacles from the sea?